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  1. The age spectrum in a group of friends isn’t comparable to a relationship, and I think you know that.

    Half+7 is a guideline; one that would have told you you’re not making it/cutting it close and that this relationship might not be a viable one or one that you should pursue.

    The way you’ve been responding to the commenters here tells me that we were correct in being concerned about your level of maturity. You’re defensive and name calling.

  2. How did you guys act when u got back from this long trip, was it like a welcome home I missed u so much or? Maybe she was hoping you guys would have sex when u got back, or maybe she is doesnt know how to initiate after finding out about ur trauma. Just talk about what it is you guys want from the relationship. 7 years is a long time and it does start to turn a but dry

  3. I’m sorry this has happened to you. I’d never be able to stay with a husband who could believe this and without proof. You and your baby see better.

  4. My boyfriend has a half black half Mexican mom, she has a very dark complexion, brown eyes, and thick, naturally curly hair that she usually keeps short with braids. His dad is a pale white man with brown hair and eyes. He ended up having green eyes and light brown hair, and unless he’s tanning all summer he’s about the same shade of white his dad is.

  5. Ouch. Seems like a missed opportunity for sure. If only we all had time machines. If you love your husband, then he deserves that love. If your best friend overtakes those feelings for your husband, you truly need to keep your distance.

    I was head over heals for my best friend. I was single, she was dating other person. I knew she loved me. She told me she loved me. You know what happened?? She married the other person. I was left heartbroken and mad. Long story short, we are no longer speak to each other.

  6. If this post is representative, you’re engaged to a child. She’s 30 years old and acts like a spoiled teenager. This isn’t going to change. Welcome to your life.

  7. You don’t want a guy that doesn’t accept a guy best friend. Most men don’t want a girl with a guy best friend. Your dating pool is going to be shallow.

  8. What are there all these women wanting to throw away the boyfriendhusband they ‘love’ for a fling with a coworker?

    Cold shower or break up with the BF

  9. Break up. There’s no excuse to cheat. The damage you caused is already done. He clearly resents you and this is not a healthy relationship for either one of you. You can’t cheat on someone then wonder why they won’t forgive you. It’s clear why he won’t forgive you.

  10. None of the poly I know are happy tbh. there's is always jealousy and mental abuse. I mean very understandable and I respect them but they're neither happier, have healthier relationships nor have less abuse in their lives. I know a very outspoken poly and she is literally dead inside every time her husband takes his younger gf out or on vacation even if she pretends she is fine and people can be attracted to multiple partners.

  11. Shes not doing it consciously, nor is she doing anything malicious. I'm just describing what could happen practically from your point of view. This also assumes you are still emotionally invested and are expecting her to come back around. If you are okay with prolonging the breakup and having a FWB situation with no possibility of her having any stronger feelings for you then you may be fine.

  12. Dinner is not the issue.

    The issue is him and her discussing his relationship issues. His love life is none of her business. That topic is way too personal when in committed relationships.

    In addition, there is no reason for them to need over dinner to discuss his love life.

    The real issue in his relationship is he's comparing his GF to her (who he thinks she is). Your GF (probably unintentionally) is contributing to their problems.

    Read: Not Just Friends by Dr Shirley Glass

    She is recognized as the expert on managing “friendships”.

    The book is based on research (not opinion) of couples that experienced infidelity.

    Lessons learned to avoid friendships escalating out of control.

    Among other things the research finds you never get involved in the friends love life. Its a slippery slope to infidelity.

  13. So You're literally deciding that because we are both addicts, we've gotta be shitty people huh? No reasoning behind that, other than we've used drugs?

    To me, it sounds like you're a shitty person. Because you will sit there and judge people and not even explain what it is that makes them “shitty people.”

  14. He doesn't really think you're lying. He's trying to lower your self-esteem to make you easier to manipulate.

  15. You two have to communicate or your marriage won't last. There's nothing else to say about your issues. Just make sure when you talk you are not accusing him, but that you are coming from a place of love and concern. Make it clear that it's you two against the problem.

  16. two things…..

    she cheated on you. Just because it's 2 women, doesn't make it anything different than cheating.

    Secondly, Amanda obviously had her sights set on your wife. Now that she's taken it further, expect her to further her hold by trying to push you out of the picture. Trying to convince your wife you're abusive, controlling, etc.

  17. I wouldn't be able to live like that. Sometimes when kids grow up in environments like this, they continue the trend. Some who grow up in environments like this hate it so much that they are avid cleaners once they move out of their childhood home. Im the latter. A clean house genuinely makes me feel calm. But for some others, they find jt normal to live! in a home this way. Is it laziness or is this just normal to her? Itll be nude to make her change and the stress of all of this will continue to wear you down. It may be time to have a serious talk with her and find out why she does this or why she thinks its okay.

  18. Do you still have a screenshot of the “I hope you're not pregnant” text? Just send that and a text going “weeeelllll”

    Give the news as a text. You know they won't be happy so why bother doing anything but giving them the update in text form? If they have negative opinions, you don't have to listen.

  19. Maybe you and your brother can plan a light intervention with your dad. The two of you sit down with him and very lovingly explain to him that the amount of time he spends on his phone and not them hurts, and that when he's around you that it would mean more to you if steered his attention towards his family.

  20. awesome.

    I personally think he’s a POS and very crafty at not crossing boundaries in an obvious way. he has no business DMing your friend when he has a GF. absolutely calculating, disgusting, and overall ridiculous. that sh*t would have me fuming as well. your self restraint is impressive.

    good luck with continuing to hold your tongue. you’re a kind friend for her having her back even if it’s behind the scenes. it’s info you can give her if she comes to you in the future.

  21. My spouse and I are going thru this right now. He bought tickets for a group I like, but I only like their Xmas stuff, not the normal stuff (it’s an August concert). While I appreciate the thought, I don’t want to go and told him to take someone else or sell the tickets. He is mad at me over this, which I understand why he is. I just don’t want to travel 4 hours both ways to sit they a concert I won’t enjoy.

  22. First of all is the age difference.

    He obviously has a problem dating women his own age, and younger women are usually less self assured. Women his own age would never put up with the back and forth behavior. He is messing with your head, trying to keep you off balance. If you go out with him again it will only be more of the same. It is a form of manipulation and gaslighting. It is meant to have you questioning yourself, lower your self esteem so you will become dependent upon him.

  23. I'd say I'm pretty good about not acting solely on emotion and having an insanity filter. As such I haven't really done anything besides ask for more affection and ask her if she thinks that she's more attractive than I. One time she was at a party and called me for a dd, I was a little upset for multiple reasons. She had work in the morning and she was locked out of her house so she had to crash at my place for the night and rely on me for a ride. Either way I called her to let her know I was outside and she picked up the phone and I thought she moaned. Almost instinctively I asked her if she was f#cking someone else. She of course denied it and I had a long night of trying to babysit a drunk girl on my hands but that's about the only insane thing I've done.


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