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  1. I mean, you're adults there isn't anything wrong with signing a year lease. The fact she made it a point to state that has me concerned that it's just an excuse to cover her ass if she does try and have sex one night. I can already picture it, a night where both of you are home, she's had some to drink, she flirts, starts playful touching and next thing you know her pants are off and asking for you to have sex. Then it'll be the excuse the next day that she warned toy ahead of time.

    But you are fully capable of deciding if your dick comes out. If you like the place, then respond to her and tell her that you have no problem keeping it professional, so it's more on her if she is able to keep things civil and professional for however long your lease is. You don't mix your living situation with pleasure so she needs to be completely honest with you of she can do the same. If so, then she had a new roommate. If she feels she can't, then it wad nice to meet her

  2. oh god, was the open marriage his push – and you merely agreed but not fully.

    And despite this he is still cheating on you 8000 times whilst you lie in bed next to him?

    OP – you dont deserve this. You deserve so much better. Anyone does.

    And the part of this post that makes clear that you partially think you maybe do deserve this level of disregard and disrespect, and this is possibly okay on any planet – is sad. Your husband is happily cheating, even after seemingly pressuring you into letting him sleep with the world if he's truthful – he's still found a way to cheat on you – in the first bloody year of marriage!!

    :/ agree with the other – so kind, curious gentle therapy is likely what you need. This guy ain't it.

  3. Its best to just get divorse. How would you feel when you see him dating and sleeping with other woman, since he dont love you anymore, while you stay at home taking care of his children?. Being married and stay at home, he should be giving you alimony and the house and other assets belongs to both of you. I suggest to get a lawyer and get your family to help out as well.

  4. Them staying with each other is really going to f- them up. Especially him.

    He obviously wants to do it and then feels guilty after, and she really wants it. She cannot marry him because she wouldn't convert.

    He's going to have a lot so problems if his family finds out.

    She's trying to make a molehill out of a mountain, not realizing how doomed this relationship is.

  5. I would say that him not replying means he’s not interested… that was him letting you know, although it was in a shitty way. 🙁

  6. Well, i guess that due to the fact it often has veen thay thw guys go after the girls/ are the ones aproaching and all, that it has become a bit of a guys compete with eachother for the girl and the girl is the one picking, now this isnt always the case dont get me wrong but its still more in the way that generaly guys just dont have as many options and the options arent as easy to atain ( again not always the case ). There for guys get…well i wouldnt say desperate but they feel like their value is less because of the nature of the game, and tend to either settle for less and tend to take more shit before breaking. Also, hello fellow dutchie.

  7. Do not have babies with this man! He is not great father material, as you’ve already seen. He’s manipulating his baby in order to manipulate you. Find another one.

  8. Really? So how does her and your child's laundry, the vacuuming, furniture cleaning, washing the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, grocery shopping, helping the kid with homework, bathing the kid, the dishes, playing with and spending time with her child, how does all that magically get done? But yes, I'm sure she's sitting around and you're doing everything, lol. I love when men complain about women not wanting to have sex but don't give a damn to at she's exhausted and certainly don't want to help her with the kids or any of the housework. If you do get divorced you'll be doing all the housework and be taking care of the kid half the time so you'll soon find out how much she's doing.

  9. This man will never respect you and will “push your limits lol” on everything. He will push you to get what he wants and will make you feel awful until you relent. This is abusive behavior, and I highly suggest you gtfo

  10. Do you want to spend your lives together? Because that's what it's actually about. Not the proposal, not the wedding day (tho obviously it's fun to have a party). The important day is every day after that, when you get to stay together and grow together.

    My now husband proposed to me on a Skype call. I told him to come and ask me in person before I gave him an answer. No it wasn't super romantic but we're still together eleven years later.

  11. Look she clearly doesn’t respect you. Her comment was her passive/aggressive way of communicating that to you. You are in a position of weakness in your relationship. There is no way to turn the tide back in your favor. That added to your thin skin, will make it worse day by day. Do yourself a favor and break up already.

  12. Yeah, I think you need to tell your husband the truth.

    Also, ask him if he’d be more comfortable lending the money if there was a signed/notarized contract between him and your sister stating the repayment plan. Then he can technically hold her legally accountable. It sounds rough, but it might make him more agreeable to loaning her the money. And if he does, he needs to either watch her pay off her credit card with it or he makes the payment directly to ensure the money is going where it’s supposed to go.

  13. I mean, do you want to stay in a relationship with somebody who thinks it's okay to sexually punish you?

    First, he treated you like a child who can't control what you put into your body. Then, he used violent sex to tell you he was unhappy.

    Does this really sound like a keeper?

  14. So there is a reason everyone says big ages differences with partners doesn't work. This is one of those examples. There is no reasonable reason why he'd have a woman stay the night, yet you're already defending him.

    So if he can lie to your face like this now and it has only been a month, what will he be able to do in a year?

  15. So there is a reason everyone says big ages differences with partners doesn't work. This is one of those examples. There is no reasonable reason why he'd have a woman stay the night, yet you're already defending him.

    So if he can lie to your face like this now and it has only been a month, what will he be able to do in a year?

  16. Personally I count that as cheating, a kiss is a kiss as you said. Also the red flags, what if she just felt like having sex with them at the moment? It’s a terrible excuse and foreshadowing imo. Leave while you still can

  17. “She told me three times we were breaking up.”

    “I told her I want to sit down and talk about this.”

    BRO the trash is trying to take itself out and you're clinging to the bag. Just let go.

  18. Actual advice:

    You can only change things on your own end. If what you've tried so far hasn't worked, you need to do something else.

    You have to assume that she does want to want sex, most women have a reactive drive so they don't often feel desire spontaneously. There are lots of things that squash desire, the biggest being hormonal birth control but also other medical issues that might make it painful or uncomfortable for her. Eventually you'll want to discuss these things with her but NOT yet. If you can start couples counseling, do some sessions first and then maybe get advice on how to bring it up.

    Try and get out to lunch/dinner after each counseling session. That makes it a date and something to look forward to and allows further discussion from the session if the mood strikes.

    What you can do right now:

    Read the 5 love languages book (it's very short) and see if you can identify both of your love languages. Talk to her about what you think her's might be and lean into it, focus on how you can pay more attention to it.

    If yours is physical touch, don't yet talk about it unless she asks and if she does (and yours is physical touch, it might not be) then emphasise the other types of touch you enjoy, like her hand in your leg while you drive or hugging you from behind or showering together and her washing you back or back scratches.

    Start listening to the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast:

    There are A LOT of episodes but you are going to find the most validation and help by starting at the beginning (I'm not expecting you to listen to every episode, maybe the first 10 or so).

    It's a podcast about a married couple where he wanted to have sex more often she didn't and when they did it wasn't great. They eventually did a challenge to have sex every day for 60 days. They discovered a lot through that.


    They are a religious couple and if that doesn't gel with you, I find it very easy to ignore those parts of the podcast.

    In the early episodes the husband has a bad habit of speaking over the wife. He eventually realises this and corrects himself but it's not in the early episodes and is annoying.

    I find I am a better partner when I listen to the episodes. It helps you reframe everything. Again, I would mention what you are listening to if it comes up, but not push her to listen. You can only change your own behaviour, not hers. You don't want to ruin the chances she might listen by making her feel pressured to do so.

  19. Also George S. Kaufman and his wife Beatrice after she had their child. He sneaked around with Mary Astor, who famously kept a diary that became Exhibit A in a very torrid court case.

  20. This incident happened right now for a reason. Read tge signs and get out of there. You & your kids are alive and safe. Count your blessings. Do what's got to be done. Take pictures. You've got this.

  21. Usually the gaslighting in similar ages is amongst younger couples though. Some have unfortunately reached their 30's or 40's and are still stuck with their abuser but from the posts I've read, people seeking help for being abused are usually in an age gap relationship or in their teens or early-mid 20's. Abusers prey on lack of life experience which explains it imo.

    Based on my own experience too, my abusive ex dumped me for someone else when I was 29 (we had been together since I was 19 and he was 20). I had started standing up for myself and expecting better from him and he went out and had an affair not long after that began. His new supply? Nearly 8 years younger than him, single mother, much more vulnerable to manipulation than a single woman in her late 20's/early 30's. I had the profile of her pretty spot on before I even found out who she was. If/when that ends, I fully expect him to seek out someone with an even larger age gap than that.

    Disclaimer: well aware this is just an observation and personal experience, not an analysis of the data.

  22. If you want monogamy and he doesn't, then one of you will always be unhappy. Maybe it's better to go your separate ways? It will hurt, but not as much as having to get a divorce in 10 years because he's still sleeping with your friends. Especially once there are kids and a house involved.

    You gave poly a fair chance and didn't like it – that's more than most people would do! It's rotten of him to try and pressure you into something that makes you so unhappy, and really gross that he's willing to sacrifice your friendships with other women to get what he wants. Polyamory is meant to be ETHICAL non-monogamy, but he is using it as an excuse to get whatever he wants

  23. This would honestly be a deal breaker for me. No I don’t actually normally kiss my boyfriend after head but if he rejected my kiss… what?? Too gross for you but you expected me to do it? It’s YOU not another guy’s business….

    But then again some women dislike being kissed by their partner after oral so it’s completely individual. For ME though, I would find this disrespectful.

  24. Oh, absolutely not. He stopped?! Yeah, no, you're not clingy. He's a horrible boyfriend. Find another one.


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