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24 thoughts on “JordanXolive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Can you move in with family? Temporarly? You know, pack up some stuff, send him am message that you are ending the relationship, like you talked to him about before and that you're at a safe space and he should not contact you, that you will Block him, as of the time he gets this message.

    Them Block him, so if he shows up in person, let someone else deal with him: :she doesn't want to see you. Leave.”

    If he shows up with the cops, or trys to get you commited like “she might be suicidal” you can proof you're not. You can proof you ended the relationship and you are in the company of family/friends and all you need is for your then ex to leave you alone.

  2. He's no longer nice because you married him, because he is a manipulative and abusive man at his core.

    Men generally are nicer BEFORE you marry them.

    OP you are being abused. He knows whats he's doing! He has control of himself. You never saw he bad side before because he PURPOSELY hid it from you.

  3. Aye. The wording is a bit suspect here. Doesn't prove anything but then again, neither does having brown eyes.

  4. He may not have engaged with it? Most trans women I know don’t want their partners to engage let alone acknowledge it. That’s not speaking for everyone of course. But I believe it’s probably the minority that want it to play a starring role.

  5. doorknobs, shaking hands

    You're giving examples here of things that are easily avoided with basic hand hygiene, something that OP and her partner already do. These are not comparable to things like sharing forks, toothbrushes, joints, and anything that gets someone's spit into your mouth. That would be like licking a doorknob, or licking your hand after touching one.

  6. Idk bro, did you fill out form KL42 in triplicate before kissing her on the lips? If not that’s on you. Luckily it comes in pdf form so you can submit it with reduced approval time of 5 business days.

  7. Yeah so it sounds like a massive argument where they both said awful stuff about each other and a bunch of stuff they didn't mean.

    I wouldn't read too much into what he said tbh.

  8. She isn't your problem. Hand her the divorce documents. Move on with your life. If she wants to get hysterical over it, then so be it.

  9. He is literally standing in front of you waving a huge red flag. Surely you are not that stupid to ignore it after this? Come on now.

  10. It would be cheating in my book but they are your friends, you were there and you claim to be pretty open. So I’m not sure in your case whether it is or not.

  11. So why are you mad again?

    Because he doesn't want to blame his friends so it's easier to lay blame at her feet. I bet if these 2 guys were strangers he wouldn't care what had happened. But they are his “friends ” so now they will make comments.

    OP, do your girlfriend a favor and break up. She deserves better.

  12. wow this is an awesome point of view, I think it totally makes sense.

    I am not religious and never been, but deep down religious beliefs affects every member of society, with nothing good from it.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer

  13. Wtf is pre-cheating. How do people come up with this shit.

    Run for the hills, don't waste money on therapy because clearly she needs it before dating anyone

  14. No way ma’am.

    This is abusive. He needs a lot of help and I would not be with him until he gets it and is healed if you wanted him back. Personally I wouldn’t.

  15. Depends on your relationship dynamic, which I can't comment on.

    I don't know the homebuyer loan, I assume US but idk. By the sound of it you won't be entitled to it regardless, because you'll have owned a home. If he's insisting you aren't on it, personally, I wouldn't pay.

  16. So the bottom line is that I don't care who you are, every guy wants to have sex with multiple girls. Sure there are some exceptions, but by and large that is how guys are programmed. It always strikes me as amusing when women especially are so put out when guys bring this stuff up. It's like, are you seriously that naive that you think that it isn't in the back of their mind all the time? Lol. The only reason we don't is because we don't want to make our girls mad.

    But, if you look around in the world, whenever a guy gets enough power, what's the first thing he does? Gets multiple girls. Period. So be angry, call men disgusting do whatever you want but God made us this way so don't blame us. Seriously.

    That being said, if he's being a jerk otherwise and making this a make or break issue then you have to decide how you want to approach it. Some people just aren't okay with it. And that's 100% fine obviously. You just have to make sure that you feel respected in the relationship and valued, and it seems like those concepts are definitely in question. It's definitely a tough spot.

  17. Even if he didn't apply you probably wouldn't have got it.

    That's the part^

    Very early in college I learned that it's not what you know, it's who you know. You can hide behind the school and GPA all you want but if your “competitors ” either can interview prep well, interview well or even meet the right person, you will continue to get rejected. (They don't teach you that in college, they tell you to get good grades and apply?)


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