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10 thoughts on “Daisy the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. I maybe could understand naked chest, and most movies don't really show that anymore. But bras? Your being fucking ridiculous and controlling. It is literally the exact same thing hes asking you to do but you can't do it? Why's that? Because your a controlling bitch, leave him so he can find someone better.

  2. This is religious trauma. She’s been raised to think sex is bad. She probably needs some therapy to view it in a different light.

  3. What’s the general classification for this relationship?

    Non existent.

    If you want a relationship be in a relationship with her, if you want to fuck around fuck around.

    Just be honest with her

  4. This is the type of guy who would find a single grey hair on her, and a week later tell her she's let herself go and he's no longer sexually attracted to her, he fell out of love a long time ago, and leave her for his 22 year old coworker when he's 50.

  5. let him go. he wants to explore .. he’s either gonna do it . x openly on his “break” or behind your back ..

  6. Unfortunately if you take a break. Men are almost guaranteed to be seeing other women. No one knows if he had sex with the woman he was seeing but if he was actively dating I'd put money on it tbh. You can't really fault him because you guys weren't together at the time but this is obviously a huge issue for you. Consider couples therapy first before calling it quits for good

  7. Why doesn’t he clean himself thoroughly daily??

    Because he's lazy and she still sucks his dick, apparently. *shrug*

    I understand not every bathes daily–I don't always. But I know when I start to smell and if my man told me my junk smelled, I'd be mortified and would certainly try to avoid that ever happening again.

    OP, the scratching his balls and his hand reeking of it… that's just the exponential part. He's just gross to start with. That's just the shit icing on the shit (ball?) cake.


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