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  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I've recently took off my rose colored glasses and I'm seeing all the red flags. It hurts so much because I love him and his family I just…I have to love myself too.

  2. For a first true date to work the effort should be put in 50-50 from both parties!

    If you have been displaying an interest but he just doesn't bother replying to you then it sounds like to me that you should move on and find someone who takes the time and effort for you!

    As a guy If I am into someone I can't resist talking to them because I am so interested to know more and the butterflies are hard to suppress ? but everyone is different.

    On the other hand if you both have been too nervous/shy to talk since the first date and haven't spoken at all too eachother maybe he is just shy and thinking YOU aren't interested anymore. In this case maybe you should say something like “Hey, I know it's been a long time since we first spoke, I have been really busy but I really had a great time with you and was wondering if you would like meet up again and get to know eachother more?”

    People are confusing! Things can seem to go really well on the surface and then they do a full 360 on you and run away ? I hope that all goes well for you anyhow! ?

  3. It's normal to feel this way, especially after going through so many difficult experiences with friendships. But your feelings don't have to dictate the type of relationships you choose in the future. It sounds like you've taken an-all or nothing approach when it comes to forming new connections, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Taking time for yourself and healing from past hurt can help you develop healthier attachments in the future if that is something that interests you – but ultimately, how much friendship plays a role in your life is up to you.

  4. Indeed.

    I understand this is what the sub is for and sometimes people are young, unaware, not informed, seeking advice etc but there are certain things that should be so innate and basic it doesnt require assistance from this sub.

    Dont compromise your safety for politeness or appeasement should be as basic as it gets.

  5. Maybe your wife thinks you’re a figment of her imagination or something. Definitely doesn’t sound like a partnership to me.

    Definitely halt the adoption process. You and your wife should not have or adopt kids until you’re sure you are actually going to work as a couple. Because a kid will not be some magical improvement to the marriage.

  6. I just assume every drink combo has a name. No one is so brilliant that they haven't thought of a combination of the existing alcoholic and/or soft drinks/juices.

    Now if someone comes up with a brand new type of alcohol, that might be worth something.

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  8. If you want a woman that wont walk straight after sex, date a woman with MS.

    (Source: am woman with MS)

  9. Okay. Again, thoughts themselves are not cheating, but this would make me extremely uncomfortable. She doesn't have to be cheating for you to decide you're moving on – if that's what you want.

    I would not be happy if my partner was thinking of other girls she's friends with – and an ex- while jerking off.

    While it may not be actual infidelity as you're questioning, it's reasonable grounds to be uncomfortable.

  10. She's only nice and caring to you bc she wants something from you. If a guy I went out with treated someone like that, I'd dump him immediately. Kindness is free. Your gf is a special kind of messed up. Btw I saw your comment about her being hard. I know a lot of hot girls, model nude and a few of them have modelled in the past, but never for a career as they're all academics. OP, they're all genuinely nice people, and their kindness also extends to strangers. Compassion isn't difficult. Your gf clearly gets off on treating others as inferior. I also find it very concerning that you're even considered pursuing this. I've swiftly rejected men for less. A red flag is a red flag.

  11. UGH I hate TikTok so much. Anyone on there can be an “influencer.” Don't listen to what these airhead accounts say; they're specifically made for people too ignorant to form their own educated perspective on things. It's quite literally a “just tell me what to think” platform. I mean, c'mon. A recent trend was the milk crate trend where you just… walk up on some stacked milk crates and jump off. Hundreds of injuries/broken bones due to that “trend.” People have DIED from TikTok trends. Take the “blackout” trend, for example (where the object of the “game” is to hold your breath until you pass out/black out). Like, really? THIS is where we are as a species? Okay then. Something something Darwin approves.

    If your partner is going to formulate their opinions based on a trendy app for bored teenagers, they're probably not the brightest partner to begin with and you should go ahead and cut your losses – especially because of the rude, anti-masculine comments that are not only completely unnecessary but mostly untrue. No, marriage is NOT a form of slavery for women. It CAN be (in certain countries where women are already treated like livestock) but when two people consent to marriage, that's just… marriage. I've never once felt like a slave to my husband. And I've never once felt the need to have sex with a metric ton of other guys because “mOnoGaMy iz viOLeNcE” (or whatever TikTok influencer #6598 says). If she wants to have sex with a bunch of dudes, that's her choice. People are free to pursue whatever they feel will bring them the most happiness and satisfaction. But as someone who was a bit wild in college, I actually *prefer* a monogamous relationship. Physical relationships with several partners is risky, taxing, and (to me, at least) really tainted the act of sex for me for a long time. Maybe some people can be physically intimate without having feelings involved, but that's just not how I'm wired. Made me feel like a human fleshlight. Maybe some girls enjoy that, but I just found it generally icky.

    Case in point, there's no reason for you to stay with someone who is following accounts that encourage emotional abuse towards men (or ANY partner, for that matter). Rip off the band-aid and let her try a poly relationship or whatever she wants. While she's out doing that, find you someone who is compatible with your relationship preferences. You're in your early 20's… there's PLENTY of fish in the sea (even ones of the independent thinking variety!)

  12. This. If it had been an actual boundary, I can see faulting OP. But refusing to agree to controlling rules / give a significant other significant authority over even the most minuscule choices (who to go to a company lunch with) is NOT refusing to stick to a boundary lol

  13. You’ll read it, you’ll remember having wrote it, but it won’t be you. It’s like someone else’s words. It’s trippy

  14. Thank you for your imput I really do value your viewpoint although he is only 34 (hardly on death row!), I don't expect him to be out every weekend or party till sunrise (I don't want that anymore either!) but going out for dinner would be nice, or just poker with the group, woodland walks that kind of thing, I'd be happy with once a month!

    For context my best victory this year is today he has agreed to come with me to get some dinky donuts from the stall about 50 meters from our house this Sunday

  15. Exactly, she has no intention of having a threesome, that was just thrown in to get OP to agree. When OP did agree though she suddenly added the other husband to the mix to throw him off.

  16. I'll keep this in mind. It's strange because lately, something felt off but I couldn't put my finger on it. I just wish he'd tell me so I could know what to do next. I'd let him go if he really is getting into someone that lives nearer to him

  17. I respect your way of life, but I don't want to live! like you no matter how much you love it. I don't want a husband who is ok with sharing me. I know it is a kink and many men even gets turned by the idea, but these men are not my type. this is a real turn off for me both sexually and relationshipy

  18. A person's sexual past has 0 impact on the dynamics of the relationship. The only reason why people care about how promiscuous their partner has been in the past is due to insecurities.

    If you are insecure, don't ask. Don't tell. If your relationship is perfect in your eyes and you both are happy, I can't imagine why you'd sabotage it by bringing up shit that is literally irrelevant in the present day.

  19. You’re right that you’re an adult and can date whoever you want, but you’re very naive and one day you’ll look back and wish you listened to your friend.

    He’s right about every point he made. He’s old enough to be your dad. He’s way ahead of you in life experience and in a different stage of life. You haven’t even begun to live! your life. You may think you have, but you have so much to experience that a 41 year old is not interested in and could hold you back from getting to go through certain stages in your life that are integral to your personal growth.

  20. Okay. Biggest thing you need to realize is that you cannot call dibs on someone with your genitals. You aren't dating this guy. You slept with him a few times casually, with no relationship. Touching a man with your genitals does not put a “reserved” sign on him, and respectfully, if he liked you back, you'd be dating, not having casual sex.

    I'm sorry he doesn't like you back, but you are not allowed to tell your friend that he's off-limits in this case just because you're angry he doesn't feel the same about you. This is not a situation where he is your ex, nor is this a situation where you should be warning her off for her own safety.

  21. Maybe i’m wrong.. but personally i don’t think he is gay.. he’s so dominant in bed it would be so hard to believe. Or maybe he is and is really good at hiding it. But i don’t even know how to approach it because i obviously was snooping and i don’t want to be called out for it and the situation be turned onto me. but i also want to confront him. i feel like im stuck but at the same time your comment was so helpful.

  22. Both my husband and I are children of hoarders…we are not hoarders. My situation was DRASTICALLY different from his, and I did not meet his dad until after we were married as they didn't have a great relationship due to drug use. However my God his house was sad just sad. Stacked to the gills with stuff cockroaches and bugs everywhere, it was awful. My parents weren't as bad they were “clean” hoarders had 2 rooms they hoarded in that you could barely get in and had to crawl all over stuff.

  23. Your feelings are valid. That’s a really weird dare and I wouldn’t be ok with my partner doing something like that.


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