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  1. Whilst you don't have to make a choice straight away, it's going to come down to whether you want to be single and have the extra freedoms or because this isn't a relationship you want to go the distance with.

    You had a rough patch, split up for a week over it and things don't feel right any more… at least at the moment. Zeniyah suggested a break, possibly not a bad idea. Could just be the beginning of the end.

    Do you have any interest in travelling or anything that might give you some separation time to spend time in your own company? That kind of thing may help. Living a sort of quasi-single life where you can see both sides of the coin?

    It's not like you're both in your 30s+ and possibly looking to settle down so spending a month or more apart shouldn't be world ending, if the relationship has legs.

  2. Lead singers do indeed pork tittie flashing fans, so that for me is where the joke ends if it were any bit of joke to begin with.

  3. Wow I was right about the depression. Didn't see the update until after my comment. As a suggestion, maybe you can start playing board games together as a couple activity or find something else that he would like to do with you that gives him that happy place feeling. I think that would be nice ?

  4. I'm glad it helped, /u/iwantadoglmao. You deserve more than what you're getting from this relationship, and it's really REALLY good that you're realizing it NOW, instead of presuming that this was “normal” and “just how guys are”. Be proud of that, and keep doing it.

    I just want to address a few things from your reply.

    First off, you're 20. You have SO much growth and change and self-discovery and maturing to do over the next 10 years that it's not funny. My 2nd wife used to say “When you're a teenager, you know everything. When you're in your twenties, you cringe at your teenage self, and thank god that you know so much more now. When you are in your thirties, you look back at your twenties and marvel at how WRONG you were, and start to get the idea that there are huge swaths of things that you still don't understand. It's not till you hit your forties that you realize that you a) don't know very much, and b) that's okay.”

    Second – I'm sorry that your first two sexual partners weren't good at it. Unfortunately, it's easy to be terrible at sex – all you have to do, after all, is to be focused on your own selfish pleasure. Unfortunately, far too many men get their “sexual education” from porn – which is absolutely terrible and unrealistic. Being good at sex is a skill, just like being a good partner in a relationship. And those two go hand in hand. A good partner will focus on YOUR pleasure, just as you focus on THEIRS. It's like cooking together – you both contribute, and the end result is something that is enjoyable for both. If one person is only focused on what they're doing, it ends up lackluster. And if that person goes so far as to make it unpleasant, or traumatic, for the other, then the entire thing is ruined. You recognizing that your pleasure is important is a GOOD thing.

    Third – you're going to make mistakes. Over and over again, things are not going to work out the way that you want them to. That's life. That's part of being human. After all, bad experiences are how we build better judgement. Don't worry so much about making mistakes – just don't tolerate things that you already know don't make you happy. Someone takes advantage of you and expects you to serve them? Don't put up with it. Someone doesn't pay attention to your pleasure? Don't put up with it. Having boundaries and self-respect is not something to apologize for – it's something to aspire to and to work towards. And you're already well on your way! Be proud of that and keep working on it. (Talk to that part of yourself that is afraid of your past experiences and is trying to tell you to hold on to what you've got – it's lying to you. After all, if you can condition yourself to put up with your current BF, then you can condition yourself to not accept poor treatment.)

    And finally – don't feel bad about not being willing to have sex w/o feelings. Emotional intimacy is something that we ALL crave, and holding out for that before having sex is not only reasonable, it's admirable. Too many people – men AND women – try to get emotional intimacy by having sex, and it's so easy for that to go sideways. Having a solid relationship, built on trust, love, compassion, and respect is the foundation to a better sex life. After all, if your partner trusts you, they'll be vulnerable with you. If they respect you, they'll work to make sure that you feel safe and secure to be vulnerable to them. And if there's mutual trust, then you can talk about your desires, experiences, and satisfaction w/o it turning into a fight. Why wouldn't you want to have that? Sexual release is great and satisfying – but it's also something that people can achieve on their own. Sex with someone that you love and trust though? That shit's magical.

    Take some time to consider the qualities of the three partners you've had, and see if there's anything there that is common – and if it's really something that you want in your life going forward. Figure out what your boundaries are and what your wants are.

    And above all, be patient with yourself and your progress in life. You're ONLY twenty – you have a long time ahead of you to find the right person. Better to be alone and searching than together and lonely. Good luck, and I hope you find yourself in a better situation soon.

  5. I do this a bunch of times, like a lot, since I was a 14-15. The first time I did it while sleeping next to someone (my then boyfriend, now husband), I panicked when he spoke to me after I was done. He thought it was awesome and I wanted the earth to swallow me. Eventually, he realized I do it while deep asleep and he asked if it’s OK if he just masturbate too while watching me and we agreed as long as he doesn’t wake me because then my orgasm will just go away ?.

    I wake up most of the time while I orgasm or right after, but sometimes I’d just sleep through it and then realized in the morning it wasn’t just a vivid dream.

  6. Thank you for your comment! I admit that I was taken by surprise when he said I was reminding him of his mom and stepmom. LOL

    On Christmas Eve, both of them remarked about his appearance. His stepmom said, “Something has to be DONE!” Ahhhh!

    To answer your questions:

    You mentioned how you dressed for both of those family occasions. How do you normally dress?

    Jeans, blouse, sweater, graphic tee. It depends on the occasion, weather, etc.

    Has he ever accompanied you shopping for clothes for yourself?

    Not always. I buy designer clothes and shoes. He doesn't say anything about what I spend because half the time he isn't with me. When he is with me, he usually stands out of the line while I make a purchase.

    What colors does he wear?

    Mostly black and variations of grey.

    Does he wear the hiking boots year round?

    Yes, with the exception of a pair of sneakers he bought before the summer. He ended up getting rid of those because he hated that they made a “squeaking” sound.

  7. Um what? If a guy is secure and has actually listened to women when they talk about what they like in bed, this comment won't bother them. Especially since she's never ever said she's dissatisfied with their sex life, she literally praised him and reassured him about how happy she is and how much she enjoys their sex life and his penis. If it still bothers him, he's insecure. It's not misandry to call a dude insecure ffs.

  8. Im a horny dog myself but even I would turn down some sex if my wife won’t even make me a sandwich on my birthday when I specifically asked her to. After a tough shift no less? Bro probably walked in the door hungry as hell expecting to smell the bacon and he just sees his wife trying to suck his cock instead. Like, excuse me????goddamn. Worst birthday ever

  9. You can’t tell why? She’s choosing her significant other relationship over a friendship. As it should be.

  10. She's either not very expressive or not that into you.

    There are some people who are never going to write love poems or say sweet nothings no matter what. If it's important to you that your partner does that, you need a new partner.

  11. I've been there, girlfriend. My parents hated my husband because he wasn't a tradesmen, didn't drink, didn't party, didn't do sports, etc. He was a big ole nerd, but so am I.

    We've been together for 15 years. They didn't accept him until our wedding 4 years ago. I made it clear that if they made me choose, they would lose. I don't bend to dictators who they controlling my life, and neither should you.

    If this guy is a good man and has truly changed, then it's up to you to decide if you want to take a chance on him. Have a secret relationship, if you're scared of them disowning you. And if they disown you because you've made a decision AS AN ADULT and have proven you won't be controlled by them, then do you actually want those people in your life?

  12. Thank you for your reply. She herself says those deep moments she has is due to hormones. She has doubt our relationship before in those moments. But in general and always says she believes in me and that she supports me. She has so much nice sides. I truly love her.

  13. Both. If I want to have the things that I want, I have to work. Sure, if all I wanted to do was have the basic necessities after the family budget, I could quit. But then I wouldn't have shit if the worst happens, either. So, for my financial security and for those little extras he can't buy because, oh yeah, 2 kids, bills, food, necessities, I have to work. And it's also nice to surprise him with little things that I get with my own money because it's that much more meaningful. You have no clue what it takes to actually make a relationship work with your attitude. You refuse to talk to him and reach a compromise that can be reassessed in the future. You refuse to give him anything more than the bare minimum. You refuse to have open communication. You refuse to grow up and gain the emotional maturity it takes to understand the ridiculousness that you are asking everything of him in comparison with the absurdity of giving nothing to him. You are continuously proving how much of a child you are. You're literally stuck in a 15yo mentality.

  14. Throwing it out there because… Fuck it.

    Most guys don't consider it cheating, mainly for two reasons: 1- They think it could possibly become a gateway into a mff threesome.

    Or 2- Because, at the least, they know it's sex with no one else's dick inside of you / zero chance of paternity tests on an episode of Maury. So, in their mind, it's just safer for them somehow.

    The reality is that sex is sex, regardless of the number of people involved or the skill levels/techniques shown during. You pull off your shirt from across the room and start tweaking your nipples for me and I cum? Shazaam, we just had sex. If there was someone else sitting nearby? Boom, threesome. It's just science, and also, sorry Gran… I know the cookout got really awkward after that…

  15. OP – go alone and have an amazing time!! I've been on holidays with friends and family and it has been impossible to please everybody. Now that I'm in my 30s, i do a lot more stuff on my own because that whole effort of trying to get other people to come, all the planning that's usually left to me anyway – when I do it alone, it's so much better. I go to concerts alone, movies, museums. I can leave when I want, I can eat what I want when I want.

    You will feel so much more at ease, you can review and experience everything as you want to experience it.

    Go and have an amazing time – it sounds idyllic!

  16. Love shouldn’t hurt, over thirty years with my husband, it’s never, ever hurt. Maybe you need reassurance because he’s so cold. It sounds like a bad match, I wouldn’t move in.

  17. So they are way more excited about this idea than you are?

    Have you ever watched Friends? .

    Dude, no, just cancel and spend this day having a serious conversation with your wife about her friend and their relationship.

  18. I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety years ago and took anti-psychotic medication and anxiety medicine (plus therapy)for many years. You can get better. Turns out I was being mentally, emotionally and financially abused by my narcissistic mother. I went no contact four years ago and literally after the second year I noticed I was feeling better than I had in many years and stopped taking the meds. I’ve been off the medication for a few years now and I’m doing really well. I say all of this to let you know you can get better, it’s totally possible. Find a therapist and/or groups that will teach you coping skills. I still get a bit of breakthrough depression once in a while but I utilize the skills I learned to this day. We tend to run through made up scenarios in our minds during an episode and things seem worse than they are. It takes practice to retrain our brain. May I also recommend going on YouTube and lookup Abraham-Hicks (meditation). Her teachings actually helped save me. You got this! Hang in there.

  19. Maybe he is concerned how this appears to be escalating and he is wondering what this means long term for your future appearance and maybe even financial impacts. Have a frank conversation about your intentions, with or without his approval, and let him decide. You’re 20, there is a really good chance he is not your last bf.

  20. The ultimate way to resolve. Let her go as is and hire a PI to follow her and she where she goes and get evidence. Or some other way to be definitive.

  21. Yeah. Admittedly, I didn't do it in a healthy way (I wanted a quick fix) and now i don't have the best relationship with food either.

  22. This is the correct answer. Even if I fully believed that my partner was just lying to his friends, I would lose so much respect for him that he thought, even drunkenly, that it’s ‘cool’ to cheat and impress your friends, that’d be the end of that. How utterly pathetic

  23. Some of these things you mention are important to some people and not for others. You have to ask yourself are you willing to accept that he's a sloppy eater? Is that a tradeoff you're willing to accept for the fact the relationship overall works. Or if you aren't then you can express how you feel. Never what he is doing. When you frame it how you feel, it doesn't come off as an attack and rather it's about you and how you feel. Then he should feel less pressured to reply. Doesn't mean he'll agree to change. But it's a better opening to communicate.

  24. Do not torpedo your future over guilt. You should not feel guilty at all for pursuing your own life. That's what adults do and your parents know that. They are taking advantage of you. It's time for you to put your foot down and advocate for yourself and your future. You got this. It may be very hot but it will be worth it.

  25. You have to sit down and let her know her overbearing still can't work, you love her, and want her in therapy, and couples therapy. It's likely she has issues that require RX help.

  26. You’re doing everyone in this situation a disservice, including your youngest. The worst thing you can to with depression is consistently let it keep you down, and never take that step to be independent and heal. And even though she’s depressed, that doesn’t excuse jack of what she’s doing to your family. She’s treating your other children like shit and you’re just letting her.

  27. I get it and Ive thought about this a lot and maybe I just have a crush and am just misinterpreting her kindness.


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