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  1. I would just have firm boundaries and grey rock them. “I will be staying from 24-26.” “But I need you longer.” “I will only be staying from 24-26.” Just a broken record regardless of what they say. When they guilt trip on the day be firm in what you will be doing. No “I want to do” it is “I will be doing”. Don’t JADE (Justify, Argue, Defend or Explain). Have you checked out r/justNOMIL cause it’s for any mother relationship and they have a wealth of information in the wiki (including a booklist) if you don’t want to post there.

  2. If the tables were turned he likely would not want you to spend time with the dude. This is a bad situation. Your intuition is right on. She has proven who she is and her actions have caused you trauma in the past. Watch her work her way through all the band members.

    I hope your husband can see that he is putting his family on the line and makes the right decision. It’s not an easy situation and it’s not one that you or he created. Good luck to your family.

  3. Pretty sure this is illegal. Also, you think this is the only girl he’s doing this too? He’s abusing the power at his job and is more than likely a criminal.

  4. And that would bug me. Something happened bad enough to break them up and not want anyone to talk about it but not bad enough to end their friendship. And it’s clear she doesn’t like you.

  5. Run! Run long, run nude, run far, they key word here is to RUN! away from here.

    You don't need her in your life, this girl will bring you nothing but drama and heartache. You can Fund a more chill girl that's a better fit for you.

  6. I think the goal should be to relax and have fun with it. If the right guy comes along you will know because he will make it as effortless as possible. Right?

    You must have been through a lot to give up the years you did in your mid 20’s. My guess it had all to do with the kids.

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  8. You're only 3 months in. If they don't seem over one another you should go now. He's clearly not over or at least ok with her dating.

    I wouldn't go after a single mother for this reason. Especialy if her baby daddy is so close still

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  10. You have no idea that he will lie or not. You're assuming things and that's not very constructive, either for OP or for the conversation. For evidence she can just ask the people that were around him last night.

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  13. I do feel my trust in her has been fractured

    You were broken up, by your choice. She didn’t fracture your trust, you ended the relationship. At that point she owed you nothing. So don’t ask her more questions, it’s not a problem she needs to solve. It’s your insecurities getting in the way. She’s choosing to be with you, if that’s not enough for you, then maybe you need to work on yourself more or share with her you’re feeling jealous or not good enough and ask for reassurance.

  14. Every few weeks we go out and have the grandparents watch the kids. Acting like everything is ok but just no physical touch other than holding hands and that’s killing me

  15. I think there is part mismanagement of your time which negatively affected your friendships, and part your friends’ lack of understanding your priorities and your relationship.

    You should choose your partner at NYE and your friends should be understanding of that. However, I’m not sure how serious you are with this girl honestly, and that matters too.

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  17. Maybe I should have. He's my best friend so I was dumbfounded that he would give me that. I mean if I was a butcher or really enjoyed grilling I'd get it, but that is not me at all. I'm not saying I need some expensive gift just something thoughtful would have been nice. I cannot even fathom why he ever thought it was a good idea to hand me a meat thermometer.

  18. Not to be rude, but it would probably help your insecurities if you didn't date someone with a porn/masturbation problem. Leaving cum anywhere you can find it isn't what I would ca normal, even for a single guy.

  19. Get a little French maid outfit in your husband’s size, wrap it pretty for him, and a card that tells him to get to work on the laundry because you’re out the door to work a respectable job – either at your grocery or some soul-sucking cubical farm in your degree. Anything is better than ‘working for him’.

  20. What did you do before you started earning a lot of money?

    I agree with everyone else. Learn to cook. Unlike home maintenance, you need to eat multiple times a day. Are you really going to expect another human being to create every single meal for you for the rest of your life? That's insanely dependant, and leaves you very vulnerable. My grandfather was like this. And when his wife died, he turned to his 11 year old daughter and said “well, you'll have to cook for the family now” because this 45 year old man had never, in his 45 years, eaten a meal he'd prepared himself. Pathetic.

    Are you really going to look at an egg, and some cheese, and some milk, and be like “nope, no idea how to render these into an edible meal.”

  21. I certainly think this is the worst advice. You are an adult learn to judge on his actions. Again I say you have been taught that being Republican is bad and that you should dump him. Seems to be judging someone this harshly is doing the same thing that they are blaming a whole party of.

  22. Lol, what? Emotionally draining his partner because he said what someone else ordered looked good? You can't be serious. It was just a comment, he wasn't pouting about it and the evening wasn't ruined. Are you the gf?

  23. Well, the very first, last and only rule is a very simple one and it's the one he's been ignoring, and you absolutely 100% shouldn't – he isn't listening to her boundaries. Honestly, if you stop when she says stop – and she stops when you say stop, that's a winning combination right there. That's how you aren't going to pull the same mistakes. 3 months isn't a long time in a relationship.

  24. Your boyfriend sounds uptight. What a great way to sleep! I would expect a more open minded and encouraging partner. He sounds awful and I’d say this is a good time to say goodbye!

  25. Oof. That's not a healthy relationship. At all.

    If she expects gender norms, can you expect the same from her? I bet that would make you feel uncomfortable and unreasonably demanding to her.

    She does not sound like a good person. She expects to be pampered and spoiled, but you're only 21. A 35 year old can likely afford that due to an established career.

    My suggestion is to end the relationship. Tell her you can't give her what she wants, wish her the best in finding it, and focus on yourself. You'll find the right person who will appreciate you for who you are, and won't force you into these impractical scenarios where you get emotionally blackmailed into giving her gifts.

    I've dated that personality type before. There's never an end. You take her out to dinner and give her gifts, now her birthday and valentine's day experience has to WAYYYY above that. Then you aren't taking her on those types of experiences regularly, then you have to improve birthday and vday gifts AGAIN. It is a never ending cycle. Oh, and when she gets bored, she will start a fight with you and expect a make-up gift. And guess what? She just learned she can get gifts by starting a fight, blaming you, and extort a gift out of it.

    I'm not saying walk away. I'm saying you should RUN away. Fast as you can.

  26. I don't think you have any control over who your bf's brother is friends with. It sounds like they had a very amicable and mutual parting, so I don't really understand why it bothers him to be in the same building as her.

  27. Being nice to someone does mean they get to grope you in your sleep.

    Men always hide behind not knowing the difference between friendliness and flirting. But he knows. And he didn't care whether or not this was something you wanted because he wanted it and chose to do it while you were asleep because he thought you wouldn't know he'd done it. Those are not the actions of someone who thinks you like them and likes you back.

  28. Yeah no, this guy is visiting to fuck her. She's into the idea and allowing it.

    She's not a child. She's 35.

  29. One question to ask him is if he would say the same thing to other people or just this friend? If it's just her, inevitably you have to wonder if there's a secret history there that you need to uncover.

  30. Honestly you’re young and should live! your youth to its fullest. To not be attracted to your partner isn’t good bc like you said you feel like you’re missing out. There’s other people out there. I also think it’s better to let her go so she has someone who can appreciate her body without them thinking it’s malformed

  31. He doesn’t hAve a car though and the train takes 45 mins, so kinda impossible after work. Fast by car, only 25 mins. So in kinda understand it’s impossible weekday but when we first met, we lived further apart but made it work. We went for drinks for a few hours and went on our way home

  32. Your partner certainly values her cat's comfort over yours. I'm a longtime cat person, so I get the loving of the cat thing and the resonsibility, but your narrative paints your partner as curiously detached from the distress your allergies are causing you, and o ntop of that getting upset with you when those symptoms manifest and keep her up? You CANT” “get” your partner to prioritize your health, though? You are asking for the impossible. People do what they want to do. what you can do is decide what you want/will put up with/take steps to ameliorate your allergies/etc.

  33. I'm sorry to say it, but I wouldn't advise marrying your bf until he resolves his relationship with his controlling, codependent brother. There will be unending conflict about this issue, and it will poison your relationship.

    You are aware that your husband prioritizes his unreasonable, mentally ill brother over you. He will continue to do so. If you have kids, he will neglect his children for his brother. As things stand, your bf is unsuitable to be a husband or a father.

    I suggest going to couples counseling to see if this issue can be resolved permanently. If not, it's probably best to end the relationship.

  34. I’d dump his lazy entitled arse.

    Seriously, he’s not that into you. You’re not important enough for him to even visit you and he’s got you believing this is somehow your fault.

    He’s an extremely low value boyfriend and you’re too young to shackle yourself to him.

    Dump him and find someone local that you can have a real grown up relationship with. You don’t need this lazy boy in your life. He sure isn’t a man.

  35. How long has it been since he found out? Sounds like he is dealing with some gender disappointment. As a mom of soon to be 3 boys, I’ve had some personal experience with it. Took me 2-3 days to get over myself and come to terms that the experiences I would have in my mind (buying cute outfits, a relationship like I have with my own mom etc) wouldn’t be happening in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys and would never trade them for the world, but that’s how I felt at the time and those feelings were valid too.

    Check in with your husband to see how he is feeling, talk about the fun things he’ll be able to experience with your daughter. Gently remind him that your child’s genitals play zero role in who they are as a person/their interests. Hopefully he comes around soon. Congratulations on your baby girl ❤️

  36. Call the cops. Get the kid to the doctor and tell the doctor your husband is endangering your child and could be dangerous to you too. They make take your child temporarily but as long as you are a sober adult without a crime against a child you will get your child back. If you let this man around your child until someone else calls cps or the cops (eventually they go to school and they talk unless … into submission) then they will know you left this happen and retaining custody against him gets harder if you're both charged with endangerment

    This dude poisoned your 3 yr old.

    I smoke pot and have two toddlers but your husband is a criminal neither of you should be around.

  37. OP is dumb as bricks and I'm losing faith reading what she's been saying. She's practically complicit in it with how many red flags she's ignoring and how little action she's taking.

  38. Understandable… If theirs anything to take away from the situation; don’t let anybody who doesn’t wanna see you, only wants be friends, and doesn’t even like you talk about other guys take away from exploring the way you want to and doing what you want. You deserve to live! you life they way you want not living on standby waiting for someone to make up their mind

  39. “can you forgive” of course someone can – in the right circumstances. Can YOU?

    The question for me is why isn't he blocked? Why is she still talking to him? Why didn't she admit it to you?

    At the very least? I would sit her down and ask her out right what happened. If she's apologetic? seems sincere and willing to do what it takes? She doesn't lie or gaslight you about it? There might be room for forgiveness.

    but if there's any blame on you or push back against blocking him? then that's a no go.

    Once is a mistake… mistakes can be forgiven. More is a habit… and that can't be. not being honest isn't acceptable. not taking blame and responsibility isn't acceptable.

    It's just silly that she hasn't deleted the evidence and blocked him… and then admitting it to you in case he reaches out to you to destroy the relationship. That's the most damning part of the whole thing.

  40. you sound like you may be anxious-attachment style, meaning you need lots of communication and reassurance. not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of to ensure you're not making her feel “smothered.”

    i understand you wanting her to text you some throughout the day. but speaking from experience, if it's constant, that's a huge red flag. even if you've got a laid back job, she's not obligated to text you while she's at work constantly.

  41. Doesn't sound like she has done anything to help you with the hurt, or counseling or anything to help this marriage. You have no trust because she doesn't help you to trust her. You IMO are better off without her for your own sanity. She cheated before and she will cheat again.

  42. If you are unsatisfied in the relationship and your partner cannot provide what you need then leave.

    However, realistically evaluate if you are asking too much and it is unhealthy the affirmation you are requiring is. Maybe speaking with a neutral third party can help confirm this for you, one way or the other.

  43. This tells me that he doesn’t actually consider all the kids “ours.” It is very clearly “mine” and “yours.”

  44. Gf sounds horrible. Your sister is in a dangerous situation and she wants you to just sit there and do nothing? I'd seriously be questioning this relationship. If your gf is refusing to compromise at all in a situation that's this serious, she's not the one.

  45. she’s gotta help her one of her sisters with personal stuff that Reddit doesn’t need to know about.

    to be honest even this was more information than we needed.

  46. He not only has a drinking problem, he also has a learning problem. He KNOWS that this happens every time and still he does it every fucking time. He doesn't tell himself “oh the alcohol take some time to show effect!” Nope, he drinks and drinks and then is surprsies that it happend again.

    And who can clean up his pee? I guess you since he sleeps and whines that his head hurts.

  47. I agree with the first half of this comment, but sharing office gossip is a surefire way to create drama and animosity towards yourself. Do not under any circumstances gossip about others. But it is wise to develop a friendly relationship with a couple of peers, bonus points if it's a supervisor.

  48. Think logically. Why would a hacker want to use his tinder to chat to other women, and why would he keep it on his phone?

    He's playing you.

  49. I don’t really hear any solutions from you, just complaints. You hold against him that he’s not doing enough, but you’re a 30 year old student who draws no salary, so kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, no?

    It doesn’t really matter. The contempt for your husband is almost oozing out of your post. For both of your sakes, leave him while you’re young and child free. You’ll both actually have a chance at happiness maybe.

  50. You should express your disappointment in them directly to your parents. If they have reservations about your GF they should express them to you. Being rude to your GF says more about them than your GF.

  51. Please do talk these decisions through with your therapist and take their suggestions to heart. You're young and you honestly don't need to be tying yourself into such chaotic relationships from the start. You can afford to take a breath and sort everything out within yourself and then go back on the dating market in a year or something. A lot of what you're describing to us is either extremely toxic behavior or just a sad relationship at best.

  52. It was in her name when she invested it. She didn't loan me any money because she had her own wallet and account. But when we both lost it, she transferred it from her name to mine because I felt guilty so I wanted to try to make it back. I didn't care at all about my losses at that time. I managed to raise it a little but that's when she broke up with me. I kept the crypto in my account because I wanted to raise it to the full amount that she lost. But when I found out that she was with the guy I caught her flirting with, I stopped trying to raise it and started focusing on recovering my own losses, through other avenues, which, until now is not yet fully recovered.

  53. The block game is immature manipulation. Don't waste your time on people who don't know how to communicate properly. You can either send him a message saying you're done with him, or you can just ignore him and move on with your life. No one is entitled to your time/energy, and people that treat you like shit shouldn't get any of it.

  54. I am very paranoid and I don’t like doing this but then i see stuff like that and it makes me even more paranoid. I want to find a better way to deal with it

  55. This is not something to tell someone until much further along in a relationship. Please, take care of yourself, and your mental health, and understand that most of us trust people until they do something to break that trust – it can happen after 12 months into a relationship.

  56. Her body her choice. Also that’s kinda ducking stupid of you to think “everything will work out for the best”. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard honestly. This world fucking sucks and you think everything is going to work out for the best? Especially if you live! in America

  57. So what exactly are you looking for with this post? Validation that you’re right and he’s wrong? The only thing you CAN do about it if it bothers you and he won’t agree with you or apologize is either break up or let it go. Would your boyfriend saying “yes I reduced you to your skin color” make you feel better? Would this have bothered you if he was black?

  58. I think you should tell her how you feel but also tell her clearly that this is 100% her choice. It’s natural to have feelings connected to this pregnancy, and to wish for this to happen. I also understand how an abortion might affect your feelings towards her if the two of you have different dreams. You describe that you feel extremely annoyed with her and don’t want to be around her and I think you should talk to someone you trust or a therapist for that. It might be difficult for your partner to support your negative emotions while making this choice.

  59. What is his love language? Does he have one? I'm asking if he shows affection at all through other means. Or do you feel neglected in general?

    You are not asking for too much from him. It sounds like communication is not a priority for him given you discussion about how you were the last to know about changes with your SD. Maybe he needs to understand that all relationships are based on good communication, and that he needs to learn better communication styles for this relationship.

    He was able to communicate during your courtship and honeymoon phases, so it is not that he is incapable of it. Remind him that courtship of a partner never ends. It's part of the life long commitment that he is making to you. Give the examples of the things he wrote/said to you that you gave here. And that that was a major reason for your decision to be with him. (I'm assuming that was the case). Display of affection is part of the lifeblood of a relationship. And asking for that is normal. That might also increase his libido some as well.

    If this does not change, you might try some couples therapy for this. You want to spend the rest of your life with him, and he with you. You should start off as you mean to carry on.

  60. If he doesn’t wanna help with the financial cost of you visiting then visit less frequently. 100 on uber a week is a lot of money. I understand it’s a tough situation on both ends. Maybe ask him if he doesn’t wanna help, and he’s physically unable to come to yours then what would he suggest since seeing him less frequently is also an option he dislikes. I doubt he’ll have a good answer.

  61. A few years ago, my partner cheated on me with a work colleague. I essentially discovered a 6 month affair that included sleeping with each other and hanging out.

    You really should have followed the advice back then.

    Anyway, last week I found out she'd been texting the guy again. Apparently, it's nothing more than that, but as you can imagine, that's nude for me to believe.

    Big surprise, who would have ever seen that coming?

    I feel completely torn.. I love this person, and my life revolves around her and her family.

    My guy, you really need to have some self-respect, move on, and be your own person, instead of having your life revolving around others, especially someone who physically cheated on you before and at the very least is emotionally cheating on you again (although lets be honest if she physically cheated before with this guy, chances are she is again).

    The guy was saved under a different name, and almost all messages were deleted.

    Huge red flag of course, if it was as innocent as she is making it out to be, and if she was genuinely sorry about it, why go through the effort of hiding it and then still deleting the messages? Because the messages would show that she is talking shit and that a lot more happened than “just texts”. Wouldn't even be surprised if she continued to see the guy behind your back all this time since the first time without you knowing.

    She says all the right things

    She says all the right things, except for the fact that she has cheated on you repeatedly and is deceptive. There's a reason why people say actions speak louder than words, because while she says she is sorry, loves you and regrets what she did, her actions tell a different story. People who love one another don't go fucking other people behind their back and betraying their trust, repeatedly.

    You are still young my dude, and have your whole life ahead of you. Do you really want to settle for someone that is blatantly disrespectful, lies, and cheats? I'll say it again – Have some self-respect. Love isn't enough, a healthy relationship requires much much more than that, none of which you are going to get from this woman. It is time you start loving yourself and realizing you are worth much more than this, and deserve far better than this woman.

    I hope you make the right decision.

  62. What do you think the cause of that is? Him cheating on you? Or deliberately omitting it to stop you from tediously questioning his choice of friends?

  63. You knew you shouldn’t have done it but you did it anyway, so your apology is utterly worthless. This wasn’t a mistake, it was a selfish choice you made knowing it would upset her and now you don’t like the consequences. If you don’t want to get dumped, don’t lie to your fiancé.

  64. Break up with him and let his friends know it’s because he has a small penis.

    Seriously, break up with him. Anyone who acts this immature and disrespectful doesn’t deserve access to your amazing boobs. By the way, I’m sure if your sister knew, she would find this creepy as fuck.

  65. You knew the phone excuse was bs, yet you pretty much let that go. Then the same guy is her new “bestie?” I think “fuck buddy” is more like it. Now they have planned a road trip? This post has to be fake! If not, open your eyes and believe them man!

  66. But you are cheating on her, so you can just piss directly off with “needing her to be better.”

    SHE deserves better, not your sorry cheating ass.

  67. Girl, put him to bed? That’s parenting talk. It sounds like you’re very familiar with taking on responsibility that really should be on him. I understand that you want him to thrive and succeed but there are things that fundamentally should not be your concerns to worry about. It sounds like your mental load is at capacity and that you’re more of a caregiver than a partner right now.

  68. A couple of things stand out to me from your post:

    1) If everything you say is true, then clearly your relationship is over and you probably should have never married in the first place. It does not matter if this started because of your porn addiction or her issues with porn. You two are not a partnership and it sounds like the only thing she brings to your life is stress (and vice versa).

    2) You have a tendency to use therapists as your shield. They are professionals in mental health, but not necessarily relationships between two unique individuals. Regardless, it's your life and your relationship and you need to find ways to solve problems with your partner, not assign blame and retreat behind the therapist's opinion. All relationships hit bumps in the road and the blame game never makes the ride go more smoothly.

    3) Your porn addiction predated your wife by years. Your statement that you think she made it worse by providing you a lack of intimacy is a cop out. Maybe if you two had better intimacy it could mitigate your addiction, but its not the cause of your continuing. My best friend is an addict (not to porn) and external factors can exacerbate or mitigate it, but it's always there standing on its own as a threat waiting to take over. You need to acknowledge the seriousness of your addiction and decide whether it can co-exist with a relationship partner. If you cannot get past the addiction, perhaps you need to focus on relationships that are not built or reliant on sex (asexual partner). Again, it seems like you want to push responsibility elsewhere, even though you give a head nod to your addiction.

    4) In general, you have to take control of your life. Your TL;DR is another version of blame shifting. You decided to stay in your relationship. You decided to consider giving things up to maintain it. you have not overcome your own addiction. No one else is responsible for those things, even if they contributed to them. You have to be accountable for your choices. Then, use that accountability to build the life you want to live!.

  69. Thank goodness I knew he was overreacting like I still love him I just disliked that one gift. But he is a little sensitive so its not his fault

  70. It is a huge turn off when you find out a grown ass man goes after schoolkids. My vagina would dry like a desert.

  71. If he’s spending all this money paying back his brother then the bills at the house are going to fall on me.

    It sounded like you were saying hes borrowing so much that you would need to pay more of the bills at home. Which means the issue is that he's borrowing more than he can actually handle.

    It’s also that if he’s borrowing from his brother to fund our house then technically I’m responsible for that debt if something were to happen to him and he could no longer work.

    Isn't that also the case with borrowing from a bank?

  72. You throw him out. Listen, when the hospital rumors are getting back to you, things are way out of control. He's already lied by omission to you once, that you know of.

    Leave or make him leave until this can be fully sorted out. He's at minimum contemplating cheating. Very sorry for you but this is not good at all. Do you have family or friends to call in to help you asap?

  73. I don't usually read peoples' post histories. Mind giving me an abridged version? I'm assuming he's done worse than what's in the OP by what you said.

  74. “My boyfriend is struggling with cancer and going through literally the hardest time in his life but wHaT aBoUt ME?!” -OP

  75. If you are prone to getting yeast infections, you have to be very meticulous about cleanliness – wash before, wash afterwards. If you need antibiotics you need to ask for flagil too. May need to get checked for thrush, just in case. That's less obvious, but will still cause reinfections.

  76. I would be really grossed out if a guy with a gf was blatantly checking me out. I would feel really sorry for the girl.

  77. I feel that its important to fully understand yourself and what you want out of life before pursuing a serious relationship. It sounds like you're still confused, or afraid of commitment. You might have something to unpack with a therapist, as most people do. For example, if you struggle with your own confidence or self-worth it can be scary to have someone treat you like a queen. You may feel that you dont deserve it, or fear that you wont live! up to expectations.

    From the way you describe her, you'd be an idiot not to give the relationship a real chance once you have your head straight. Its not often that someone genuinely falls in love with you.

  78. Your dad is trash. He can't even wait a year for your mom to be buried before he allows the side piece into the house? Pussy ain't all that. Good for you for keeping that boundary. I'm proud of you.

  79. First and foremost, get yourself a new therapist. If they can't understand why you're keeping your dad and his wife out then they can't help you in any meaningful way to move forward.

    As for trying to get them to understand, I'm not sure you can. They've not cared about what you wanted or respected your boundaries at any point before, so don't expect them to start now. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make it clear, just set your expectations accordingly.

    However it may be worth it for you to try being blunt, at least for your own peace of mind. Like fully honest all cards on the table. All the stuff they did wrong, the reasons it hurt and why they can't fix it and how the ONLY thing they can do to help is to respect your wish to have nothing to do with them going forward. I'd do this in writing, as you can write it all out and then decide what parts you want to send or if you want to send it at all. It also doesn't give them room to talk over you or try to interrupt you. It will also hopefully help you put your thoughts in order, and you can take it with you when you go to see your new therapist, it will be helpful for them to understand what problems you're having.

    Also, make sure you don't let this consume you. I know it's nude, but focus on being a good partner for your wife and supporting her as much as you can. You're going to be a father soon, and that's far more important than any drama those two can try to stir up. Focus on doing better than your own dad did for you.

  80. “Me and the ex are cordial but i don’t really have an interest in any form of relationship with her”

    I think this precisely is OPs problem: his gf insists on entertaining some form of a relationship with her ex.

    Things have shifted from a live! relationship to aparently a friendship relationship.

    Where she didn't do the priority shift which goes with that, usually.

    As a partner should go before a friend in normal understandig.

    Which leads to kind of a “priority stacking” in the boyfriend place.

    She hasn't gotten her ducks in a row in two years!

    Question: who ended OPs previous relationship? Why did it end?

  81. You will feel ready. You will not think about your break up anymore and you’ll start noticing people you are attracted to. It will take time, don’t rush or worry about it. Grieve the relationship lost do you will be able to move on.

  82. Honesty is a GOOD thing. Don't ever give that up because of this encounter, someone who is worth it will want someone upfront and not shady

  83. You're incompatible.

    You're 25, you've been together since you were 16. This is familiar. Familiarity isn't love and it isn't a relationship. Sure, you care about each other.

    You're over each other. It's nude to admit when there's no bad guy, when there's history.

    Whatever this may have been it's just garden variety toxic codependent now.

    Get out, get therapy, get some ass.


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