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  1. Yeah, she deserves better than this. Tell her what is going on with the sex tape though, she has the right to know and take legal action.

    Dump her, tell her why, and let her find someone else.

  2. I think you both need to work on communication. And it won’t hurt for both of you to apologize for the misunderstanding and figure how you could avoid this in the future.

    Sex and consent can’t be taken for granted even in a marriage. Every minute the mood of each person involved is what matters.

  3. Pregnancy can and will kill you. I hate being so bald about it, but it’s true. My first pregnancy was incredibly easy. I could have given birth to my oldest in a field and caught them myself. My youngest was born a month early and ended up in the NICU for 16 days. I was in the ICU for one of the six days I was in the hospital. Birth is a total crapshoot, and everything goes fine until it doesn’t.

    He’s literally telling you that his “legacy and fulfillment as a man” is more important than your life. Why, I don’t know. What legacy is he talking about? His achievements on Call of Duty?

  4. See you are trying to decide if this girl is wife material for you or not. Based on the company she keeps I would say no. You’re better off without her. Break up with her before the wedding since you don’t trust her rightfully so

  5. Get the DNA test. Then leave him. On your way out the door, let him know how much you appreciate it, because it will make using him for child support so much easier.

  6. aww c'mon don't be that way :((

    I would never be okay with him having a female friend which he do everything with. She might even secretly be having feelings for him and is just waiting for the right time 🙁

    I love him. He is my first and i think I will deeply regret it if i let him go away. I will be better for him, and for myself.

  7. You still don’t have the kind of time you had before. You have to really consider and make a decision. Having a baby with him seems like a terrible option and it takes time to find a new partner and conceive. Babies don’t always just come. A lot of people struggle. That’s a lot to push back for a man who sees you and any possible children as second fiddle.

  8. Text him: “I am pregnant with your baby, and I am keeping it. Sorry to be so blunt, but you are not taking my phone calls. We can talk in person about the details.”

  9. Unfortunately you are right it can. This is why I never feel married to my opinions. Opinions here are limited to what we are informed of. I consider mine to be tentative, pending further info

  10. As awful as this sounds I would have told him that they weren’t his kids. Would have saved the nightmare and disruption however now he knows he will likely explore visitation unless he can’t afford it then sit back and block them

  11. Because guys often don't give a shit or straight up don't believe you when you say you're already in a relationship. So you play along and minimize the risk of them getting angry or insisting.

  12. There are some red flags here my friend.

    He booked a holiday. You were not a priority. Extra days off were.

    He falls off the radar some Friday/Saturday nights? Napping? Um nope.

    You need to go stealth mode and find out who he's with. Be quiet about it.

  13. This is a seven year long friendship that you found in adulthood. That doesn't mean it'll last forever, but tell her what you've written here. Tell her how she's making you feel and see what she says. A good friend will sympathize and feel bad and strive to do better. And you know what? Maybe also show you how she's feeling. There's often two sides to every conflict, god knows I don't treat my friends perfectly.

    God people on Reddit must make for the most disloyal fickle friends. You hear a three hundred word one-sided story of mixed feelings and immediately just to dump that bitch. None of you must stick around for when your friends struggle.

  14. Keep it simple. Do you want to online like this forever? Because if you stay, that’s what you’re signing up for. Good luck.

  15. I’m condescending because it’s a mistake mostly made by English speakers, so I don’t really believe that English isn’t their first language I think it’s just to hand wave the grammatical errors.


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