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14 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H live! webcams for YOU!

  1. She's hiding something. There is no reason even the most private person in the world would not tell their romantic partner their surname.

  2. BDSM culture places consent above everything.

    This appears to be a violation of consent.

    In many situations, consent is not possible to meaningfully procure. Being high is one. Certain head states obtainable in a scene are another.

    Getting high to have sex is a red flag to me. I’m curious why you chose to do that, but I’m fully aware this is a can of worms especially since you mentioned a trauma history and I’m just some rando, not a therapist or counselor.

    To my eyes, and again I’m just some chick so I easily could be wrong, this sounds like the largest warning you’ll get before something more harmful comes your way.

    I really want to be wrong here.

    If you can show me that I’m wrong please tell me so. I want incredibly badly to be in error.

  3. You. Need. Therapy.

    You need to unpack your incredibly sexist ideas about what men and women bring to a relationship or you’re going to end up sad and alone.

  4. That sucks, but you are not responsible for her. She is not your dependent. I'm so sorry you're going through this, but it sounds like you'll be better off without her. Best of luck.

  5. He's going to come back and say he was drunk, just trying to get under your skin, nothing happened, etc. And if that's true, he's still shown a complete lack of maturity and you should dump him just for that. Even if he didn't actually do anything with this girl, it's still break-up worthy.

  6. Hello? Why so much hate? OP would like to REMAIN TOGETHER, while your goal for OP is to break up…

    What is so wrong in what I had to say? A person that knows that is innocent will do EVERYTHING possible to demonstrate it!

    OP, want to stay together? Prove that what you said is true. Want to break up and ef your BF? Follow the replies from the “EM pow ered” …

  7. Go no contact. Much less stress that dealing with a pedophile apologist, cause that's what your mom is. It hurts the soul a lot, believe me I know the betrayal of a mom choosing the pedophile.

    You deserve so much better than all this drama.


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