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  1. Gay bars feel safer to women in general than straight bars. We go to gay bars (I am Demi Pan) because of the atmosphere and the ability to safely relax with our friends and just have fun. We can’t do that at straight bars.

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  3. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, shits like a duck & fucks your friend like a duck, it's a duck.

  4. That fight is pretty troubling. Respect went right out the window when he was upset with you and saw an opportunity to hurt you. Arguing with your partner is natural and can even be a good thing in a relationship, but only if respect stays in place between you two. You were honest about something that was bothering you, and he then does more of the same thing? That's a jerk move with the sole purpose of winning an argument. Partners need to come to a new agreement when you argue, not take the opportunity to inflict more damage just to win. Now, his actions will damage your sex life. This is a man who feels he can say what he wants and do what he wants and you should be ok with it. You two can get past this issue if you work on it together. It will have to be a concerted effort on both sides to heal things. If he's not interested in helping you find your sexual confidence, then he's not worth having sex with. He sounds like a very selfish person. You can't be expected to shoulder all the blame and fix every issue on your own. This guy is not worth your time. Find someone who has the real respect that you need and deserve.

  5. Oh okay, next time you see a woman wanting to quit an abusive relationship where she is beaten every day then tell her that she shouldn't throw away a relationship for something so stupid. You cannot fathom the different severities of things. Destroying a person's self worth is equal to not picking up your socks to you. Your stupid runs deeper that it first seemed.

  6. What you seek cannot be found.

    He's going to lie and deny. Even after you leave, he will tell people you were paranoid. That's what cheaters do. They blame you for their choices.

    Trying to reach a shared and agreed upon truth is a fools errand. If you know he cheated then ask yourself… What advice would you give a friend who was with a known cheater?

  7. If he was just in a relationship that ended, I highly doubt this has anything to do with whether or not he finds you attractive. It’s likely he’s not sure if he’s emotionally there yet to go there with someone else. I wouldn’t take this personally – go find someone who is emotionally available

  8. I agree, all the influencers do is shill the next hyped project so they can all dump on the people outside of their circle.

    Yeah and of course that’s what my intuition told me. If I had my nft friends visiting I definitely wouldn’t forget to let her know that I’d be going out with them, shit.. I’d even ask if she wanted to join me.


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