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  1. I didn’t include him. He is always registered in the system and can’t remove. Also I’m his fb friend. He posted so I saw it. But I didn’t contact him for it. My friend did.

  2. She’s lying about number 1. They met up just to make out, then go home? Don’t make me laugh 😂 she’s done dude, not worth a SECOND more of your time. Get rid of her ASAP and let her go be with one of the guys she cheated on you with.

    Seriously, take the advice from us redditors here who are looking at this from a 3rd person perspective.

  3. Can’t even read the original since OP deleted it in an edit but girly I weighed 113 & my bf stayed with me and supported me until I AND I ALONE was ready to make the jump to a healthier lifestyle. He never loved me any less. C’mon, the bar is already so damnd low

  4. My bit responsible for producing sperm were completely removed 11 years ago and I’ve been on TRT since so I can say with 100% certainty it is not mine.

  5. I really hope she leaves you. Don't trickle truth her either. Tell her the full extent of your relationship with your mistress so she can make an informed decision.

  6. I did mention it was the first time my partner has been to my Aunties home. That he would probably feel it is overstepping some sort of boundary. I don't think my father thought it was a good enough excuse 😅

  7. Depending on your family situation it’s not always easy to get babysitting arranged for a night. It’s definitely usually more complex than something like dinner reservations which is another typical birthday thing.

  8. He was assaulted, manipulated, raped. You're acting like he willingly fucked his sister.

    Grow up and get therapy to deal with your issues. He has enough without worrying about you too.

  9. You have to tell your husband the truth. I know you don't want to because he won't allow you to visit…that's a whole different problem that we won't get into just now. But asking him to give your sister money means he deserves to know the whole story. Right now, he sees your sis as irresponsible, so why should he help her? Also, your husband deserves to know how bad your brother is. He's your partner, the person you are supposed to trust with all your secrets, not the bag boy at the local supermarket.

  10. You don't need to move in together until she is ready to be an adult and pay her way.

    You are not her parent, you have no financial responsibility to take care of her. She needs to stay in her parents home if she wants someone to financially support her

    You are her bf, and no where does it say that when you are in a relationship you should cover all the bills and expenses for your SO ,

    Many adults get their masters while working and do the adult thing and pay bills.

    She is manipulating you. This is a peek into the future on how things go.

    Your feelings don't matter to her, what you want does not matter to her. You don't matter to her.

  11. Oh hon I’m sorry this asshole put you through so much and made you feel like this. He’s completely full of shit, there are plenty of good, loyal men in the world that just happened to get overshadowed by the cheating douche bags sometimes. They’re out there and you deserve a love story with one of them, one who ticks all your boxes too.

    I’ve been with my guy for 8 years. In that time not once has he made me feel insecure about another woman. He’s not shady about his phone, he doesn’t follow hundreds (or any) random women/models, and in fact was shocked and disturbed when I told him about how some men are like that. He has absolutely no interest in any other woman aside from me and hasn’t our whole relationship.

    and I am 100% sure, 0 doubt in my mind, that he’s not the only man in the world who’s like that. There are hundreds, thousands, of them out there

    All the best ❤️ wish you all the healing from your shitty relationship

  12. it’s good you’re not going. if you wanna forgive that’s fine, but going on a trip with someone who tried to ruin you? come on. forgiveness doesn’t mean putting yourself in harms way. it’s not even about ur bf respecting you or not. you have to respect yourself.

  13. He doesn’t have to let you use his stuff. Maybe he just doesn’t want anyone else using his things and that’s fine, they are his things

  14. So, he wanted you to respect HIS boundary, which is to not get hit, but he won't respect yours.

    And you're okay with this?

  15. You know what you are to blame for? Allow this to continue. Showing him that he can do whatever he likes and he has no consequences.

    You are also to blame for making excuses as to why its ok for him to continue the behavior.

    The only person to blame for this guy taking advantage of you, is you.

  16. thank you, i really appreciate you taking the time to talk this out with me. i sent her a text like you suggested, i turned off notifications as well because honestly i’m scared to read her response tomorrow. my therapist can’t do telehealth since she’s not licensed to practice in the country i moved to :/. my friend knows i’m in therapy and that i’ve been working on this stuff but i also mentioned that i’ll be working on it more. i think the drifting away with college thing is definitely true and it just makes me sad. i have some friends here and i know i’ll make more and get closer the longer im here but i really miss being so close with her. it’s a naked thing to express and i did it very incorrectly this time. i really appreciate your advice. thanks again

  17. she might just not be that into you anymore? Not a great thing to hear, but it is a possibility. IF she's pulling away, it also could be work/life stress. How's everything else in her life going?

  18. Not to be rude, but I think you’re overreacting to her overreaction. She didn’t key his car. She deleted pictures off her own social media account and made a possibly quite unfair accusation. Hardly unhinged. We don’t know if she even raised her voice; she could have said this with total composure.

  19. LOL. No. I dont give a flying fuck if you're drunk or not. I'm still holding you accountable if you're groping two men while your naked.

  20. You recognize that you are fundamentally incompatible, but you also love and care for him so you don't want to hurt him. And you're right love isn't enough. Not stupid at all.

    The problem is you're going to have to hurt him for both of your sakes. Yes, it's going to suck but it has to be done. Putting it off isn't going to do either of you any favors. You need to sit him down and tell him that you just want very different things and you're ending things. If you live together, you need to think about that-who is going to move, are you both on the lease, what's the timeline for finding a new place etc. I'd be prepared for pushback from him, but stand your ground. If you feel unsafe, LEAVE.

  21. When I have gotten friends jobs and received a referral bonus, I take them out for a nice meal to celebrate and I pay.

    Of course, a significant other is different. At the “we're dating but not really mingling any sort of expenses” stage, then if there are no pressing debts to address then I'd use some of the money for a nice weekend getaway if you can get something nice lined up with enough left over. Same as your edit, basically.

  22. I'm exhausted for your wife just reading this.

    CHILL out. She was in communication mostly the whole time. Let her enjoy some time with her friends and have fun.

  23. You really need to block him and NOT unblock him. This is REALLY unhealthy behavior. He’s trying to keep you hanging on, and his behavior is rather irrational and dangerous. Stay away from him. If you run into him at your events, simply walk away like he doesn’t exist.

    His reasons for texting you aren’t legit. He’s just keeping you hanging on! He told you who he is-BELIEVE him! The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. Be indifferent. If you see him at an event, don’t engage him, keep your cool, let him say whatever he’s going to say, and reply with Ok, and WALK AWAY!!!

  24. So the answer is for you to prostitute yourself out? Is this ok with you? What did they do before you were old enough to do this? Or have they been pimping you out to sugar daddies since puberty? I’m not trying to shame sex workers but this seems awful. Somehow your parents have this lifestyle they can’t afford and it’s on you to find rich guys who want to take advantage of you for money? How on earth did that start and why are you continuing to do it? I’m so sad for you that you don’t want better for yourself and apparently neither do your own parents.

  25. Get yourself one of those lawyers and get your ducks in a row. Get yourself tested (if she's prepping to do this now, who knows if she's done it before?). If you were me, I would also get DNA tests done for the kids. If she's prepping to do this now, who knows who she's done before?

  26. Tell her the truth , you cannot be friends because she is STILL controlling. Block , go NC and more on for her sake as well as yours.

  27. This happened to me, and we tried to make our relationship work despite the lie because I was desperate and in love. We didn’t have sex for over 6 months, then we broke up because our relationship had soured so much. That was it.

  28. If she needs attention from other guys to feel confident, that's something to talk about.

    I'd also wonder about these “friendships” that are based on superficially competing with one-another.

  29. You want to have a baby when you can't afford a baby or a place to live. That's fucking genius.

  30. For most people an expert can keep composure and even go deeper into the topic to attain innocence like “thank you for trusting me! I won’t lie I’m glad you did cause if i was you i would think the worst too! Lol”

  31. Please dm me what you guys are saying I can’t see the reply’s and I want to know so I can take he advice

  32. Honestly trust is so important in relationships. For a fact i know people are NASTY af and will most definitely break people up to have a chance with the other, or just hate to see people happy.

    I'd always say go for your gut. This is always a grey area but you can ask your partner to look through their phone to cast away any doubts you have

  33. It sounds like you liked him in fantasy world but now that things are getting real, the flaws are scary. You really only have two options. Be honest with him or fake your own death.

  34. Stop trying to not hurt him. It’s going to upset him.

    Just be kind but clear and honest. He deserves a clear message.

    “I know you feel strongly about me but I realized that I don’t feel the same way and never will. I don’t think it’s fair that I string you along. You deserve someone that feels the same towards you.”


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