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  1. My husband doesn’t make rape jokes. Get rid of him, stay in therapy and, when you are ready, find yourself a partner that doesn’t joke about the worst experience of your life.

  2. Oh I certainly have baggage from past relationships, like when my fiancee in college cheated on me and ended our relationship and I never got to see her little girl that I'd been helping to raise for three years ever again. What I don't do is inflict that baggage on to other people, like my wife or the relationships of people on the internet.

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  4. It wasn't an illusion, she simply thought she'd be happy in a monogamous relationship but has now realised that she might like to be non-mono. People change. But you're obviously not happy about her even considering it so you don't have much choice here, you have to end the relationship, otherwise you will simply resent her and not trust her. That's no way to carry on a relationship.

  5. Hmmm… ha ha low IQ responses?? Let me guess, you value male opinions more, correct? I was going to give constructive advice, but it’s not worth it.

  6. Just wait until her asks for your “body count”. I guarantee it has probably crossed his mind which is why he doesn't like girls under 26.

  7. Alright seems our back and forth is over now, im gonna go be an asshole elsewhere in real life, you keep being a good person trying to help, have a good life ?✌️

  8. I am a lawyer who exclusively handles custody matters, I am a woman with a 15 year old daughter from my first marriage and my daughter has a stepmother, and I am a stepmother myself to two amazing kiddos who are 8 and almost 10… so I think I have a fairly rounded perspective of your situation.

    This is ridiculous.

    There is absolutely value in a child spending time with their parent’s partner, even when the partner isn’t present. However, having parenting access time regularly when the parent simply won’t be present is insane. Would he want his ex’s new partner to take his daughter always without his ex? That makes no sense.

    My daughter spends time with her blended family when my ex-husband works. That’s totally and completely fine because he is still seeing her. But that is not your situation at all. His daughter would benefit greatly from quality time with her father, and it sounds like he can only provide that on specific weekdays. So that’s when he needs to be seeing her. Sure there’s value in you strengthening your bond with her, too, but not like this. You shouldn’t be burdened with mandated parenting time for a child who could easily be with her parent.

    Once or twice a year, my husband goes on a trip and I get a couple of days with his children. We make special plans, and it strengthens our bond. Again… I can’t impress enough upon you that that is not what is happening here. You deserve to relax and not be a forced babysitter.

    He has placed you in a lose-lose situation without your consent. Your resentment will only grow, and he is taking advantage of you.

    Does he hate his ex? It seems like he’s doing this partially out of spite instead looking for a real solution that was healthy for everyone involved an access period where he could be there for his child.

    I would have major hesitations moving forward in this relationship based on the fact that he coordinated you caring for his child unilaterally, against your expressed wishes, and behind your back.

  9. I honestly don't know. Everyone has their positives, and I think I've been blinded by those. But after 4 years, I'm getting tired of it. I haven't been kissing him lately for this reason. He likes to say “well you never kiss me anyways, so why does it matter?” ….I wonder why

  10. I’m beginning to realise that people don’t understand her or my situation and that’s probably because I’m not explaining it well.

    I know for a fact the two did not have sex because he’s said it to me and other people and so has she. Her allowing him to do what he did is questionable and it does bother me however.

  11. I'm going to suggest you take a medical leave of absence from school, because it may require that to get well. You may turn out to be one of those medically complex cases where the “normal” expectations of full time school or employment are out of reach. Best wishes – I have been there, too.

  12. It's not a competition. Everyone does everything in their own time. Just focus on you, as a person, think of what you like, where you want be later on in your life, give it time and take it step by step. Your ex-girlfriend is not part of the ecuation anymore

  13. Talk to her. Keep in mind that the part she found not boring was also part of the toxic issues. For instance, lets say it was tons of partying…exciting, but toxic.

    In that case, you would have to find something that is exciting, but not toxic, otherwise you would be her ex, which isn't what she wants.

  14. I dated this guy. He will not change. Like you, I tried to leave the chores until he did them and I ended up with a pile of socks in my living room, piles of empty beer cans in the kitchen and a bathroom that wasn't cleaned for 3+ months.

    Just get out. No amount of good behaviour will make up for the resentment you feel about this. I promise.

  15. You are a bit of a wimp. Don’t agree to things you don’t want. At some point, you need to expect better. This is a big deal. If you create a life together, it’s going to get worse. Consider couples therapy. We have to compromise in relationships. If she’s unwilling to work towards that, it’s time to move on.

  16. Oh good lord this is stupid. Sorry. Why on earth are you both so invested in each other’s number of followers? Is this a thing I don’t understand because I’m old and married? I’ve never heard anything so trivial and lame. Just break up because this is beyond immature. I had to go back and check ages because I thought this was high school kids and I’m shocked it’s not.


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