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Model from: de

Languages: en,de

Birth Date: 2002-12-15

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureNone

15 thoughts on “DoriDeluxe66live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Please press charges and stay vigilant. I had a family member loose her life by a man who had severely beaten women before her. We didn’t know his history until they came forward after her death. She was 21. You should do this to protect yourself but also any future victims… because there WILL be future victims and they may not be so lucky.

  2. I am not one for “Run now”

    But this would freak me out. Please leave. You are very young and you deserve better than that.

  3. She broke it off to have sex with another guy and then decided she wanted you back. Sorry but no, don’t allow yourself to be treated like that.

  4. This obviously isn't one of those properties because it has a functioning house on it. So it's not useless land.

    I lived in backwoods very rural Kentucky where there were people that still had outhouses they would use and the closest major city was a good hour away and couldn't buy land (just land, no house) for 20k.

    Are there places, sure, is this one of them, incredibly doubtful since we know it has a functioning house, electric and running water.

    1k for taxes for “years” of taxes?!?! You think the 1k was for “years” of taxes?

  5. Hmm… so you spend time asleep in bed together and you are there in the house when each other shower and eat… because with you being so busy I don’t see how you can spend much time in the house.

    Literally do everything together, she tags along to watch you play in your ‘multiple bands’? Perhaps she doesn’t consider this as being quality time.

    Does she hang out with you at work and school as well? Again this would not be quality time

  6. Then he probably is innocent, but you misunderstand my point about billings. What you see on his phone us that he has contacted her just this once. It might be possible he has deleted evidence of any other contact between them. Seeing list of his calls and messages (probably without their contents) with other numbers you could confirm or deny his story.

  7. “Hey, nice to see you. I’m tired so going to lay down, but I’ll see you some other time!”

    It would’ve taken equal effort to quickly acknowledge another human being’s presence while also excusing yourself. But you didn’t even make eye contact? Rude or not, you definitely weren’t polite.

    I agree she should’ve given you a heads up, so maybe you should both apologize to each other.

  8. So:

    – You contribute more because you make more. Why would you split 50/50 if you make more?

    – You spend more on other stuff than her, yet you are jealous her car is better? Also, you continuously think her car is also your car.

    – If you said and did things that bothered her, you cannot apologize when she said it's enough and took action. Your apology is worthless now.

    – I'm confused why you are joining most of your money. You should only have a joint account for joint stuff, not join funds so that then ANY expense, even personal, comes from there. So it turned out you spent more than her from the joint account, yet you belittled her for spending on her car from her money. Hmmm….

    You don't sound like 35.

  9. Don't play therapist to your parents. In fact, talk to your therapist BEFORE you 'talk' to your parents. You've already mentioned this once and they made themselves clear. You really don't get to impose your ideals on your parents. Unless there's abuse, stay out of it. If you don't want to visit, don't visit. If you visit and they behave that way, that's when you tell them this is uncomfortable and you'll be leaving. Don't go there for an intervention.

  10. You don’t need to apologize to him for cheating with someone else but your excuse for cheating is complete BS and it doesn’t make anything better.


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