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24 thoughts on “AestheticVlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Wow. I really hope 2yr guy realizes you are using him before it is too late. Maybe learn to provide for yourself and you will be able to have a relationship based on real meaning and love.

  2. I'm so so sorry this happened. Based on context clues it does seem like you two are very young, but that doesn't make your hurt less valid. It was incredibly rude and immature of him to completely drop you and block you on everything. In the future, if you have some dealbreakers (like someone traveling too much for work), make sure to continue to address those at the beginning of the relationship (which you did). Communication is the key to every successful relationship. If he's early on in his career, it's important for him to go on trips and network with his coworkers, even if it's not mandatory. I'd also encourage you to get help for your anxiety. Being able to be alone and have your own interests are important for a healthy relationship as well. Feel your feelings and grieve your relationship, because what he did was very wrong. Just keep in mind this isn't the end of the world and I promise you will be okay in the end. Use this as a learning experience and a way to better yourself. And I'm sorry for all of these cruel Reddit comments. Take care of yourself and good luck.

  3. This attitude hurts more than it helps. A lot of men think they are being good guys when all they are doing is enabling mental illness. A lot of women like this never got over being a kid and use mental illness as cover for avoiding adult responsibilities. Also, it is no go for mental illness to wallow in your thoughts. It is cold, but if the man leaves her high and dry she won't have time for mentally ill thoughts.

  4. Well it seems to me you've been already committed enough for 3 years, at which moment exactly in your life, I ask if I may, were you planning to experience other intimate relationships? Maybe Do you want to break up to beging to date multiple men and experience that just to find what you already have in another man you are going to want to keep? What about your current boyfriend, will he have to wait?, Sometimes life doesn't wait, so exactly what is it you are afraid of, he is just filling a due formality, another step towards a more serious purpose in life that will arrive sooner or later. If you don't feel it don't do it, if you think you can make it better well… I wouldn't like to be in your boyfriend shoes, I guess and I'm sorry I have more questions than answers…

  5. You're not under any obligation to respond. However, you could just thank him and then not respond further. You just got married! That's awesome! Focus on that instead of the idiot who let you go

  6. 3 months is usually the stage where things start to feel more ‘real’. Perhaps he’s just feeling a little overwhelmed – it’s also a hectic and more stressful time of the year. I would back off with the very regular ‘love yous’ and commitment/ meet the family talks. Better to get back to fun, dating and getting to know each other.

    Personally I don’t use ‘love you’ to end a phone call etc. I don’t want it to become another pleasantry if you kwim?

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  8. dude, she's been with you for 8 years.

    you should hold on to her like grim death, and I really hope you find a solution cause that has to be REAL naked to deal with.

  9. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. I would never be able to forget this if my partner asked.

  10. Here's what's going to happen. You're going to stop paying for every friggin' thing. She's gonna complain about it. Then she's gonna start messing around with another guy who spends more on her.

    She's a 23F gold digger. She spends men's money. That's her hobby. If it's not your money, it will be some other guy's money by next week. Keep paying and she'll stick around (while steadily demanding more), stop paying and nature will take its course.

  11. I am sorry, but you should not do anything to win her back. You can respect her beliefs but you have nothing to apologize for. Your past is your business and you did nothing wrong. I am appalled that you felt the need to apologize for your past sexual experience.

    Do you really think you could happily spend your life with someone as judgmental and cruel as she sounds? Her cousin could probably have used the comfort of a friend, but your girlfriend ignored her. Who wants to live with a person that cruel? You will never online up to her expectations because no one is perfect, especially her.

  12. I suggest confronting him on the car ride and tell him to tell his gf or you will. Also, record the conversation just in case.

  13. She freely admits that she likes a guy youre dating? Is she doing this in purpose to fuck you over? She sounds like a really shitting fake friend

  14. Are you sure you're dating a 32 year old or is it really 3 kids on each other's shoulders, in an oversized trench coat?

  15. Get a lawyer real quick. Make sure to take pictures of your fridge full of grocery. Clean house. Nice living arrangement, etc. Unfortunately, you can't escape this. when the kid grow up, they will want to meet their birth mom anyway. Good thing is that there is a good chance that the custody hearing will never happen. She needs a place to live, a stable job and she needs to prove the reason why she abandon her daughter in court.

  16. Time to go big guy. You can make excuses all day on why this could work and how this was all just a big misunderstanding.

    It won’t and it wasn’t.

    Do what you gotta do to get your car back and get on out of this relationship.

  17. Yeah, I can't believe that people are arguing over two minutes as opposed to one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes (the number of minutes in a 24 hour work shift).

  18. She’s not a friend. You have ZERO responsibility for her injury. She didn’t know she could get hurt? Good grief.


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