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  1. She sounds awful. I think it's for the best that you left. You deserve to have a partner that respects you and your time with your children. Anyone not interested in that part of your life isn't worth your time. Your ex sounds like an insecure attention seeker and you are better off without her.

  2. I see, thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm just afraid of losing her as a friend, I honestly don't know if I'm able to cope with that. I guess it's like I can't live without her friendship but at the same time I can't online with just being her friend, I know it sounds obsessive but it's naked to put into words

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  4. Idk the fact that she wanted to take it slow with you while she was sleeping with him is kinda fucked up. And that she never told you she was seeing other people either is bad. I hope y’all tested for sti before sleeping with each other cuz what if she had caught something from him?

  5. I’m sticking to my guns here. There’s no way this relationship lasts. Previously I’ve advised that threesomes should only be had amongst people who weren’t intended to last, so advising this op any differently would be wildly hypocritical.

    Add to this the fact that I suspect that the hesitancy here isn’t that he doesn’t want to have sex with two willing women but rather he doesn’t want to harpoon a relationship by bringing in unnecessary drama/emotions.

    So now we have a circular logic pattern that ends back where we started.

  6. How was he snooping? She asked him to check the history for the name of the hotel. Agreed that this is terrible advice.

    OP, talk to her. Say you while looking in that moment you saw her porn history. It excited you. And talk about things you like and don’t like. Want to try and don’t want to try. Then watch some porn together.

    Don’t play mind games. Be direct and communicate.

  7. Now you had closure that you wanted. Block her and enjoy your bday!

    You need to keep her away until you move on! If you let her text you then you already know (probably hope) what will happen…

  8. baby, the fact that you are asking about the age gap should be a clue that it doesn't sit just right with you.

    If I was your mom ( I am old enough) I would seriously question why a Grown Adult is dating a teenager. I know you are almost 18, and by law that makes you an adult, but I wouldn't want my 17 yr old with someone 6 yrs older.

    I have the ick from this. and baby, weirdos are everywhere. The fact you think just because he has friends his age, makes him “normal”. it doesn't.

  9. This is exactly what my rational brains telling me. And right now I'm in my emotions and it's funking loud as fuck Nd downing out all my sensibilities

  10. Most people failed to read or understand your post. Your GF is not objecting to spending one evening a week with your mother.

    She objects to being excluded from the conversation. This is neither your mom or your GF”s failure. You need to take control of the evening and ensure your GF feels included.

  11. Here i am just being baffled how high rates are over there. here in japan i just took a 35 year fixed loan for 1.5%

  12. Life gets busy. I have lived with my husband for 6 years and there have been plenty of times in our relationship where, even living together, we barely saw each other due to work schedules. Make the best out of the time you get to spend together instead of worrying about the frequency. Express how you feel when it comes to having to be the one to initiate time together. He might not even realize that it has been that way.

  13. You sound dangerously naive. Please talk to a lawyer and call some hotlines to learn safe ways to leave your home and relationship. None of this is okay. For the future, once your communicate to your partner that something they do makes you uncomfortable and they continue to do it with no discussion of any type of compromise, that person doesn't care about you or your comfort.

  14. There’s no minimum on this. Once is more than enough to show you he needs to be cut off.

    There are over 8 billion people in the world. I promise you, you will find someone who won’t piss in your cups.

  15. To not have a partner for one weekend a month would be nude for me, but that’s coming from someone whose lived w their partner for 4+ years

    I rely on my partner and we do everything together

    Maybe he feels like you aren’t trying to integrate yourself more into the family of him and his daughter?

  16. Probably because neither was that committed to the relationship at the beginning. Regardless of how it began they are committed now and that’s all that matters. Her response is concerning to say the least.

  17. The root of this issue is his work schedule. That’s pretty inhumane. I’m sorry it’s not able to change right now. I would give him a break and let him dictate what he wants to do after work – without resentment – and call in the proverbial troops (family, babysitters) to help you and kids for now. 75 hours a week would turn any normal person insane. I would literally be suicidal if I were him.

  18. Ok I might hide it depending how I thought the people would react but making up all that seems like way to much work and kinda crazy

  19. If I were to be brutally honest, he’s definitely the immature one in this relationship and probably is taking you for granted! He feels that you won’t do anything but you need to call him out and let him know. The ultimatum is he grow up and stop the bickering or face the consequences of you dumping his @ss! I hope that it works out for you and that this is recoverable. Take care and have an awesome weekend. Let us know how you get along.

  20. You could certainly look for jobs that have more flexible schedules so that you could plan for days off with your husband. Those would likely be retail or food service, not office-based.

    If you need a job ASAP to make ends meet then I don't think you can be too picky, though.

    Make sure you schedule time together throughout the week.


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