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  1. Regardless of what his mental struggles are, this sounds like a very weird relationship. Why would you want to be with someone who says you are ugly or that spending with with you isn’t important to them?

  2. She probably has 10%of racism in her. I can't believe they aren't on his side. I'm a Black woman and I'm scared for the child. I'm empathetic to the husband as well. They're treating him so bad and no one is there for him. He needs NC with everyone around him.

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  4. She wants to tuck you away safely in a box on a shelf while she goes and has her fun free of the inconvenience of being attached to you.

    It isn’t “going on break” when the timespan doesn’t include a defined end date. That’s called “breaking up,” because getting back together isn’t included in the plan. Vague handwaving doesn’t count. If there isn’t a date, there isn’t a plan.

  5. As a trans person, I can say that’s an inappropriate time to disclose. I totally understand not saying it upfront because you don’t know yet if that’s a future between you and you’re just figuring out if you like each other. But to disclose literally while trying to have sex, it shouldn’t have gotten that far before disclosure. You have a right to be upset. Please don’t hold this against all trans people, we’re not all like that.

  6. She wants to fuck someone else and trying to use this as an excuse. You know whats up but having trouble letting go. You gotta let go Man.

  7. Although nothing you listed would bother me personally, you set a clear boundary and she didn't care. At that point leaving was 100% the best option.

  8. Honestly it’s a guilty pleasure of his. Writing stories. So long as he can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction it’s not a red flag

  9. Let's get one thing clear. You sought affection and affirmation from someone else and feel guilty. You ha e refused to tell your husband.

    You did not almost cheat. You did and are still cheating until you tell him. It may have gotten physical or been long term but you did cheat.

  10. He took your right for self-determination away and said he would do it again. What if next time the issue isn't as clear-cut for you? What if he had to run out to get something and had an accident? He doesn't have the right to treat you like less than an adult. Advise you against going? Yes. Bodily restrain you? No. If he was that concerned, he could've accompanied you, if you had even made it out the door in your state.

  11. You have become codependent on him. Work in meantime to become a person that can stand on her own legs. Being too clingy is rsther off putting.

    As fir your bf. Maintain regular contact and try to make him feel you still care and are willing put time on your communication. In the same time do not expect co stant communication, let him breath and hsve good time there

  12. If it were me I would confront her, told her it hurt my feelings (cause you know that did) and you need an explanation. I would HAVE to know the truth. And yes, I’d seriously be thinking about leaving.

  13. Is his behavior, being happy for a few months and then causing a rift somehow, something you are willing to deal with for as long as you are in a relationship with him? It's a big question, and one only you can answer.

    I am not saying he abuses you, but his behavior follows the same cycle…things are good, and you are happy》slowly tension increases, and you question if something is wrong 》things blow up, and you hurt (physically or emotionally) you feel like you have had enough, and pull away from them 》they realize that they are going to lose you, so they apologize profusely, promise they will be better/never treat you like that again, and become the perfect partner 》 and the whole thing starts again.

    You have been living like this for 10yrs, do you honestly think he will put in the effort to change?

  14. I lived with an alcoholic parent while I was trying to finish school. It honestly almost killed me. Years later I still have insane night terrors. She will mess up your mental health and your daily routine. The fact that your bf wants to have her move in with you guys is beyond crazy to me. It really shows no respect to your relationship honestly. This is a huge ask. It also sounds like he's got some very intense feelings about her. Clearly he wants to “rescue her.” Personally, I'd cut my losses.

  15. Hi there you married a jerk and what he is doing is not ok. You are allowed your feelings. I also feel ??like he thinks he can gaslight you since you are younger than him. I would start separating your finances and not be home when he gets back. Go to your moms. Let him blow up your phone for three days. Set up a meet up in a public setting and then clearly set your boundaries. Yes you can drinks with co workers and friends. No you can’t take down number of single women. Idk I would be looking into a divorce lawyer life is too short to stay with someone who doesn’t respect you. God luck op.

  16. It happens in this sub every fucking day. I'd say 90% of the stories posted here are loser fantasies or ragebait and have no basis in reality. If you're real and want real help, go to a therapist and try not to fuck them.

  17. Was this the case for other men before meeting you? If yes, she is likely asexual, nothing can be done about it.

    Although, you have married her. Did you expect she would magically change in the future, or did she pretend to be into sex with you before marrying you? If it is the latter you should consider divorce.


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