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  1. Right? Everyone is ignoring that he hid that he was a swinger from her until after they were married. He pestered her until she agreed and then didn’t even bother to explain the complicated rules of the lifestyle.

    To people who are into monogamy, the differences between non-monogamous lifestyles can confusing and what may be considered common knowledge in the communities aren’t necessarily known to people outside of the lifestyle.

  2. I’m sorry but your husband is the problem here. He lied to you & cheated. Came clean when he had no other choice & then LIED AGAIN to them, saying you knew who she was. He talked to HER in your FACE while you knew NOTHING! He must think you’re very dumb, I would be very offended if I was you. He made you look like a fool & here you are angry at the wrong people.

  3. The reason why I'm adding that to it is because it's a HUGE part of our conversations. The ability to love people on different levels, being okay with loving multiple people, varying levels of intimacy. We've had multiple conversations about it being okay if we never move forward. I think I just feel most nervous about him being hurt that I'd want to move forward with someone else and not him. But honestly I don't know if he'd be upset. He's one of the most open minded people I know. I'm sure we'd need to shift our relationship but it's a lot deeper than romantic love. But also I'm here for advice so I can completely understand what you mean about avoiding ending the relationship. Tbh I don't want to end it but I would if I knew I was hurting him. And I will. I just want to know how he feels after I tell him everything. Full transparency.

  4. a guy who I find incredibly attractive

    What's good about him? Are you chasing the same tall, nude guy just like 99% of everyone else is? Or is this just some dumpy-but-compatible-with-you guy who's adding girls aspirationally?

    How was the experience when you went out? Was he engaged? Is he only engaged in person? Did he push for a hook-up?

    There's not enough information here for people to be helpful.

  5. The thing is that I am okay with any of his other relationships with female friends. What bothers me is that he mentions Lisa so much. He has defended himself by saying that he can not see Lisa in that light and that he wouldn’t mention Lisa so much if he was actually having an affair. I understand that and also get where he is coming from, but the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach stays and my anxiety gets worse.

    Some of his lines actually remind me of my dad, but I don’t want to tell him that in case he misunderstands. It’s just due to their lines matching overall, I feel a sense of Deja Vu. As if I am in the same predicament as my mom and will eventually end up in the same place.

    And Yes I will get therapy, I did have an appointment scheduled (two weeks ago) and didn’t manage to go, because I came down with a fever. After that most practices were closed due to the holiday season, so I am gonna try to reschedule another appointment as soon as possible.

  6. No shit, but he can’t argue that it’s totally normal and fine for a baby to sleep alone while also arguing that he himself can’t sleep without cuddles. That doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Why would you be horny after a day of work and then you get to come home and take care of kids, dinner, baths , dishes, laundry and then when you are done your husband gets mad that you don't habe the energy to have sex .. not only is he mad he's manipulating you to be his sex slave by saying if you don't do what I want I'll knock up some other woman and it's your fault. You have man child for a husband. If it was me my vagina would be as dry as the Sahara.

  8. My wife was similar.

    It completely destroyed me. I never knew what was going to go wrong or why. But it would. It always would.

    I became a shell of myself in the last couple years.

    When we finally separated it took very little time for me to feel better than I had in maybe my entire life.

    She was also a good person Ava did tremendous things for me and the relationship. But I could only be threatened to be kicked off of vacations, because she got mad and decided to stop talking to me, so many times. The cold shoulders were incessant. The communication was non existent. It was all emotional manipulation at her slightest inconvenience.

  9. God ..i get being lonely but I still have morals and ethics…my kids friends are off limits and maybe friends parents ..maybe because s3ems like drama ?

  10. I mean if I think about it that was a pretty sad situation. Going to the vet – the pet dies. If that happened to someone I just know briefly and I had to experience it with them I think it will make it nude for me not to be pretty sad about it. Could be bottled up feelings about a deceased loved one or pet aswell that just poured out of him.

    Are we really all mutually agreeing that he is a sociopath that tries to get into the pants of OPs flatmate when their pet died? I would feel so weird telling another man to stop being so emotional about a situation like this.

    We ended up having to put her down and her and I were both in tears. Out of no where my boyfriend, let’s call him John, bursts out into loud sobbing and starts leaning and hugging on Jen.

    Out of nowhere her guy showed the same emotional response as them?!

  11. If she needs to move out, she won't find an apartment in NYC for under $1k. She will need to pay $4500 upfront. Her bills will grow for everything.

    Think carefully. Not only your parents will be homeless, you will be homeless too.

  12. I just feel like it’s an awkward situation considering that’s it’s my parents’ house and I don’t even know the friend.

    Tell her that and if she doesn't understand then she doesn't need to be your gf.

  13. OP isn't my kid. I would not want my child to be friends with someone like that because I would worry about her safety. However, I don't believe verbal abuse is indicative of a permanent character flaw that is innate to someone's core. Do I think the person is currently acting immorally? Yes. Do I think they need professional help? Yes, of course. But let me give you one example.

    The person who initially responded to me (“boohoo who cares if an abuser is isolated” or whatever) ran all over this thread pulling the same thing. In her case, it's a trauma reaction. But my comment didn't say that I was worried about the guy feeling lonely because he doesn't deserve to ever feel sad. It said I was worried about his behaviors worsening in response to isolation, which in turn impacts his victim far more than it impacts anyone else. When this person responded, she didn't register that. She just clocked that I mentioned the abuser being isolated, saw red, and vomited out an emotional reaction that wasn't even relevant.

    I'm gonna guess this content has been triggering because she mentioned being strangled by a partner to someone else. 1 in 3 US women have been victims of intimate partner violence (and 1 in 4 men!), so there is a good chance that these responses are at least, in part, to someone who has been abused. I am also one of those women, and I'm not going to assume that you aren't, because people can experience things and arrive to different conclusions.

    But anyway, when someone sees or hears something that really pisses them off, or an interaction enrages them, there's a decision gate. It's always a choice. In the case of the commenter I've been discussing, she chose to not pause, take a breath, and make sure she understood what she read and why I may have been saying it. Instead, she assumed the worst based on a few words, and gave herself permission to continue assuming the worst and respond to me as if that's what I actually said. And then she went and did that to a bunch of other people. Zero impulse control.

    I assume you know why I'm spelling this out, but in case it wasn't clear: this is the process by which verbal abuse happens. This individual made incredibly ignorant assumptions about me, read meaning that wasn't there into something I said, and chose to ride out that anger — assuming she was justified, and giving herself permission to be absolutely out of line if she wasn't — and peppers her excuse into her answers to other people. For some reason, having been hurt exempts her, in her mind, from needing to control her impulses the same as anyone else. I have zero doubt that this carries into her real life, and would not be shocked to discover that she is or has been verbally abusive and literally has no idea. Like, she's acting like this to strangers having literally not comprehended what they said, imagine what it's like when someone who's supposed to “know better” says some of the wrong words too close together.

    Now I'm not saying the boyfriend is traumatized, but I don't really know. I don't know his childhood or anything like that. But the underlying process is extremely similar, something is setting him off for whatever reason and he chooses to act like/believe he cannot control how he behaves. And if he was traumatized, it would still be wrong.

    Thankfully there are treatments that can be pretty effective for this kind of thing. I hope that commenter is able to access something that works. I don't believe this behavior has to be a permanent blemish on her character, or is indicative of something innate that is wrong with her. I don't condemn people in that kind of way (though don't get me wrong, I don't like her in the slightest and I truly hope to never interact with her again unless she does take responsibility in her own healing). And I don't trust anyone who says they are morally pure and only allow morally pure people in their lives, because I've been around long enough to know that's simply bullshit.

    At this point in my life, without a doubt I wouldn't even let a friendship form with an abusive person. Not good for my headspace, not my job to save anyone. But what are you gonna do if it's your kid who's the abuser? Shun them and hope they magically get better, or that you at least don't have to know about what they're doing? Beat the shit out of them? Tell them there's something fundamentally evil about them that can't be changed? I'd really hope not, especially because the latter two are… abusive. And in terms of getting results, they do not work. You'd owe it to society and to your child to get them help in the best faith possible. I hope you never find yourself there, and if you do, I hope you are able to do what is right.

  14. This is such a dark post. Like is it impossible for men to believe a women could enjoy talking to them without thinking of banging them.


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