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16 thoughts on “Anny | twitter: ButniceN | inst: n.butnice the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. As long as you’re happy and satisfied it doesn’t matter. What’s “normal” for others might not be normal for you. Whatever works works.

  2. This is exactly what she said to me…

    I want to be alone emotionally with myself so I can learn to trust and love myself and not be dependent on other people for that. I want to give myself the love I was getting from you and learn to be comfortable being alone with myself. Idk what should be different with us I think we shouldn’t do relationship stuff bc then it’s confusing for you and it’ll be easier for me not to depend on you but it makes me sad too so it’s been nude not wanting that but I dont that its fair to you if I’m not invested. We’re in different places in our lives too so growing together would be difficult and its too much for me. I still love you and want to spend time with you maybe we need time before we can do that idk tanner I don’t have all the answers I just know how I feel thats why I was asking how you felt

  3. YTA. I get being frustrated, but I also feel like calling someone disgusting just for forgetting to flush pee a few times is way overboard. Sometimes people don't always flush because it saves water. I've lived with people who are light sleepers and haven't been able to flush if I get up in the middle of the night because it could wake them up. There are so many reasons he may not have done it a few times, but honestly even just forgetting less than once a month is pretty valid. No one's perfect.

    If it bothered you to the point of calling him names, you should have told him WAY before it got the point of being insulting. Respectful and direct conversations are way more mature than name-calling and holding multiple-day grudges. Holding onto things that frustrate you until you blow up at someone isn't healthy communication and not a good way to start a marriage.

  4. Well, can he make a fool out of himself? Does he take himself and life too seriously?

    You don’t look for competence among friends, and being a decent person is just a minimum. What you want is someone who is entertaining and can make you laugh. Maybe his colleagues just things he’s plain boring.

    I don’t know. It’s difficult to assess without ever have met him. Regardless, it’s good that he have gotten friends through you. Maybe arrange a joined party for your friends and his colleagues. Let them know your bf can let loose a little?

  5. Damn yeah that's kinda rapey since you didn't know if it was actually him.

    I'm also chiming in to express my annoyance at your husband (and others) who don't consider adoption as a viable form of raising kids.

    There's millions of lives who could be saved yet we always bring in millions more.

  6. A truly misguided man who clearly demonstrates why religion is the bane of society. To get in your bf's face and yell obscenities at him is not how you show love for your fellow people.

  7. I have a 600 day long streak w my cousin. So are you saying i have to be fucking him? Bc most of the time our snaps are a black screen that says ?streak?

  8. There's no firm rulebook here; it's basically a question of what both of you need. Let her know you'd like to check in, and ask her what frequency she would be comfortable with. Then use those checkins to gauge her level of interest in reconnecting, if that's what both of you still want.


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