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Languages: en

Birth Date: 2001-03-08

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Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureStudent

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  1. Due to societal expectations of masculinity that should be improved or changed, men have been conditioned not to show emotion, which gets further reinforced by the misconception that emotion equals weakness.

    As a result, it's more difficult for men to articulate their emotions. I'd advise communicating with him about what you want. Being as direct as possible would be best.

  2. You clearly aren't presenting it well. Take her to dinner…after dinner order dessert and before it arrives tell her you “want to let her know how much you love her but wanted to write it down so she could always carry it with her”. Then present the letter to her and as she realizes what it says propose to her with the ring.

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  4. Broach if Mark would be willing to sign away his rights and you can formally adopt her. Once everything is complete file for divorce and don’t look back. You are a good man and excellent father!

  5. Tell him that while you appreciate niceties, repetitive and stale questions bore you. You want more in-depth conversations.

  6. she's being ever so polite in extending you the favor of begging her back, giving you the chance to say “oh my most cherished love, this was a horrible mistake, and I'll do whatever you wish, if you would only grace me with your presence.”

    don't fall for it.

    If you're ok, then just go on about your life and ignore her.

  7. Maybe it’s because he is 18 tf. You act like every 18 year old can last for hours bruh most 18 yr olds are still virgins not everyone can last longer instantly it literally takes time to learn

  8. It would be tough to explain in text why I felt this was worth the risk. I try to imagine possible outcomes and then try to figure the odds of them happening. I'm just bewildered that it would be one of the worst things and it happens instantly. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Right way: Break up with her?

    Wrong way: Has your (hopefully ex) girlfriend dated before meeting you? If she has, accuse her of pre-cheating on you too so now you're even. Then do yourself a favour and break up with her.

    I've been known to be petty as hell.

  10. Mark will care And you fucked up with his friend.

    What are you going to do when they are no longer friends because of you?

    Go find some other guy to have sex with, and not with friends


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