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  1. You cant force her to get tested while pregnant, wait until its born then you can all get tested and go from there. Dont give her any money until you know its yours. Im 31f and i know way to many guys thay have been screwed over by women lying about pregnancy and who the dad is. Shes trying way too hot to convince you to just believe her without proof, you probably have more money than the real dad.

  2. It’s not going anywhere. Don’t kid yourself, you are far more invested than he is. The only thing you know for sure about him is that he’s a cheater and liar, why would you want to be with someone like that? Make no mistake, he lies to you as much or more than he lies to his wife. I’m sure he’s filling your head with all the normal married cheater ‘we don’t have sex’ ‘I don’t love her’ ‘I can’t leave because of the kids’. Trust me, if he wanted to be with you, he would. You deserve to be someone’s first choice, not the side piece.

  3. Honestly the PE and her being so horribly disrespectful feel almost separate issues. Not only did she laugh at something she KNOWS you are insecure about, when you expressed upset about this it turned into you comforting her????

    The PE does sound like something you need to discuss with a Dr if you've done all the “home remedies” you can and are still suffering, but honestly this would make me rethink my whole relationship if she's willing to disrespect you so aggressively

  4. This is not something you can compromise on. And unfortunately sometimes people change their minds.

    It’s crappy now, but live! your life child free as you wish and you will find someone else who shares your wants.

  5. He wasn't committed to you, probably also not committed to suicide. So ignore him and tell his mother to get her baby into therapy because he stopped being your problem the moment you found out that he cheated on you.

  6. Thank youuu!! They do pay for her treatment which gives them quite a bit of control.

    Thanks for the words, I needed to be snapped out of my insecurities.

  7. She lied about doing drugs, put herself in an unsafe situation with a lot of other “aggressive” men also on drugs. I wouldn’t be able to trust her again or continue to date her considering her lack of value for her own safety. Thankfully from what she’s saying nothing bad happened, but she willfully went knowing how you felt.

  8. Maybe I'd he didn't have to think about how much you want another dudes cock in you, then he would be able to get hot.

    Ugh. “Modern” women

    Focus on your man instead of your clit

  9. You could ask why that person was specifically mentioned. They could have been friends or had some running joke about the girl. Dont jump to conclusions just yet

  10. Your husband has a few screws loose, I'd drop his ass so fast it'd make his head spin, I'd leave so fast that I'd have to send for my shadow, make that asshole GONE.

  11. I think it is. It would be good to get your GFs side of it too.

    What we're doing, we're going 'window shopping' together. Accumulating a nice amount of styles that she likes, and I will ultimately pick out the final one.

    And I am more than happy to do this, because some of the styles I would have picked, were some she actually disliked.

    So, I think its good to get that baseline going.

  12. My dear. You are not losing a family. You are losing very toxic people. I hope you can find a family of support through therapy or friendship.

  13. Sir, I say this with the utmost respect & sincerity, YOU NEED THERAPY. For you alone, not couples therapy because you ARE NOT a couple.

    She cheats, you take her back. She cheats again (yes, she did), lies about it, you know she’s lying & find excuses to believe her.

    All the while, you are embarrassed to be seen with her & would rather socialize alone (your words).

    Twice you’ve come here and don’t listen to anything anyone tells you. So the only way forward is to GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

  14. You cant fix your sperm count, but obviously there are other options for conceiving a baby or adopting. Personally I wouldn't find it a dealbreaker for my child to not share my DNA. Hopefully your wife feels the same.

  15. Exactly I don’t think these people realize how heavily it affects a child to be abandoned like that also the way you worded it was perfect.

  16. He’s crying and moping around because you called his bluff and broke up with him (even if it is just a “break”, in name, I think you both know it’s over) and he wasn’t expecting you to do that. He fears the loss of his stable, comfortable relationship and his trying to manipulate you into letting him cake eat. Don’t buy what he’s selling and move on to someone who shares your values.

  17. Regardless of how she feels, how do you feel? Do you think your ex was a low life? What does she consider low life about her?

    Your current girlfriend may have unrealistic expectations, think too highly of herself, and expect you to continously earn her affection. Seems like she is the type who you will never be good enough for.

    It's not bad to improve yourself, but to dump someone for who they dated in the past. This is a red flag on her personality and also shows insecurity on her part. No reason to react so negatively. She should encourage you and help you do better if it's that important to her, not make you feel bad for who you were. You've grown since then. You'll outgrow her too.

    You need a good, kind, compassionate, wise woman who wouldn't want to end things over something so dumb.

    Hopefully she realizes she was being insecure and apologizes but be careful.


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