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  1. Be polite and friendly during holidays. Most intellectual people can find a way to communicate with anyone. Consider the intellect and education of Neil DeGrass-Tyson. Can you even fathom him ever saying, “There is a massive education and economic class difference between me and them. Apart from pedestrian topics we have nothing to talk about.” Perhaps it is an inaccurate assessment, but this tone comes off as assholish and snotty.

    His parents moving into YOUR home needs your permission and approval. For me, it would be a very hot no.

  2. I see a lot of stickiness involved with this. He wants to be a father, and will likely view this child as more than just his cousin’s child, but his own. It’s only natural to feel that way, especially watching them grow up in front of you. He will see his face in him, his features, maybe his personality. The child will want to know who their father is, then what? What if they want a deeper connection with them? To live with them? What if something happens to the couple? Death? Divorce? Who will be turned to in those situations, because it could likely be him. And not unwillingly either, because he may feel a moral responsibility to take care of his biological child if things go wrong. What if they want child support someday and go against their word? People have sued donors over this very topic.

    And as someone who does not want to be a father, I find this future to be a little disconcerting, especially him making such a huge decision without even speaking with his life partner.

    That’s the trouble I have with this.

  3. You have to dig out the root to really get rid of it and they go DEEP. Seriously huge roots.

    That said, chopping down and regular mowing will keep it under control, same as bamboo which is what I use my machete for when it's not by my bed.

  4. Since it sounds like friends paid for everything major in the wedding/reception/honeymoon, you need to be hanging out with those people and leaving this shitshow behind.

    Your fiance's brother doesn't want his brother to marry you, and is coming up with reasons to interrupt the wedding like he has done for all of your alone time with him. You will never have peace with just your fiancee.

  5. She’s not your problem. She is an adult who made her choices in this life, many of which took place before you were even born. I know it’s horrific to actually think about her suffering, afraid, homeless, but she programmed you to believe you are responsible for her and her emotional health.

    You are not.

    Do not set yourself on fire to keep her warm. She would not do the same for you. Do not give her more than you can afford to lose. Don’t shoulder the responsibility of her life choices. Do you know why you are not supposed to jump into water to save a drowning man?

    Because he will drag you under with him and you will both die.

    Do you know why you put the mask on yourself first and then help the kids when the cabin loses air pressure? Because you can’t help anybody when you are oxygen deprived and dying.

    Your mother is an adult who chose not to wear her life vest. She chose not to listen to the flight attendant instructions. Do not think that you are obligated to drown with her or that you are a bad daughter if you don’t give her your mask.

    One day you are going to realize the only real solution to this problem is to go no contact with her because one day you will realize that love is not a two way street for her and she will take everything she can from you and will offer you nothing in return— not even gratitude

  6. Say I guess you’re right and block him.

    Answer your exam, move on with your life. You’re too old for this shit.

  7. Girlfriend be here Minority Reporting and sending people to cheating jail before they actually do anything lol

  8. Find any kind of support group you can. I know it's very hot leaving people like this, but he will never change if he always does this to you. This is very controlling behavior and it isn't fair to you.

  9. It’s a real possibility that he has issues that cause this sensitivity, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to stay with him. He may never change and this honestly sounds exhausting. I’m not saying you should break up with him, but you should know that you can decide you don’t want to deal with this and leave.

  10. I also feel like I have to walk on eggshells, due to some of her opinions not matching my own. And if we got into a basic discussion over something, she would get her point out, but as I begin mine, she’d demand to stop talking about it, which I comply.

    This isn't healthy, she only wants you to hear her but she won't do the same for you. This is a one sided relationship and it will not get better.

    I would have a very frank conversation with her. If she won't let you say what you need, then you have your answer. You break up. A partnership means both people hear the other out and compromise when needed. Right now she is acting like the dictator of your relationship. I wouldn't want to live like that.

  11. Girl no. If he had a been a decent person and caring bf to you about you being sick then I could understand you feeling bad about it. But you told him about your fever and your lashes out at you? He can figure out how he's gonna move his shit on his own. Your body is saying you need to rest don't put yourself in a worse position over exerting yourself for his selfish ass. All he cares about is his stuff getting moved he couldn't care less if you passed out 5 times and ended up in the ER as long as it gets done. I'll say it if you don't want to. He can fuck off


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