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19 thoughts on “LucidLucylive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. If it’s in our company than sure, but I doubt most would be that excited about the idea of their partner walking around half hard without it being for them to see

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  3. Is this the same post from earlier today? You’ve changed the info to make yourself look better, and try to make her look worse when you failed to get sympathy.

    YTA for all the reasons why YTA the last time.

  4. I filed multiple complaints about a dude that I KNEW was into CP and showed police texts in which he sexualized a 7 year old. They responded that he was only doing it to provoke me and accused ME of trying to make trouble

    Anyway a decade later his best friend was arrested on 6 counts of CP and is now looking at prison time

    If y'all have found a town where cops actually listen instead of supporting fuckery and trying to up their r@pe numbers, lmk. Otherwise please stop giving OP a hard time. She had zero evidence and to tell you that some cops don't care even when you have evidence

  5. THIS! I am 24 yo and I would be very disappointed at any friend of my age dating a 18yo. I actually had issues with a friend a few years ago because she was 22 and dating a 18yo and I didn't agree with the relationship. The age gap wasn't that big, but the kid was still in high school and even then I found it weird.

  6. Please stop trying to tell women who experience these problems everyday that they’re just not understanding correctly. You don’t know. You don’t understand. And you are placing the blame on the victims because they didn’t say no in the right way that suits your scenario. It is the fault of men who don’t take whatever your answer is, if it’s not yes, as a no. Anything other than a yes, should not be a challenge to make her say yes.

  7. That’s alarming because that’s not the case at all. I’m sorry I didn’t immediately process this the right way in 12 hours

  8. Wow, what a bitch. It would be one thing if y’all only dated for like a couple weeks to a month, but 6 months, she ghosts you just like that?

    I’m afraid she’s now your ex.

  9. Having a defiant teen is always rough as a single mom. Now he's having to deal with you having a new baby soon and he's no longer your #1 Lil Man, since actual little one is on the way. It's a big transition to deal with. Get him started on regular chores now, so that when the baby comes and your focus is on baby, the loss of mommy time won't hit as hard. And maybe start having discussions about how to handle the big feelings, life changes, and new adult responsibilities. Maybe get him a strong male role model to help teach him.

  10. To be honest, my parents also hated when I cried. I would think my girlfriend might be more understanding

  11. You can still have a normal life with him behind closed doors and cameras down. But when you are out in public put on a big smile because it's show time. If it really bothers you please talk to him about it.

  12. A. It wasn't ok for your family to control you or your sexuality as a child. It's called religious trauma. B. It's not ok for your bf to attempt to control you now. It might seem normal because of how you grew up. C. It is time to impower yourself, wear those dresses, but on fun makeup, pick up some hobbies. Read about powerful women being great. D. Seek counseling for religious trauma to help discern what was abuse vs. Good advice.

  13. He doesn’t need to know what lovebombing is to be doing it. He doesn’t need to be doing deliberately for it to count.

  14. You fundamentally violated his trust and clear boundary he had put in place.

    It would have been one thing to sit him down and say “hey your mom reached out to me and I would like to have a conversation about her again”

    You let him walk into his home which is supposed to be his sacred place where he can come and relax and forget the outside world to his mom being there who he has explicitly told you he hates and wants nothing to do with.

    The truth is you don't deserve him back. And I would dump you too.


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