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  1. Okay if he won't go then tell him you are going to do the shopping, make sure you have your phone and money for an uber or cab. If he won't leave you alone at all then go to the hospital.

    Once you are away from him go to the police or sheriff station and tell them your boyfriend won't let you break up and you no longer feel safe around him. Explain that you had to sneak to them or he wouldn't leave you alone. Ask for a restraining order and some officers to accompany you to get your stuff from his house or tell him to leave your house and serve him with the restraining order. If you can leave the residence and stay somewhere else that would be safer but make sure your bf doesn't know where you are.

  2. Your mom needs therapy. Full stop. She IS trying to destroy your relationship and she will continue to do so until you force boundaries and she gets therapy for her unhealthy attachment to you.

    Like I get it, I'm likely a good bit older than you(40f) so my parents are likely much older (late 60s) than she is, so I fully get elderly isolation and lonliness can really be hurtful to people as their kids grow up and move out but that's the whole point of raising kids and it's 100% a HER issue. You've done nothing except GROW UP. You're an adult now and she needs to stop trying to strangle you with guilty apron strings. Ask her what she was doing at your age, was she sitting at home with her mommy? Probably not.

    The guilt-tripping is really uncool and wrong of her. She needs to get out more, on-line HER life, remember that she's more than just a mom, and let YOU live! YOUR life. Hell offer to do family therapy if she's not receptive to solo. You're not being unreasonable to want to have a life, she's being unreasonable trying to monopolize your youth and time.

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  5. Hmmm. Well, guyz be calling girls fat for a damn long time. It wouldn’t be sudden. The fat shaming is pretty solid throughout my 5o plus years.

    And tbh, I have to wonder how much of this penis size zombie drool flowed from a porn industry that made big bucks on big d, an industry that I recall was male controlled.

    Regardless, I can agree shaming is just wrong.

  6. Or maybe condoms aren't the best form of birth control… and these guys are still convinved that they got baby trapped.

  7. You weren't correcting me btw, i'm answsering your comment, i'm not the one you were answering to. So i didn't feel attacked by your comment, still found it uncivil as to “spouting non sense”.

    There is no more risk for a crib in the same room as the parents than just having the baby laying on a surface. We are not talking about giving the baby its own room here, just moving it from the bed to a crib

  8. There's no way in hell I'm sucking a dirty ass penis. Are you trying to get sick or catch a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis ma'am? Tell him he needs to wash before any sexual activity. Personally I wouldn't continue dating him though. Grown men should know to wash their asses.

  9. 15 years ago long time especially when you’re drunk. I’m surprised you even remembered kissing her. I came up in the 80s and 90s and of people tried to find out stuff like that about me not only would I not remember but neither of the people around me. I’m sorry just a little levity.

    Just apologize to her and tell her you love her madly and you don’t care and buy her some flowers and spoiler and it’ll be OK. I hope.

  10. The title of the sub is relationship advice. My advice: forget he existed. Don't second guess yourself. Move on.

  11. Yep. She sees no problems and you see a life of misery ahead. If you bring it up, she blames you.

    This is over. I’d still give one shot at therapy ASAP as there’s no huge risk in taking another few months, but I’d also be planning divorce too. And sadly YOU need to find the therapist and schedule it.

    Set yourself a deadline. Start therapy. 60 days you either know therapy has a chance, or you end it.

  12. The issue wasn't so much the joke (although it was in poor taste and after so many years of marriage for OP to have this kind of reaction it certainly isn't their dynamic so it's weird she's saying it now)

    But that when OP brought it up she didn't even acknowledge his feelings, rather she dismissed them outright saying it was just a joke. She could have just said “my bad, I was trying to make my friend feel better, I won't make that kind of joke again”

    That's how you make a small problem into a bigger one

  13. Personal I like to build connections with partners through honesty and forwardness. Why would I want to be with someone I feel I need to hide things from?

    I think OP should go for it. Things might blow up if the other person doesn't feel the same way, but that's not a bad thing.


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