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  1. I vote for the 'happiness gift'. Gifting underwear can be a more delicate situation too, but you'd have that for another occasion.

  2. It is his career. If something shows up and he needs to go there isn't the option of think about it. I don't see why someone with a decent salary job would put their careers in jeopardy for someone like you that is making crazy demands. Thank god their parents were there to instruct him the right way.

  3. He’s still young.

    I used to be like that and occasionally I will play for a number of hours in a day. I have a wife and child. One on the way as well. I work nude and provide for my family.

    I don’t know the circumstances of your relationship but it may get better and it may not.

    Personally my taste for gaming will come and go. Sometimes I’m nostalgic and miss gaming and sometimes I want to quit. I like having a hobby and it’s something I’ve always enjoyed since being a child. Also for me maybe it has something to do with my mental health and escaping the world for a bit.

    Did I neglect girlfriends in the past and my wife in the present? I’m pretty sure I did/do. It’s not intentional but I do try to make time for my wife and baby.

    Giving him an ultimatum will not end well, I’d assume. You’ve already told him how you feel. If you wish to repeat yourself that is up to you. If you are willing to be patient and think he may grow out of it then that is also up to you. Or if you end the relationship I don’t think anyone would blame you. That is your decision to make.

  4. Pps. I take 20 mg Lexapro. My daughter takes 30 mg Father took Lexapro. I have another daughter who takes Lexapro.

  5. There is a misconception that you’ll feel more fulfilled after sleeping with more people. This is false. Sure maybe those friends will give him a bigger pat on the back, but in the end it does not give on feelings of true fulfillment in life.

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  7. She tried to but he assured her that she was overthinking and that there wasn’t anything to worry about.

    It’s so terrible because I can see the discomfort she’s in. I’m really worried about her.

  8. You should let go of ties to B, and pursue a future with C.

    How that ends up working is dependent on B. He IS being friend-zoned, no doubt about that. If he can act mature and accept he lost you and you are now with C, then fine. If not, then you need to give B up.

  9. He ruined it by behaving the way that he did, he is the catalyst. Your point is silly and not good, I'm not missing anything, you're trying to separate it out when that's not how it works. His insecurity caused all of this, that's on him. She does not need to take responsibility because his insecurity made things bad, he does.

  10. Our relationship is great otherwise

    Besides him having you give him blow jobs, eating his ass that you don't like, refusing to go down on you because “he doesn't like it” AND won't kiss you when you want him to

    *Our relationship is great otherwise*

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

  11. Feb. 27th 2020 —> Feb. 27th 2021 (1 year)

    Feb. 27th 2021 —> Feb. 27th 2022 (2 years)

    Feb. 27th 2022 —> Feb. 27th 2023 (3 years)

  12. Who cares about what the numbers mean to him? It’s just a code to get into the phone, he’s had it for multiple years now so it’s just habit. What’s more concerning is him keeping intimate conversations he had with his ex, including pictures. Not to mention the text thread is muted, so that you wouldn’t know if he was secretly texting the ex again. After two years? Those pics and conversations need to be gone after a few months together, let alone two years together.

  13. Did he explicitly say to them that this is my gf? I can’t imagine any reason to turn off the security unless they were going to see multiple different people coming over at different times.

  14. General advice: while you may like to solve an issue right there and then, not everyone operates like that and so your reaction to people dealing with conflict (differently than you) should not be getting angry and talking out of anger.

    Tbh …. a really big parameter for me when dating is “how does he act when angry at others and how does he act when he's angry with me”. If my brother told me that you behaved the way that you did, I wouldn't like you either for my brother

    I say that all to say that you need to work on your conflict resolution and dealing with anger. Saying things hurtful out of an anger is a no no.

    Also, I understand that it sucks. A lot of times families only hear the bad things about someone's significant other and so they're not really given the chance.

    In your case I think you need to decide whether he can go without venting to his family (create boundaries)

    Or decide how important it is for your relationship that his family like you.

    To recap:

    Clean your own house, work on you. Create boundaries

  15. The end result was split custody. I have 50.25% and dad has the rest. The holiday isn’t with my ex but his family.

  16. There are times when my husband and I argue, and I am not given the chance to really think through what I say. He thinks my lack of an instant response is done to be petty. It's really because I don't want to say something that is hateful in the heat of the moment. Because once words are said, they can't be taken back.

    I am not the best person to offer relationship advice because my husband was emotionally abusive our entire marriage. I served him with divorce papers, and now he's a changed man. I'm stuck in this weird situation of wanting to leave and feeling guilty for wanting to leave when he's actively trying.

    That all being said, I wanted to share my perspective as a wife who needs space during an argument.

    I was never allowed the space to take a break. He forced the issue and wanted to talk things out immediately when I desperately needed time to process.

    I was never given a chance to talk, and if I didn't answer fast enough, then I didn't care. The times I tried to sleep elsewhere, he'd follow me and hound me until I went to bed.

    We have started counseling, and it has helped some, I guess. I'm resentful because I had asked for counseling before and was immediately shut down. I filed for divorce, and all of a sudden, he's desperate for us to see a counselor. And now I'm the asshole because I refused at first. Sorry

    I may not be much help, but I implore you. You need couples' counseling ASAP. And don't make it sound like you need it because SHE won't communicate. It should be presented as it's for both of you to better communicate.

    “Wife, I love you and would love for us to be able to communicate our needs to one another. Would you mind if we went to marriage counseling so we can bridge this gap together?”

  17. Not good. You have to take care of your alcohol problem, and yes its a problem, before you worry about your boyfriend problem.


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