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24 thoughts on “naughty_mahilive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. LOOL we annot compare clothing (a very personal choice that only affects the wearer) to an open relationship. Your partner having their shoulders or some cleavage out in public doesn't effect your relationship in anyway.

  2. Yes, definitely let her know. She deserves to know. This David character sounds terrible. It also sound like it wasn’t the first time he’s done something like that. Only, this time he was caught. But regardless, he did cheat. You would want someone to let you know if your husband did something like that so I suggest you tell her. And if he decides he doesn’t want to be friends with you all anymore then who really cares. He already showcased his less than stellar character. Who wants a shady friend like that. And shame on Marissa too. I understand she’s single, but she knew he wasn’t. Tells you a lot about her character too.

  3. You’re not married and you don’t have any children. You could try telling her that her behavior is not okay. Or you could ask her when she is going to move in with her “favorite dance partner” because you’re clearly not a priority to her anymore.

  4. Right?

    In my HS we had to wear business professional to assemblies. In eleventh grade I started asking the guys if I could have their ties. I don't have fifty because it wasn't a competition but I still have a bunch and I'm a full grown adult now lmao.

  5. I honestly don't know what advice you're looking for.

    You know he's lying.

    We all know that he cheated on you and then had so little respect for you and y'all's relationship that he continued to have unprotected sex with you.

    He's most likely lying now about not being able to get tested.

    I mean…of you need validation or want “permission” to leave him then I will happily give it to you, OP.

  6. The longer this lie goes on, the worse it gets. Do the right thing finally and come clean. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

    Does Dave have any family medical issues that your son many have? Does Dave know he has a son? Do you care about anyone other than yourself?

  7. Him being a perverted piece of shit has nothing to do with anything you've done. Even if you straight up kissed him a week ago. You NEVER agreed to spooning or him touching you, or him fucking jerking off on you. You have NOTHING to feel responsible or ashamed for. Make him feel that shit. Make him know he won't just get away with it. And quite honestly, if you “lose a friend” over it they were not your friend to begin with at all. I am sorry. But this is nothing for you to be apologetic or remorseful over. Be angry and disgusted and hold him accountable. Even if you just make a police report with his name. It could help a future victim of his. Which I am sorry hut yes you are a victim of secual assault

  8. Newsflash, most women have your type of labia (56%) so your “vulva type” is completely normal. Your bf's behavior, on the other hand, isn't. He's huge AH. Find yourself a guy who will think your vulva is perfect the way it is. Because it is, even though the porn industry makes some inexperienced men think that every woman should be like a Barbie doll down there. And find yourself a guy who wouldn't try to hurt you and humiliate you by criticizing your physical appearance.

  9. You just have to let things go. Letting people be wrong sometimes is more important than you being right. I think the reason she got so frustrated so quickly is because dealing with your conversation style is exhausting. Just say, “I didn't know that,” and move the f**k on.

  10. Haha didn't just just do that while he was sleeping? Then drove down the highway and chucked it out the window.

  11. I know that would be a bad situation. But I’m feeling guilty as well, I’m scared to tell him and to hurt him. I’m afraid of what people will say. I know that sounds stupid, but that’s just the way I feel right now

  12. Your first sentence resonates a lot with me. I'm just certain that without her i'll be much less happy. But also with her i'm not entirely happy. I'm realy torn right now. Maybe we are not compatible. But maybe i'm just overexaggerating and destroying a very very good relationship…

  13. I got the biggest ick reading that. I’m not joking, I had to stop reading to recollect myself.

  14. Yeah, that's not how it works though. He said he didn't want it via a text, he didn't waive paternity legally. She then hid them from him for how long? That's fucked. Totally and completely fucked.

  15. It’s funny that your ex-boyfriend’s reaction is what this sub would recommend in his situation 99% of the time. I hope people can see what that approach does from the other side, and long term.

  16. You need to set boundaries on how you expect to discipline your kids. If he's the stepparent, he needs to know how you have disciplined your children in the past. He doesn't get to decide to scream and give your young children CPTSD. I would suggest a parenting class and relationship counseling.

  17. How did she insult him? Please explain? She was playing an innocent game of would you rather in the car on the way to a family day out.

    God if he cant handle a conversation like this imagine what hes like when theres actual trouble afoot.

  18. Do you want to play mommy to your boyfriend and his brother?

    You clean their apartment and you give them money for rent. When you bring up difficult topics he whines that you’re mean and it’s not fair.

    No judgement if you’re into the mommy kink, but are you enjoying this? Is this what you want for your life? If yes, own your choices. If not, time to move on.


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