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  1. Yes, it absolutely needs to be discussed! I know how hot it is to broach the topic. But you need to put structures in place to protect your sobriety, and your life partner should be aware of all of that for it to work.

    We need support to stay sober, please also consider joining sobriety-related groups (on-line or otherwise) if you haven't done so already, it really helps!

    Congrats on 86 days!

  2. I think everyone believes that is so mature for their age. I was just like you and is so funny because you will probably in a few years feel like I do now, embarrassed that dose words came out of your mouth. Just something to think about. Haha so true I used to think like that as well and when you look back now you cringe thinking about it, you change so much in your 20's

  3. Great, I'm glad you have that on the list. I think if you find ways to cope with your stress and have someone to help you through your insecurities would be hugely beneficial to you, and then be a benefit to your relationship as a bonus 🙂

    Don't focus on having a hobby just to have a hobby — find something that doesn't add stress. Even if it's just going for walks or taking bubble baths! Something that doesn't take brain power.

  4. He’s your fwb, but he doesn’t belong to you. I don’t see why your best friend should feel like she overstepped any boundaries, and I don’t think anyone did anything morally wrong.

  5. I think even if you get married, the trust issues will only gradually get worse. You’ll always feel like this. It likely won’t get better.

    You need to sit down with yourself and really think about the life you want and if this is it.

    Also, if I was with someone and they called me a slur, we would be through. No questions asked. Regardless of the circumstance.

  6. Seems like you care deeply about the opinion/approval of others.

    Aside from that, the lifestyle you want and envision for yourself… will he be able to keep up? That means money, free time, physical ability, all that. If yes, what is the real concern… if no, is it something you’re willing to compromise on? And it’s perfectly fine if you’re not. But that should be your decision, and not your mothers or circle of friends have different expectations.

  7. Exactly this. OP do is a favor and just end things for her sake. I would have left a long time ago. Women unfortunately have a clock to abide by if they want children, families, etc.

  8. The way I see it is that she asked me to do something that she didn't want me to do and I wanted to. And now I'm asking her to do something that I don't like her doing but she wants to. At that point I was fine with her flirting with other people also.

  9. It sounds like you agreed to a temporary open relationship and now it’s spiraling out of control because clear boundaries weren’t set. If you’re no longer ok with what he’s doing then you need to muster up the courage and say something immediately. You’re just as accountable in this situation because you haven’t been truthful with him about how you’re feeling.

  10. You have to explain how you feel without trying to lead an outcome or subconsciously making him feel bad to try to get him to stop. I had a girlfriend do this over the same issue and it really bothered me. Some good advice is, instead of posting on Reddit tell them how you feel. Masturbating to porn really has no comparison to irl, it’s a cheap fix vs a loving passionate time with your partner. Think of how guys get jealous of vibrators, your sound the same as those guys lol

  11. Not sure I follow the logic I’m not acknowledging that you knew him in your childhood. To me it’s more odd not to. Not like an old flame or even that one of you is in a position of authority over the other.

  12. She isn't interested your intellect, your life experience, or how smart you are or what your dreams are.

    She's really just interested in the basic math. How many times can 22 go in to 50.

  13. 3 grand can be a lot of money or it can be very little. If his mom is using the credit card for rent 3k could be understandable. If he has a new graphics card, door-dashes food, etc. well 3k is crazy to spend on that.

    I do think knowing what the 3k was spent on is important because some of this could also be interest depending on the rate he has.

    As for living together, I’d think long and naked about it as it sounds like you’ll be the primary lease holder and I could see a universe where he isn’t paying rent to pay off the credit cards and you have to pay all of rent. If that’s something you are comfortable with than go for it.

    Overall, I’m 29 and I have to say it would be a red flag for me if my SO told me they had 16k in debt because “they forgot to check”. At 18 that makes sense, at almost 30, while living with someone who is presumably paying for food, other expenses, etc-it makes zero sense.

  14. Thank you for being so straightforward. I am considering this but I turn soft whenever I think of my children. Staying on is naked too but I'm familiar with the struggles. Leaving means going into the unknown and Im not sure how ugly it can get. I used to not get it why my mum stayed on with my dad despite his affair. Now Im starting to understand why but Im not sure how long I can last in this state.

  15. This has become an attitude that is way too common. How old was he when they divorced? How does he know the split was unfair? Was it obvious? Did he assume? Did one of his parents overshare with him or frame the other a parent in a more negative light than warranted? Was he privvy to their contributions to the marriage? What im getting at is your bf probably does not even have the necessary information about this one case to make that assumption.

    Fundamentally, this is a refusal to commit to you. If he has assets he's concerned about, you could do a prenup. Something tells me he doesn't have much money to “gold dig” anyway. Its an even bigger red flag if he's pulling this shit when he has no money. At that point what he's saying is he wants things to be unevenly weighted in his favor if you split. He comes into the marriage with almost nothing and wants to come out with everything?

    Do you want to have kids. There is no way in hell id have kids with such an immature person. Its not even just about the messy legal issues. Why would you commit to destroying your body/risking death for him when he won't even financially commit. He wants to leave himself an out to leave you with nothing. If you do decide to do this, never sacrifice anything for him. Cheaper to have 1 person stay home with a kid? Too bad, you should keep working because he's made it clear he does not value those sacrifices. He wants to move for a job? Too bad, you shouldn't give up your career for someone who won't commit.

    I also wouldn't give him a ceremony. Id be embarrassed to tell my family I was doing this. He doesn't get all of the benefits of committing without actually committing. Its not even the legal fallback id be worried about. Its obvious he cares more about his nonexistent assets than you. He's a hypocrite if he has or ever asks you to make a sacrifice for him He's already thinking about how to screw you in the divorce. Maybe leaving him will help him grow and develop more healthy relationships.

    You deserve better OP. If he can't commit to you, he doesn't love you as much as you love him. That works for some people but you should be aware of it when planning out your life. Ive seen way too many iterations of these guys. Usually lazy with no assets to speak of. Sometimes will propose but then always find an excuse for why it has to be delayed. Its just a way to keep women on the line so they can keep having sex/sharing bills/possibly on-line in maid. They are comfortable and do everything to keep it that way.

  16. I know I have a bias- that’s why I mentioned porn because I was trying to blame it partially on that. I will stop thinking it’s that. I’ve had sexual experience since I was 17 and never been with someone so inexperienced so this is new to me, really don’t know how to go about it. I want to continue dating him but this is an issue for me. Birth control makes me depressed but I guess I’ll have to get on it since I’m with someone inexperienced. Thanks for the advice

  17. I've been through this before. If somebody threatens that shit, they're either manipulating you or actually wanting to hurt themselves. In either case, call the cops and get them EoD'd into state custody. They wanna play that game, then they'll be treated like somebody in crisis.


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