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  1. It sounds like you're feeling frustrated and disappointed with your boyfriend's behavior. It's understandable that you would be upset if he keeps canceling plans and doesn't make spending time with you a priority. It's important to communicate with him about your feelings and concerns. It may be helpful to have an honest and open conversation with him about how his cancellations make you feel and how you would like him to prioritize spending time with you. It may also be helpful to set boundaries and expectations for your relationship moving forward. Ultimately, the decision to block him or not is up to you, but it's important to address the issue and communicate your needs in the relationship.

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  3. Yes I'm afraid because I'll lose a lot and i don't know how i will be handle to do that…my family and his family already knows about us. It'll be harder to break up and.. I don't know how he will react

  4. He tried the gotcha! role reversal and she said it wouldn't bother her.

    There's nothing disrespectful about his girlfriend's behavior. Beer league teams are social clubs, she wants to hang out with her team and not get dressed alone in a closet.

  5. The fact that you're a grown ass man and cannot put your parents in place shows me that YOUR the problem here.

  6. Wow the 37 year old who pursued a teenager is now a pushy creep!? Who could have thought. Adult men who chase barely legal jailbait are known for being so well-balanced and emotionally intelligent! /s

    Seriously OP,take the advice here given. I personally would not be comfortable letting a child grown up around someone like that. Pushy and aggressive people really never “grow” out of it,they just look for new ways to bully and new targets.

  7. Is commenting on this subreddit your full time job?

    As of this post (and the day just started) you've commented 25x.

    Based on your profile you do this everyday.

    Theres no way that is healthy for you or this sub reddit. This isn't a subreddit to ask UsuallyWrite2 for advice.

  8. Your boyfriend would do the same thing to any woman it’s not YOU it’s him and his friends mentalities to objectify anything that moves. You are beautiful and your self worth should not be measured by any man ??!

  9. That's utterly insane, and surely can't be correct legally. Are you in the US? I suggest trying a different police dept

  10. Why is that such a big deal? That's what the hookup culture is for. You don't have to necessarily incline towards your sexual partner romantically.

  11. Get into therapy to help deal with your social anxiety – a good thing to do, not just for this relationship but for all areas in your life

  12. I’d like to clarify when I said “operating costs” it was inclusive of like home insurance, reasonable repairs

    I wouldn't do that if I were you. Either he charges you rent like you're a tenant or he doesn't but he can't play both sides. So, if he charges you 'market value' rent, fine, but that rent is assumed to account for the landlord's expenses like property tax, maintenance, home insurance, etc. You don't pay a landlord rent and then all that stuff on top of it. They set the rental rent to account for those expenses.

    Secondly, all household bills need to be in his name if you're agreeing to pay half. There is never a rental situation where you have the bills in your name and the landlord pays you. You either live alone and all the bills are in your name or the utilities are included in the rent.

    So, with that criteria in mind, why even move in with him? If you pay 'market rate' rent in your own place plus pay your own bills, you're presumably not saving anything (or not much) by moving in with him. You are however, putting the roof over your head at his mercy. Moving in together has a lot of potential pitfalls, even more so when the power is out of balance, like it would be in your case and in cases where only one of you is on the lease for example. So he's getting a nice little monthly windfall out of it but what do you get out of it? If the response is 'we get to be together and spend our lives together', so does he. But he also gets cold, naked cash for it. That imbalance will weigh on the relationship eventually and cause resentment.


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