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  1. He doesn’t want investors because he’s already using his partner as one. This won’t change until they split.

  2. You've failed to establish boundaries and/or follow them and as a result you are at this horrible place right now. Read the books No More Mr. Nice Guy and The Way of the Superior Man, I'm sure they'll help you. Good luck!

  3. Thank you everyone, I think I already knew this in the back of my mind, but I'm the type of person who always doubts and second guesses themselves. So thank you ♥️

  4. You just say upfront before you go somewhere to an event that we are paying for own things. No split bill or I pay and you pay next.

    Just when out you pay for yours and he pays for his. Nothing wrong in this.

    But I would not move forward on this relationship whilst this is ongoing?

    The issue is his not his mums or yours and it is not up to you to fix this.

  5. No I don’t have any nudes on my phone and I don’t take pictures of myself like that because I don’t trust people.

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  7. The problem with that stat is: is it 30% are unknowingly raising kids that aren’t theirs? Or does it also include the dads who are knowingly and willingly raising other people’s kids?

    Because if it includes BOTH situations writing that stat as if men all those men are being deceived and taken advantage of is seriously problematic. There are a lot of step-dads in the world, plus people raising kids of family who are ill, incarcerated or died.

  8. It seems like she even WANTS this child since she can't get children and this child looks exactly like her husband…

  9. After 7 years he is who he is. So do you want a life with him the way he is right now. The answer is no. Honestly for me his lack of a plan or drive is enough of a deal-breaker but the fact that he doesn't help around the house is the cherry on top.

    Imagine another 30 years of this exact situation and I think you have your decision. Also why continue to waste time being frustrated? You know you'll be sad but then it'll get better and you'll be less stressed

  10. No? It’s literally me saying some people can. Some people might not. There’s no hidden meaning behind my words dude

  11. Try not to shag him into an early grave. I don't know if this will work on a woman, but have you tried distraction? Think of the least sexy thing you can think of, and focus on it. Granted the average guy would be happy to have someone as horny as you, but just try distractions to see if it helps, no harm in trying

  12. Go live with your parents, call a lawyer and explain your situation. They'll help you divorce and file for sole custody.

    Or if you can't go to your parents, go to a shelter for women victim of domestic abuse. Just run away from him before he kills you.

    Leave this guy and ask for help. Don't tell him, wait until he's not home, pack a bag and your and the baby's papers and leave. And call the police if he finds you and threatens violence.

    No one is giving him custody of your child if you ask for help because he's been abusing you. He's the one who's in the wrong here.

  13. Aha no worries I can see how they misread it though especially if they already came your comment worked up lol

  14. This is helpful insight I appreciate this. I just feel like I’m not living up to the “scenes” in the books or whatever and it kinda brings me down is all.

  15. I mean that‘s subjective after all. I was the child to a single parent and I didn‘t lack anything in my childhood. If OP is stable and mature enough all can turn out just fine

  16. Don't stay with her for the sake of your child if you don't love her anymore and you have a turbulent past it's time to end it. You know she's going to go right back to where she was once she thinks she has you hooked again. Continue with the divorce and just do it. I think she's going to like use your child as a pawn then try and go for full custody if you aren't.

  17. Your children are innocent. Husband has made his choice. Leave him. Heal and raise your kids in peace. (Though if in an at fault location, hire an investigator to get real reason for divorce).

  18. I can't hold his snippiness when he's overtired against him too much, cause I'm just as bad. He will try things to sort it, and maintain something resembling normal. So far he's at 22 hours up, 1-2 hour nap, up for 3-6 more hours (depending on a few things) and then crash for 12-14 hours. It's better than it was by a long way.

    I'm just flipping knackered and fed up of having promises broken.

  19. So it’s illogical to suffer in the present for the benefit of the long term is what you’re saying

  20. Not your business. Let her go. Obviously you are still hurting so telling will make you what – feel better? Get her back? Hurt her? Let her go and do what she does best or worst.

  21. I agree with DearDorothy that it’s a completely normal urge, but not a healthy one. Read all the stories from people who weren’t planning on cheating, but started getting emotionally attached through what started as innocent flirting.

    When you’re on trips, you can try to schedule planned time with your BF and even role play.

    There’s nothing wrong with flirting with your girlfriends either. When my wife is traveling, she uses that time to catch-up with all her friends and extended family, which she’s unable to do while she’s at home with me and the kids each night.

  22. Because that is commonly how bacterial infections happen. It’s through new bacteria introduced to the system or a buildup of bad bacteria bc of poor hygiene. It can be other things but most of the time it’s from the area being introduced to an unsanitary environment. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Some people are so sensitive to it that it’ll happen regardless of hygiene. It really just depends on your body


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