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  1. It sounds like he at least has a substance abuse issue and needs professional help. Unfortunately, that's not something you can make him do unless he wants to and accepts he has a problem.

  2. I felt this way until I was 29 when I found my fiance. Nothing ever felt right or like it worked until I found him. I “talked” to lots of guys, casually dated guys but it never felt real until this one. Dont let dating drag you down, you're still young enough to enjoy your 20s and not stress about a life partner. I know it's cliche and I got annoyed when people said it to me but it was true that I found someone when I wasn't like actively trying to find a new relationship.

  3. The grass is not always greener on the others side of the fence.

    Your coworker is a piece of PIECE OF SHIT. She knows you have a gf, but keep coming, she's is not your DAMN friend, she's your FUCKING ENEMY. I willing to bet 6 months after you dump your gf your DUMBASS will be wishing that you didn't.

    Oh I know you have dumped her yet but it's coming. If you are a 100% committed to don't have your gf living a DAMN LIE.

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  5. Thank you, I see his perspective. I just don’t like it when he agrees with what I say or makes promises when he knows he can’t commit to them, only to shut me up.

  6. The cousin was not sick, she just had a day off. When was in bed from 1-10 and then 12-6:30(we the fighting started). So she was just sleeping and wasn’t tryna get up.

    But yeah you’re right, I should’ve walked out of that situation, I just feel bad for her cousin.

  7. Doesn't matter, if SHE wants to send/throw away money on relatives who don't work then let her but it's not your circus or your monkey's.

  8. He doesn't want to leave any chance of you pulling bullshit with his condom. He is a smart man. Be offended all you want but this is something all men should do all the time. Well there are different ways but still.

  9. Latin culture is a lot like the culture of my birth country. Catholic and women “know their place,” but that's just so man can save face in public. Behind closed doors, women run the house, the man, and the finances.

    She “invested” in you. Now she wants to be paid back. She sees this as no different than when she helped you get those certificates. While you were thinking you two were working together to have a better future for you two and family you'll be building. She was thinking since forever that her birth family is part of that.

    Catholic guilt is a bitch and people are so good at weaponizing it in personal interactions. Her mom and sister are using it on her, and now she's using it on you. The only way out for her is to set firm boundaries and just refuse to entertain any conversation about money from them. Take a call or call them, but as soon as they start with “your sister is struggling,” say “gotta go” and hang up. Sister calls and says, “Your nephew needs.” Just say bye-bye. There's no negotiating with them, just like you can not negotiate with her. It's just going to get worse.

  10. So you went back to an immature cheater and had a child with him???? Well, he is starting to gaslight you – he is perhaps cheating again, and has started the gaslighting with some distraction and accusations.

  11. Why are you stuck? Can you get help from friends / family to get unstuck faster? Maybe somewhere to on-line temporarily?

  12. He put you at risk by having unprotected sex with someone else. If you stay with him you’re asking to be dealt a shitty hand. You’ll probably be subsidizing his child support payments.

  13. If it helps any, I love the idea of picking a new name as a family. I have a cousin who did this when he got married. He and his wife didn't combine names, they just chose a new last name that they both really liked. I've always thought that was such a cool idea, and I kind of wish I had thought of it! (Although I disliked my last name, and I like my husband's last name so I'm happy with our names as is, but still love this idea). I'm sorry your FIL is making such a big deal about it.

  14. Well, you’re not doing it really for the program at this point you’re doing it specifically around your your partner. It will give you context. And the context says what is my part in the situation what have I done and how do I make amends to my partner. Remember that an amends is I’m not going to do it anymore. It’s not an apology. It says I know I was a jerk. I know I did XYNZ and I know that I really hurt you and I will never do that again. I’ll make it my utmost to amend my behavior. That’s the only reason I wanted you to do that when you go to a 12 step program or not. I just got sober in the 12 steps about 30 years ago.

  15. Yeah but all that I understand just knowing that he he didn’t look at anything but my skin is unsettling. I wasn’t the only ont here but he did that with multiple women. Some he didn’t even found attractive bust still talked to them and met them

  16. Cheat on her to show they're very different (jk)

    Just talk to her about how much time she needs, and talk to her about how much privacy and alone time you need. See if it is sustainable. While you're talking, see if she can politely tell you she wants time together, and you with alone time. If she is this hurt by you playing FIFA, you will need to have a plan in place to avoid an argument, it can escalate.

  17. Could it be that he is suffering internally as much as you are? Have you and him sat down and discussed his feelings, where he is at mentally and emotionally? It sounds like he is putting in at least as much energy into your family as you are. It would make sense that he would be in need of breaks as well. Add on the fact that you have been dealing with depression and panic attacks for some time, he may feel like he can't express these feelings because it would put more strain on you or your relationship.

    This is all speculation of course. Feel free to correct anything wrong.

  18. You prove it by making that change first. And then the evidence speaks for itself. And if he wants to be with you then, he will.

    Talk is cheap. Anyone can say “oh I won’t do it again, promise.”. It takes actual effort and grit to do it and show the results.

    If you love him, you’ll understand why you have to let him go, and change yourself. He’s been through enough of you promising without showing evidence. It’s time to put him first and actually show the first bit of proof that he matters to you.

  19. Why is it a dumb take? I have a few friends who work as beauty therapists who actively tell people to leave the premises if they can see they’re sexually aroused by what they’re doing.

  20. You keep saying you want to show your son a loving couple but all you’re showing him is that love is controlling, insecure, issues unrealistic ultimatums, and doesn’t show mutual respect all parties involved. Your girlfriend is unhinged and you’re only hurting yourself and your son by staying. I know you love her but sometimes you have to learn that love is not enough.

  21. At face value, a woman spreading hair removal cream on his back doesn't sound like a particularly big deal. I'm guessing it was the fact that he tried to avoid telling you that it happened is why it felt so bad, unless you have some other reason to feel uncomfortable about this female friend specifically.

    Did he explain why he lied? It may be that he was concerned that you would assume it was more than it seemed and get upset – but let's be clear, that's no excuse. Avoiding conflict is a shitty reason to not be honest with someone, and if he keeps doing it then it's going to erode your trust in him because how can you ever believe he's not lying about something worse when he's so willing to do it about seemingly innocent things?

  22. Oh man, it's both. I love him and the idea of him. I know myself to create ideal versions of people in my head though, knowing theses versions of them. I often try to convince myself that we wouldn't be a great couple, but our sexual chemistry is ridiculous and I love having music in my life and his lifestyle gave me that when I was around more often.

    I even did some photography and videography work for him. Which is another reason my feelings for him are so hard to control I think. I got to idolize him and then fuck him, so obviously I fell naked for him.

    Now that it's been months, I think I'm just fantasizing about what could be or what could have been. He's a great musician with a studio, and that's where we all three were working for a while. I had to leave that while situation and now I'm just wishing I was around him again. I hate that my ex, who almost killed me, gets to be around the studio and this man all the time when I didn't do anything wrong but I have to stay away now. It just sucks.

  23. I think you did the right thing by calling her out and refusing to indulge in this BS issue she has. You should stop putting up with it and stop trying to be understanding because frankly there is nothing to be understanding about. She is out-of-line and it has continued because you allowed it to. Shut it down and don’t put up with her shit anymore. You should go back home though.

  24. This is going to be harsh: your attitude here is that your father is important, hers is not. Are you mad that she got to spend time with her dad when you were never going to spend time with your dad ever again? That is not on her dude. When my parents got old I would say to myself: am I going to see you one more time? ten more times? or fifty more times? Let her have that. You can feel sorry for yourself that you wont.

    I think it was probably at least 5 years before I didn't think of my dad every day.

  25. Yes it is derogatory.

    The only time in my life that my dad ever hit me was when I was 13, he smacked me on the mouth for calling my mom a bitch.

    You don't do that. And you don't let others do it either.

  26. Y'know, this is how I was feeling. Like, you have your girlfriend right here. We've only been together a year. Why are you looking at porn?

  27. Don't worry about it.

    most of us would advise against that pairing because it”s unlikely to work >>> and look! It didn't work and now you have him.

  28. You are doing the right thing, you can be proud of you. The truth is almost always harsher than we would like it to be, I am glad you took it so well

  29. You need to cut your losses. This isn't going to fix itself. Break up with him and move on, so he can too.

  30. one mistake

    Bluntly, OP, some mistakes are one-and-done relationship-enders. Drunk driving, for instance. Stealing. Hitting your partner.

    Proving you'll take his abuser's word over his even though you never even met her before, even though he'd been adamant that he cut her off for good reason, and putting him into a position where he walked unawares into the single space in the world that is supposed to be safest from her, and there she was.

    You have proven comprehensively, instantly, that you are not a safe partner for him to keep. In your shoes I would be crawling on my belly in apology.

  31. It’s a different kind of love. But maybe for him he has no other context to compare to. So I wouldn’t consider it a red flag. I would want to know is his bond with his mother so strong that he will defer to her and confide in her More that you? That would be a huge red flag. Also if she is intruding into situations that are not hers to be apart of. Mother in law or partners parents lack of boundaries is a huge red flag. The other part in this is for you, is why the trigger of the phrase. For me I would say as long as my significant other is clear on who is in their “love circle” that would be okay with me.


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