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  1. I tend to feel if most women can maintain a certain level of professionalism daily in the workforce and not let their periods impede their work life, then I feel the same can be applied to the ONE PERSON YOU CARE ABOUT MOST.

    Idk, just my very hot take. I wouldn't accept rude/aggressive behavior personally.

    What my girlfriend does during this time is:

    don't drink cold water take warm showers don't eat cold food don't eat ice cream

    She's pretty calm 95% of the time. Usually what sets her over the edge is me playfully annoying her.

  2. First of all, you're not crazy. You looking at his browsing history etc was likely due to suspicions you had. Him lying to your face and cheating is absolutely what is unacceptable here, like you said you were open to an open relationship and you could have laid out what that looks like together. Instead, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. It's unfortunate you just bought a house together, but that isn't reason enough to stay. You should take steps to ensure your assets/financials, make sure he can't drain your accounts or something, and then you need to confront him about it. You deserve to be with someone that doesn't lie to your face and cheat on you.

    Also just to add, do not send those pictures to his mother. I'm no lawyer but that sounds like revenge porn which could definitely land you in legal trouble.

  3. Have you two discussed marriage? Does she want to be proposed to and engaged? If you haven't had that conversation, she likely knows exactly what you're doing, and is trying to find a way to say no in a way that won't break you guys up or hurt you.

  4. She lied by ommision by saying she wasnt dating anyone else while actively hooking up and also lied about being ashamed and over that phase about her past , she deafinately was not ashamed enough to stop

  5. Its not extreme. Your boyfriend is obviously tormented by this thought. People go through a lot of strong emotions after having a child. If its within your power to ease his insecurities, why wouldn't you help?

  6. This. Why the heck does he want to workout with a random girl that is basically going out of her way to be sweet to him (all the free coffee and telling her coworkers to as well, that's a bit much to me)- Why doesn't he want to workout with you?

    Never ever would my husband think it would be reasonable for him to workout with another women, nor would he want to for that matter.

  7. Yes, it is what women do. Everywhere in peoples' lives that I know, everywhere on Reddit and other social media, I see it over and over and over again: 'I cheated because he was working too much.' 'I cheated because he was distant.' 'I cheated because he didn't want more children.' It's never 'I cheated because I was bored' or 'I cheated because I wanted to fuck that guy because he was very hot.' It's always always the guy's fault that they cheated. I bet you can't get right here on Reddit and find one single instance of the latter. I'll bet you $50. And I'll pay it.

    To answer the other part of your statement: Just because someone criticizes what women do, doesn't mean they hate them. To you, half the population is beyond reproach for no other reason than they have a vagina. Please, by all means, explain this to me. You obviously aren't very bright.

    And actually, when I was single, I was a hit. You don't know the half of it. And I married well. But you're right: I hate women because I pointed out something that they do, almost 100% across the board, that shows poor character. You're right /s.

  8. Why is he changing and not you? Did you work on your childhood traumas?

    He'll not change..

    Do you believe that you destroyed him? Before he was a confident person, you liked him for himself and now he's just someone worthless and desperate for your love? You find that not attractive at all?

    You don't have to feel horrible, love him enough to let him go! He's humiliating himself for you.. give him his freedom. Love him enough to let him go. Staying and keeping him in loveless relationship should make you feel horrible.

    “I find myself resenting him for a lot of the struggles he has caused me and feeling annoyed by just his presence” – you should feel happy to let him go and find someone who will love and want him!

    He'll be hurt but time will heal him!

  9. Few years ago I was 30ish, having a hypothetical conversation with my man, 35.

    I don’t remember exactly what we were discussing, but he made a comment about how easy it would be for him/men his age to convince/mislead a 25 year old woman (he wasn’t predatory at all, maybe we were talking about somebody who was)

    It has stuck with me ever since and made me think differently of all the older guys I dated when I was your age and thought I was just “mature”. I wasn’t. They were creeps. Your man is a creep. He’s still into the other girl, and she’s still into him.

    Reddit is always like “run, girl!” But no one just runs from their relationship because of a hunch, but I have a feeling you’re gonna find out the very hot way, and I hope you can prepare yourself in the event that you do. Trust your gut ?

  10. So, you are comforted by someone saying that your siblings are in trouble, you happily accepted, without any doubt, that it might be the case, mentioned that your family teased them because of their relationship… And than you are wonder why they are closer to each other than to anyone else, and feel safer and happier together than with anyone else including you? I bet they were seen like a unit their whole life, with all this “twins are supposed to!” attitude. That's sad.

  11. I was incredibly socially stunted as I grew up in a cult and did not go to a proper public school with many kids my age.

    I am diagnosed ADHD already. Seeking diagnosis for other possible disorders.

    I have been in therapy several times in my life already, most recently over the past year to deal with severe trauma from childhood and previous relationships.

  12. Fantasising as a couple can be amazing helps a relationship grow. However generally it is best for establish relationships. Standard rule of fantasy is understand each others boundaries first, or communicate well during the fantasy. You and him have failed to do this as he is now off the leash. Correct this quickly by telling him FANTASY IS FANTASY! And tell him that he hurt you saying someone else was prettier than you. Also I think the shame you are feeling is probably telling you 2 things. That you are not ready for it all to become reality….. and that maybe you wanting to be with another woman does not mean you want your bf to be as well? (That is more something you need to figure out.)

    As for him not wanting to fantasise about you and another guy…. why would he! It is not like for like! It simply isn't his fantasy…..

  13. Also has a son with my ex. Sadly my out come was he just abandoned us. But now looking back it was for the better. First 2 years he was too in and out now matter how much I tried to involve him. It hurt my son less not having a dad coming in and out and he ended up with a great step dad who stepped up. For me to be able to move on if he tries to talk about us, I'd cut him off and end that Convo and remind him we can only talk about our child. It hurts so bad at first especially when they pull I want to be family card… But it just ended up being a cycle. Every few years he comes back and wants to be a family again. But never makes an attempt to talk to his son. Never seen a dime. My son says he doesn't care now because he has a real dad now but I also put him in therapy just in case.

  14. Yeah, and he’s not without my sympathy either. Sometimes life hits very hot and leaves a person stunned in more ways than one.

    He’s not wrong for feeling stress. He’s feeling what he’s feeling. He may not be expressing it in the best way, but that’s what therapy is for. If the recovery isn’t fast enough for you, that’s FINE. Question yourself and find out what you can handle and what you’re willing to do. Since you know that the decision to stay or leave MUST eventually pass (in that the action/inaction is real/consequential and also quite literally unavoidable), take the time to make sure you know what you want and what you can handle and discuss this with your partner. So long as you’re honest and act within as much kindness as you can muster, there is no wrong decision. Stay safe and recognize well the moments within those conversations that clue you in on whether or not y’all have comparable priorities.

    Real talk; you’re currently luckier than you can imagine because the morals and ethics around making the best decision doesn’t involve children.

  15. “I thought it would be totally a-ok, but I also thought that maybe I should keep it a secret. For some other reason.”

  16. Feels like more than a jab. Seems very condescending and that he lacks any compassion for OPs mental health issues. And this is at the 5 month mark.

  17. The one issue with therapy is they can only help those who want help and are actually willing to see they have a problem.

    Its very easy to convince a therapist your good, we all know the 'correct' answers. “Are you depressed?” No, i feel fine. “How have you been coping” oh about the same as always, pretty good. “What do you think about what your partner said” I didn't realise they felt that way. I guess I'll have to pay more attention. Yes let's discuss this at home and work it out.

    Therapy and communication is great. Actions still speak louder than words.

  18. This is a WILD accusation. I’ve seen many people do this while black out drunk and it was nothing sexual. Could it be something more? Sure. But saying “oh this is definitely what happened” is crazzzzy. Y’all need to chill.


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