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  1. My ex was like that, 1 kid and 5 years of “what do you think”, “do I look pretty?”. Eventually I realized that even acquaintances were quick to tell me how nice I looked even though the man I loved couldn’t be bothered. He either thinks he doesn’t need to tell you because you know he thinks you are beautiful, or he’s a goddam idiot. Actually he’s just a goddam idiot

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  3. I don’t understand what “afterwards” means? Why aren’t you initiating an exchange while you’re already talking about it? And this has happened more than once?

    Have you asked him why he’s hesitant? Have you shared that you’re hesitant/nervous about it too?

    Sometimes we have to “make room” for others to feel safe to take a step forward. That typically is in the form of offering and defining your trust in that person. You can literally say “hey, I trust you.” In order to roll out the red carpet for sharing some intimate words, feelings and thoughts.

  4. If she's not receptive to you setting a boundary over too much ex talk, it's ok to end things.

    If her ex was so toxic and she's either still hung up on him or she's still dealing with what the ex did to her, she doesn't need a new relationship, she needs a therapist. It really isn't healthy for a significant other to help process out a prior relationship, it's an unfair burden, and it's really inappropriate if she's expecting you to process it out with her.

    I made the mistake of marrying someone who talked about her ex all the time, and it nearly destroyed me. I didn't know any better, I thought it was something I had to put up with, so I did. Up until the point I was having suicidal thoughts and had an emotional breakdown. I'm seeing a counselor now, and saving up money for a divorce.

  5. If she's not satisfied, then there needs to be some communication here. She needs to explain what she likes, and you have to try to not take it personally. There's loads of ways you can improve your sex life.

  6. Yeah, she found out the grass isn’t greener after all.

    Personally I think you would be a fool to give her another chance to do exactly the same thing at a later date. She obviously left you for somebody else, and she is not being honest about that.

  7. Do not tell the kids why. The only reason you'd tell adult children are to turn the kids against the other parent.

    Don't do that to children. It fucks them up. Marriage issues should be kept between the people in the marriage.

  8. Still hypocritical.

    They are family now like it or not…

    Also OP mentioned daughter wears just bra also so… yeah… nothing weird about that at all 🙄

  9. Why should I take his last name. He’s not changing his name. And my dad has never once been bothered but the fact him and my mom have different last names.

    I’m definitely not hyphenating I already got 2 middle names i don’t need 2 last names on top of that

  10. right. i definitely should not. the problem is:

    he'd probably say he doesn't actually believe this. he'll instead share a video with me of a woman saying that “women need to learn to be quiet because their men want peace when they come home” and while I agree with creating a peaceful environment with your partner, not ever voicing your concerns with their, problematic views, is not “Creating peace” but instead reenforcing that their behavior is okay. he'd say the video is about “picking your battles” and this has all led me to question whether he's making sense or not.

  11. i agree, it’s important for partners to know, but i replied to this comment because they were talking about the rides being the issue, not the communication. i agree that it’s reasonable to be upset if you were blindsided

  12. Exactly. I keep asking myself how? How can she present is this angelic person who loves animals and babies but she’s also defending a pedophile. I have steam coming out of my ears trying to extract any logic from this. She’s a dog walker and a newborn postpartum doula how on earth can she be those things and a pedophile sympathizer, there’s no logic, I struggled to accept it because it makes no sense. Another red flag is she gave a a stuffed animal baphomet doll and baphomet swaddle blanket to a newborn baby boys mom for Christmas (one of her clients). I confronted her and said “isn’t it kind of weird to give gifts associated with satanism to a newborns mom, is that going to be received well?” She freaked out on me and said I was judgmental and not everyone believes in the same religion as me and that I needed to be more accepting. Idk if that was right or wrong but it’s a red flag Imo

  13. “Control himself?” You’re joking. She’s returning to the scene of the crime. She threw away any benefit of the doubt and is now thumbing her nose at him.

  14. Why are you with your BF instead of the friend or just on your own? You don't need the added stress of the relationship with your BF. I don't see any redeeming qualities with this guy.

    People say relationships are naked work. Maybe that's true, but if it's that hot, it might not be the right relationship.

  15. 9 months of a relationship and living together is insane. Sounds like he was only using you. And still wants to. Once his home is paid for he won’t need you anymore.

  16. Lmao its hilarious how u think him saying her only option of letting him watch or leaving is being a good husband and not abusive or manipulative.

    Him pushing open the door that she closes!!!! So he can watch her while she's uncomfortable is abusive!

    It's fucked up. She must just suck it up and do something she doesn't want to cuz atleast he isn't hitting her?

    Jesus the world we live! in is getting more fucked by the day.

  17. Phew… at low doses the senses are intensified, feelings of awe and euphoria might occour, one might see the world and life itself in a new light. However because these sensation are very new it might be overwhelming when not in a familiar space or with familiar people. This can cause fear or uneasiness. Higher doses can provoke to resurface things hidden the psyche and make the world 'go nuts' Generally no one with history of mentally illness in the family (schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolaretc.) should do psychs. Also if one has an unstable or stressful time or is in an unfamiliar setting one should refrain.

    So in terms of harm reduction, many newbies, barely knowing the place or each othert is not safe, especially if they go for medium to high doses. That doesnt mean that it cannot be a beautiful experience. Yet the textbook would say 'No'

  18. Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive…

    Just tell her you saw it and ask her about it. Apologize for looking at the message.

  19. Go to therapy TOGETHER. Have a neutral third party help you navigate this to determine if it is salvageable.

  20. He's an adult man and you're not his nanny. Being an adult means he's accountable for himself and his own actions. Is he announcing you that he will cheat and if he cheats it's your fault because you didn't stop him? Also you started dating JUST a month ago… yes of course that it's very easy to fake a lot of “green flags” in just a month. People are on their best behavior at the beginning of a relationship, and some people who just don't have a best real behavior to show, fake the signs that are “green”. You're under reacting, not overreacting.

  21. Put yourself in her shoes. If it was your dad, would you want to know if your dad was behaving this way towards a coworker?

  22. Relationships are give and take, he just takes. You don't stop it. You learned what kind of person he is and now you try someone else.

  23. Hmm, well, it's possible she wanted to try him out the party weekend, then give you a shot later.

    Since, reasonably, there's no reason to deceive you like that over him saying y'all don't vibe well.

  24. If you stay with this man who is choking you and smashing your face, along with a sea of abusive behaviour, you will die. If you are still with him in a year and are still alive and recognizable, email me and I'll send you $1000. Dm me and I'll give you my email. Really. That's how confident I am that you can not, will not survive a year with this escalating abuse. I don't mean you'll leave him, I mean you'll leave this mortal plane of existence. Do not take that bet.

  25. Oof that's my bad, misread that one I'll edit that. I thought like, both of them were expecting somehow.

  26. Oh okay I understand, I already questioned her on this matter and she tells me we aren't breaking up but she just needs “time to focus on herself” this is the dilemma which is stressing me, I tell her I'm not waiting around to be broken up with and she just reassure me telling me not to worry. I set the date myself to after her exams, with us meeting again being the last straw. I wouldn't know how to set a date like that rn because she will just tell me, “I told you we will be ok”

  27. “I've been stuff directly along the lines of I feel a void.” – what does this mean?

    Have you spoken to your GF about this? If no, do so. If yes, what was her reaction?

    After speaking to your GF about this, you should definitely talk to this other person and just ask what they are thinking.

    People come up with all sorts of games and stuff to deal with this kind of thing, but the best way to avoid drama is just to ask outright, and then be honest about your own feelings.

  28. The husband is already aware. I’ve talked to him back and forth over the past month about this. He already knows the affair is over and I’ve blocked her. Honestly the communication between him and me has been respectful and mature considering how we met. I’m still no-contact with her, it’s just now I’ve seen her twice this week lurking around my workplace.


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