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  1. I did a similar thing in my early 20s. We became friends with benefits for a short time, and we actually went on a few dates even. It was FUN.

    If you're not looking for a fun fling, don't actually like him, or didn't have a good time, just tell him “Hey, I don't regret it, but I don't see this going farther than it did the one time”

  2. Well in OPs words, this all came about cause she thought he was cheating again but “he’s just helping a close female co-worker through a tough time” WTF

  3. He chose to do that. Tell him you gonna do the same to equal things out. Jk. I’d break up honestly. I’m sorry for what you are going through rn.

  4. Thank you! I'm gonna go check the churches website and see if they have anything about it. Your comments going to help a lot! Thank you again!

  5. She has no job, dropped out of school, and has the emotional maturity of a six year old. Do you want a wife or a child?

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  7. Oh god, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, that is a horrible thing to say to the parents of your significant other. Like WTF, I would seriously reconsider who I was dating if my partner said that. Yikes.

  8. I thought you were talking about her being a good person – my bad. I still think she’s not fully responsible for her beliefs: she was raised a mormon in a mormon family, even if she realized, maybe she wouldn’t want to hurt her family by telling them.

  9. I'd set some boundaries with your roommate.

    This is a shared living space, no one has the right to banish the other from shared rooms.

    Is there a library you can go to? Or a cafe? Anything but walking in the rain. Though you're in your full right to go home too.

  10. Why are you protecting your abusive family and lying to your husband? If you told the truth and stopped protecting abusive people, you would be able to help your sister.

  11. Yea I mean sounds like you weren’t very clear. Y’all agreed on exclusivity. And no offense but that’s sorta tasteless to me…seeing your bf covered in hickeys…come on miss girl.

  12. I have always had dogs. Losing them is naked. But what it’s not is an excuse for what he did. He showed me who he is. Believe him.

  13. she said, she was going to hide everything and let this pass, since there isn't anything between her and that guy….

  14. I would talk to a therapist and sit on it before making big changes. If you want to work on it and make it work, who do you want to know? If you end up not wanting to work through it, who do you want to know? Could it affect your child? What kind of dad is he? Is he willing to do the work? Him going to therapy separately, not just you. Is he willing to do additional couples therapy?

    You don't have to rush to forgiveness if that's the route you want to take. Also, forgiveness does not mean you forget. I've dealt with this myself, and no the relationship will never be the same and depending on if he's willing to do the work or your willing to get past this, with therapy and a whole lot of work on his part, it can actually be stronger, because him facing his problems and overcoming them will make him a better person.

    Cheating is naked to overcome.

  15. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m struggling to get through to him more I think.. he’s really closing himself off of me.

    That bit you said that is really good I think. I’ll have to say something along those lines. But it’s naked to get through to him when he’s closed off like that. Like today he’s been super quiet and awkward and I don’t know how to deal with it I don’t wanna bring tough stuff up cause we’re going away in a bit for the day

  16. I think it’s the first time someone had said sorry to me on Reddit. Damn. Respect.

    Regardless of what I think, you have to be firm with your boundaries with him and he HAS to respect that.

  17. You shouldn't have needed to be caught by her. You a) shouldn't have smoked in the house at all knowing her boundaries, and b) should have told her up front when you did without her needing to “catch” you.

  18. it was actually 16K and that his credit score is 650. This concerns me for finding apartments

    This should be the last of your concerns.

    he has 20K in credit card debt and was living in negative money

    This should be.

  19. Your husband and his brother sexually assaulted you. Can you really try and get past someone raping you? There’s no getting past rape. Hire a lawyer. Keep all texts about the assaults for court.

  20. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but no, I don't believe you should. Not because he doesn't deserve to be exposed, but because your friend is the victim here, and there is a substantial risk for victims involved when it comes to exposing an abuser. As we've seen from so many celebrity abuse cases, victims who speak out are often ridiculed, harassed, and threatened by the public as well as disbelieved and shamed. It's entirely possible that exposing this abuser – even if it would be you doing it and not your friend – could retraumatize your friend and even lead to doxxing.

    I understand your anger, and sympathize. But I don't believe you should do this.

  21. At what point do you think you’d be able to let this go? It sucks very much that he lied, but who he messed with isn’t AT ALL your concern. If you’re still this emotionally impacted perhaps professional interference and guidance is necessary.

  22. This is no excuse for her behavior, nor valid in any possible sense. Men are not sextoys. If you in any way believe that, or believe you have the absolute right to sex when your partner cant/wont, and get upset when it is so: You are 1000% the issue, and noone should defend you.

  23. This guy is a whole field of red flags. Still referring to his ex as his “future” is super weird. He’s not over her and needs to spend some time figuring himself out before jumping into a serious relationship. And absolutely under no circumstances should you move into that house. He and his mom have an unhealthy dynamic and you don’t need that. Why are you two in such a rush to move in? You’ve only been dating 6 months. Just get your own apartment and take things slow, revisit it in a year. It kinda sounds like he was expecting to get married and then that relationship fell through and he’s just speeding up this relationship to meet that goal. Just take a step back and figure out if your lives are compatible before making any big decisions

  24. I'm an older guy so let me say it. Get out now. This is typical manipulation with trickle truths. Eventually more shit is going to come out.

    She lied to you. She wanted her ex back in her life. Honestly she's probably lying about blocking that ex too which I'm sure she will tell you about later.

  25. Hold up. By “very excited to get some action” you mean your buddy was excited to cheat on his fiancée, and you helped him set it up? Then fooled around with a stripper yourself?

    Birds of a feather, I guess. Your girlfriend and his fiancée both deserve to be told the truth, but I seriously doubt you’re willing to do it despite all your performative self-loathing on display here.

  26. • ⁠If a person goes to therapy because their spouse requires them to do it, can the therapy work?

    • ⁠If you find the best therapist in the world, how much change can they cause in your husband?

    • ⁠Do you believe therapy stops selfish people from being selfish?

    • ⁠Do you believe that a man you groped a woman can be changed by therapy that he goes to because you suggest (or demand) it?

    A therapist is much like a coach. They can tell you what workout you need to do, but only you can do the actual work. The work is not going to see a therapist. The work is what the patient does. Unless your husband is going to therapy to understand himself and change himself, it is just like paying for a coach, but not doing the workouts.

  27. Thats a classy move if I've ever heard one. Must be God testing her to see if she's truly worthy of being his wife. /S

    I never got the “it's your Batchelor party, so it's your last night to cheat on them.” It seems weird, like why are you getting married if you have to go out and enjoy sex with someone else one last time before you're “trapped”. Shouldn't you want to only be with the woman you're marrying?

    They all made a bad decision and I'm sure they'll all get found out.

  28. What are you doing? You are so desparate to maintain the fairytale of a happy marriage and family that you are blind to his crimes??!! He stole from you and sexaully assaulted an innocent woman. He's got you so fooled playing the victim and excusing his behaviour due to a gambling addiction! You're enabling him will only make him more dangerous and reckless.

    He needs to be accountable for his CRIMES, while you are just worried about his reputation??!


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