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9 thoughts on “A n i e R o u s e live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I’m sorry but if you have to bathe someone before you can stomach fucking them, is that really worth it?? It’s been one month, find someone that doesn’t repulse you

  2. So… He doesn't trust you.

    I mean it's silly. If you wanted to cheat on him you could just do that, and not tell him.

  3. Girl wtf are you doing? You don't not let anyone treat you so disrespectfully. Dump him now, and move on. He's trash.

  4. Having to ask for help can be exhausting, and it often feels like it takes more time than just doing it yourself.

    Can you sit down and discuss “zone” responsibilities that are reasonable. In other words, instead of cooking most of the time, you are now responsible for all meal planning, shopping, and cooking. The difference is she KNOWS she never has to think about that unless you specifically ask her something.

    Find other areas you can take total ownership of while the baby is little, and explicitly tell her that you will be handling those things from now on (and then follow through, of course).

    You can also discuss with her having set times when you are the primary parent for the baby. If she's still struggling with pumping, maybe they are times when you do absolutely everything except feeding. Once the feeding situation is going better, she can go out during those times (or lock herself in the bathroom for a very long bath, or take a nap, or whatever).

  5. Lack of intimacy recently and she’s a horrible horrible drunk who loses all inhibition.

    Other than that, it’s like I found my soul mate.

    lol dude. Run.

  6. It’s good he feels bad about it. After you break up with him, hopefully he won’t do something like that to the next woman he’s with.

  7. I have tried, he's just… Not really into it. He doesn't really like to talk so I don't think he would like therapy uless he has a little alcohol in him.


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