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Birth Date: 2002-12-01

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20 thoughts on “AgataFolowlive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Relationships are so much easier if you know what your firm boundaries are and stick to them.

    What exactly are you wanting to help him get over? His sexual desire and libido? Are you ready and willing to have sex with him or give him a BJ every time he wants it? Are you wiling to provide other homemade material for him to jack off too?

  2. Exactly, as scary as it might be to openly say you’re trans to someone you’re dating, it’s gotta happen. Don’t keep people in the dark..allow them to know what they’re getting themselves into (same goes for the other person to you). Letting each other know what’s up is just the way to go imo

  3. So you’re saying I should give up on the fact that another man gets to raise my kid and I’ll never ever be apart of his life? I should spend my whole life just living with those thoughts. That I may have kid and just brush it off? I get what you’re saying and maybe it is selfish of me and I’m having tunnel vision. But she put her family at jeopardy when she made me decision for me.

  4. We do his/hers/ours like you OP and pay shared expenses out of “ours”. Vehicles/vehicle maintenance aren’t considered shared. We each pay for our own vehicles and gas. The only time I pay for gas for his truck is if I borrow it for a project.

  5. it may have been a bad setting and time for the conversation but it’s not a “weird convo” – because she’s knows that’s his insecurity and they’ve been married for 8 years. unless you’re referring to the idea of premature ejaculation being weird but even that is arguably a distasteful choice of words.

    him misunderstanding her laugh is completely understandable from his perspective and it’s okay for him to take his time to understand her laugh and it’s okay for him not her accept her apology until he’s ready to. this is not hot concept. he should not be forced or coerced or manipulated into doing so. yet she started to do exactly that. the way she reacted and lack of care from others is the whole point

  6. Nope. You were looking after a friend and just relating what you’d heard—not passing it off as gospel truth.

    I’d confront her (outside of work) if I were you. You didn’t do anything she wouldn’t have done for her best friend, for sure.

  7. You might think that he's the one but who's to say that he thinks you're the one. Do not do it you're going to need your degree so you can make money just in case s*** don't work out

  8. If everything's going brilliantly well, totally normal and natural and healthy, I'm not sure what the question was, then?

  9. It's her choice to tell someone if and when she wants to. Not yours. Not your husband's. Not your sons.

  10. I agree. I love my husband dearly and would not want to be without him, and he loves me. But if I could choose I would choose someone more like-minded. We miss out on a lot of good conversations and that connection.

  11. Block him. They do always come back, because they have nothing to lose. Refuse to engage with him. Look ahead, not behind.

  12. That's the issue though is when she gets these off days she's not very willing to work together on it, and when she has her on days I'm afraid bringing it up will cause her to spiral back into being off again as very little issues can easily do that to her

  13. This is only the tip of the iceberg. You allow him to control you, you’ll be cut off from everyone you know and left with little self autonomy. Good luck if you stay

  14. I have some questions….

    Why is she upset? Is it because you’re waking her up when you leave and come back? Is it because she’s concerned for your health?


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