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Birth Date: 1992-04-26

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  1. 1) that's a metaphor

    2) Yeah Punch and get an assault charge and a record that's real smart, how about teaching gf to stand up for herself

  2. I don’t know how old your folks are but now may be the time before they start having health issues in old age. Then you can move back closer to them but if they are fairly healthy then now may be a good time. Do they have other family nearby like their own siblings?

    So unless they have chronic health issues that may need your help, I’d move if my folks were still able to take care of themselves. There comes a point where them being far away may be a bigger issue but right now you def have time to do something you want to do. I’m sure they will miss you but be supportive. Just think quality over quantity. If you travel in to visit the time together will be ruche and more meaningful too.

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  4. Is she possibly selling them? 4 days of not changing your underwear is odd to say the least, is she showering??

  5. This!! Agree 1000%. They fucked and are still fucking. Why are you willing to be played again? Dump them both. Are you divorced? I hope you take him to the cleaners and do you worst to your sister.

    You deserve better. Leave him for good. There is a good man out there for you.


  6. You’re in an abusive relationship dynamic… she sounds like she needs a full mental health team to assess and support her… behavioral, mental, and then some replacement hobby’s to pad her days and fill cracks where she can fall off and slip into running her mouth and accusing others of her intrusive thoughts and worries.

  7. She cleaned up history? I cannot find that post (I may be blind). 3y ago posted that a 23yo should not date a 41 year old because they were not in the same decade (in comments). Recent post about pooping pants. Troll? OP has the kink?

  8. Thank you. This is not to be manipulative but I think I'm going to ask him exactly what you said. If it's so easy to stop stressing then how come he can't stop stressing? Then he would have to admit that he is being a hypocrite and expecting me to stop voicing any concerns while he is allowed to. He would have to admit that he's being unfair. I think I am just going to go ahead and leave him. I've honestly thought about it for a while now.

    I don't think that I have unhealthy coping methods, it's just that he literally expects me to put everything aside for him and that's not fair. Like you said, I'm not going to last in a relationship where my partner tries to suppress every negative emotion I express. You're also right that him internalizing everything is a him problem that he needs to be in therapy for. He can't expect me to stop expressing a normal human emotion just because it makes him uncomfortable.

    He's clearly not in a position to be with anyone right now. I'm sure my stress would be greatly reduced by having him out of my life. You're right, he's not being a good partner and I think it's ironic and hypocritical that he's implying that I'm not being a good partner. I think it's time to let this one go. It didn't work out.

  9. It sounds like the beginning of a healthy relationship. Talking together has apparently already strengthened your bond, so why not stay with him? He wants to grow and you can guide him a bit. He is sweet and I take it kind and healthy himself, which will be great for you. So what speaks against it? The age thing isn't bad. Guys often do need longer to mature, but this way he can with you together.

  10. There is the huge issue of her lying to him for their entire relationship. Her not telling him this information is a lie by omission.

  11. Unless the pictures were in a folder entitled “The Only Woman I Will Truly Ever Love”, she doesn’t get to say anything about trust issues or lying or that you’re “hiding” something from her.

    I’ve been cheated on; lots of people have. And while I understand it’s a little earth-shattering at the time, it is not something I (or those people) should carry into future relationships.

    I can guarantee that I will trust my future partners as fully as I have trusted past partners (until they give me a very good reason to not), because that’s what is healthy and fair, not just to them but to myself as well.

    If she’s using past infidelity to justify abusive behavior, then she’s not mature enough to be dating seriously yet. This kind of behavior doesn’t tend to decrease, it tends to ramp up (as I’m sure you’re noticing). How long until you having a passcode on your phone or laptop is sus? How long until being late from work isn’t okay? Or meeting up with friends on the weekend without her?

    This insecurity is going to consume her life. Don’t let it consume yours, too.


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