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  1. Well, first off. You are correct, being gay and being a furry are vastly different things. However, I can understand his comparison given there is a lot of negativity towards furries on-line along with comments about bestiality.

    I think the part where you screwed up was just straight-up opening with that. “I'm sorry but…” tends to get taken the wrong way because it's so heavily associated with fake apologies, even if you follow it up with a perfectly valid point.

    That being said, I'm not entirely sure he was comparing it as such, but rather it felt like a similar experience in the sense that those he trusted betrayed his trust simply because of who he is. So while being gay and being a furry might be different things, the process of coming out may not be all that dissimilar to the person themselves.

    Note that I'm not saying you betray him, you read the situation wrong and weren't given much of a chance to explain yourself.

    I think the best thing to do for the moment is give it a bit for tempers to cool off, drop a message apologising and explain what happened. Drop the whole gay and furry being different thing with, because you'll just end up fighting again and put yourself back to square one

  2. Bring all your friends together without her. Show them what she sent your boyfriend. Ask how many others have been sent thirst traps or if she is just obsessed only with you. Explain how you are very cautious of her shady behavior and victimizing herself. Explain you dont consider her a friend because this is how many horror movies start, bitch probably wants to make a skin suit of you.

  3. You need to come clean to your husband so he doesn't think what your sister is doing is foolish. It sounds like he should hate his BIL.

  4. I’m not in a relationship with either of them and they both know the other guy exists. So I don’t think I should be classified as a cheater

  5. Sit down, have a serious conversation about it. Separate finances, divide expenses by percentage of the joint income. Assign chores and make a schedule. Stay living in a fair relationship or end it.

  6. I’m very much aware of this. I just am looking for a way to let my mind stop hyper-fixating on the situation cause it feels like I’m going crazy.

  7. Did the no-pet policy always exist, and you were breaking it all that time? If yes and you finally got caught, why would you blame skin color on it?

  8. I’ve learned this lesson the naked way but delete any nudes/ sex tapes from old relationships before you start a new one. You might not think much of it or ever even look back at them but your significant other is never going to believe that or like seeing them on your phone.

    As to the advice part, delete everything from ex’s from your phone. Let her know you realized what an ass you were and that you cleared your phone of stuff from ex girlfriend’s. Apologize profusely, don’t use being drunk as an excuse, at most say that you just didn’t think. You basically asked your current girlfriend to blow you the same way that your ex used to and she is gonna be super hurt over that and think that you aren’t over your ex. If you want to keep her around you need to go the extra mile to show her that is absolutely not the case.


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