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  1. Going into further debt for a wedding, which is one day, is beyond stupid. She has champagne taste on a beer budget. You're already $200k combined in debt. Not sure how high student debt affects your ability to qualify for a loan.

    You need to sit her down and tell her that you want the two of you (remind her that it's your wedding too) to have a beautiful wedding, but you're not going into debt for it. Her debt will affect you as well after you get married.

  2. I wouldn’t say it is in this case, it just sounds like she’s the problem here. She avoids the sex unless she can use it as leverage, which of course she will use against you later as you guessed.

    Coercion SA seems like a very strong word for what this is. Seems that she does want to weaponize sex against you but she’s not threatening you into sex.

  3. Doing BDSM in a safe and consensual manner is vital to really enjoy it. Usually, it's the sub who declares boundaries and who is in the actually more powerful position to decide what can and will happen.

    Safewords, talking about boundaries, declaring nonverbal signs to stop are all important to that. A system using colors (green for go harder, yellow for keep it at that intensity but no more, red for a full stop) can be useful too.

    Please have such conversations, talk about all of this and install safety means before doing such. Because it can end badly if you don't. As you have seen, sadly.

    His “excuse” that you made him angry is not at all okay, and a dom should never let anger get involved. If he gets angry at you and uses physical force or violence in that situation, that's abuse.

  4. My lord did you not even read the first section of the first source at all? I wasnt linking it for the court case or the specific law at all. “Sexual coercion is classified as a duress crime. Coercion involves obtaining consent from a person in such a way that their consent was given under pressure. This type of consent is not the product of a person’s free will.” The part i linked the first source for. If your having trouble with the second source since you hadn’t mentioned it at all. Take a look at this section. Repeated Attempts

    “One form of sexual coercion is wearing you down by asking for sex again and again. Whether you’ve gently declined or directly rejected someone’s advances, they shouldn’t keep the pressure on — they should accept your boundary and stop asking.”

  5. I’m guessing if you were having more sex with him that he would be happy and not be wanting sex outside of your marriage?

    So with that assumption I’m going to make a few suggestions/points.

    intimacy doesn’t have to always be sex there are some great books out there to help with this. 1) Christian book: “when two become one” by Christopher & Rachel McClusky – there is a focus on increasing intimacy and desire and communicating those things better. 2) I haven’t read this but have seen it recommended countless times: “Come as you are” by Emily Nagoski – I highly suggest you both read the book and discuss together. Otherwise it will be a one sided effort and lead to more frustration and resentment. do you have kids? Make sure you’re finding time to meaningfully connect. Dates, cuddling, walks, sitting with a tea/coffee without devices. encourage and normalise thoughtful messages throughout the day when you’re not together – text each other whenever the other pops into your mind. We can often forget to tell each other how much we care when caught in the routine and busyness of life. Texts, notes on their mirror, short emails, little poems, notes in their bedside drawer. communicate what kind of touch/intimacy you most desire/appreciate. I like long hugs and hand holding. I need these things to feel more grounded and connected to my husband. That makes it easier for me to “get in the mood” when either of us desires more. think of ways to increase his sexual experiences that don’t need to always involve you doing what I call “the whole shebang” – eg. Quickies or handjobs in the shower, etc. encourage more communication around this. There will be times of the day or moth where you’re more amenable to sex. Figure those out, be honest, find out what works for you both and makes the experience more enjoyable for you both. If you’re having a better, more full experience, you’re more likely to want it more often.

    Anyway, hope those suggestions help.

  6. So the women you’re dating has someone sending you revenge porn which is a literal crime and your whining about how you feel insecure? Blimey. Self centered much.

  7. I was naive about what putting my name on the deed and mortgage would mean. I'm hoping he can settle for less “rent” as other commenters have suggested.

  8. Your idea of very hot work is excessive. It’s great if you are totally up for it, congratulations, but that sounds like a nightmare and expecting others to meet that same standard is probably going to lead to a lot of disappointment. We don’t all want to sleep and work. Having fun is okay. Doing nothing is okay.

  9. Not that it hurts to apologize again, but seems like he is accepting of what you did this evening. Considering he cuddled you. Hope everything goes well.

  10. If you are that important to them then they should have given you a decent raise and you wouldn't have to work 2 jobs. But they didn't, so you have to. Them covering your shift is not your problem. You gave them ample time to hire people. Just keep repeating, not my monkey, not my circus, not my monkey, not my circus…

  11. Most physicians are just that, doctors of the physical. Some don't care about mental conditions, pretend they don't exist, or don't understand them enough to understand where to go.

    With either option OPs BF needs a therapist to identify the condition. And if he's a brat, they can identify that too.

  12. Ye I think that’s kind of how I feel- like what now almost. Just unsure as to whether that’s ‘normal’ and if I should put up with that


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