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19 thoughts on “MiaDowell__live sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Why do people do things like this‽ ??‍♂️ I never understood having risky intercourse with someone I could never picture myself being with Long term. Welcome to a messy Life, trying to date someone new hoping they understand your poor choices.

  2. She was in a lesbian relationship before getting together with OP. It's not unspoken, and she's not exploring. OP knew she was in a lesbian relationship. He mentions it in the OP.

  3. It’s not weird to date younger than you. Consenting adults are consenting adults. But if it’s made you no longer attracted to him then you already know your own answer.

  4. You're right ! I guess me posting this was just to reaffirm my feelings, as this person has a strong talent for gaslighting and almost even made me think I was in the wrong.

    I know I should have said something, but I, in general am bad at speaking up to people and I felt like I owed him somehow for him dealing with me in that state.

    I felt used, completely. Thank you for helping me and reading this ! I just really needed someone to confirm my feelings were valid 🙂 I appreciate it xx

  5. Your way of teaching sucks. You need to play to your son’s level and give him victories that he works for in order to build confidence and teach the many skills involved in chess slowly.

    Your wife has recognized that the previously agreed upon method isn’t working and has decided to change tactics. She is insisting she hasn’t because she doesn’t think she can convince you to agree with her.

  6. You don’t have to like it but if it happened before you were exclusive she didn’t do anything wrong. This is why I encourage people to avoid “assumed exclusivity” and I’m 100% clear with people I’m dating that I’m single until he asks me to be his girlfriend and we have that conversation. Not because I’m necessarily trying to date a million people at a time, but because direct, open communication is one of my core values and what I look for in others.

  7. This is going to be the most popular “opinion”, so keep that in mind:

    He is gross and needs to continue seeing people his age and not literal teenagers. If he has no trouble finding people his age to hang around and sleep with, he shouldn’t be sleeping with you. This is gross and in most states against the law (should be all states). Don’t sleep with him again, don’t pursue a relationship, don’t stay friends. Just leave his grown ass self alone and he needs to leave you alone.

  8. I mean, what if he called you fishy or something like that? I am sure you would be bawling your eyes out, and desperate for him not to view you as fishy.

    You insulted him, and beat him down to where he now thinks the problems in your relationship all step from him and his weight. You negged him and did such a fine job of being self-centered that you did make it all about yourself.

    I would have a good long think about whether you are capable of being a healthy, loving partner, or just a bitchy shallow shrew.

  9. Dude it’s 100% almost standard protocol to outright not ask your interviewer to call your current boss for a reference unless they plan to offer you a position. I promise you the interviewer will 100% understand almost all of the time and if they don’t then that’s a toxic place and gtfo.

  10. I would advise my children, no matter what their finances are, to get prenups. I don’t see a problem with signing a fair prenup. Get yourself a lawyer, this ain’t an issue. Shit happens in life, heck, we can all read here on a daily basis that love isn’t enough to make any relationship work. This isn’t a hill to die on. Good luck.

  11. It's not inappropriate, but it could make their side of the family dislike the partner even more for retaliating.

  12. It sounds like this is an ongoing issue. So address that and how it's making you feel, don't get hung up on a minor comment that she already apologized for.

  13. You’re right, one thing he does is he pops my pimples/knuckles without my consent is this a deal breaker


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