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12 thoughts on “Ashley the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. How about.. instead of being immature and smashing his stuff (which youll have to buy him a new one -goodbye $500+), LEAVE HIM

  2. Weird how you seek out every response I make. It’s kinda pathetic. How would anything I’ve said be hypocritical to that point? Are you actually reading what you’re replying to before you hit send? I don’t have issue with her choice, it’s the creepy 30 year olds that want people so much younger than her.

  3. TLDR If this had happened with anyone other than my sibling, I would report them or cut them off. I have bruises across my breasts and neck. I was screaming for her to stop.

    TLDR I won't defend myself

  4. Somebody is trickle truthing you…which means there’s more to be discovered.

    Cheating with a sex worker is a deliberate choice. There isn’t even the cover of just hanging out with a bar and it happened. Both would be breakup worthy.

    You need an std test too if you’ve had sex since he’s been back. 6-8 weeks after last contact for accurate results.

  5. No, she hasn't asked me to help her, I'm doing it because she's my best friend and I love her… that is literally why I am making this post. I do not know what to do to help her.

  6. I once told I guy I was a Nun. He was still interested and followed my friends and I for another hour around the beach.

  7. This is what happens 80% of the time when someone who's dumb enough their government JUST started letting them drink dates someone more than a decade older.

  8. Yepp. Like wow. ? I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, but I have rarely been left speechless like this…

  9. Wtf? A female 21 year olds brain is, if not completely developed, absolutely very nearly fully developed and the greater majority of women have reached the peak of development by 21. Don't confuse brain development with maturity gained through life experience. They are not the same and at 21 someone is not a child any more……… Regardless of this, a nearly 30 year old should not be complaining when a 21 year old displays immature behaviour. Of course they're more immature. You've got several more years of work experience and life experience behind you.

  10. No, even possessing the willingness to pursue a workplace affair by separating yourselves from work is a massive red flag.


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