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  2. Cut him off on all social platforms and on your phone. Then do something for yourself. Look into therapy, hang out with friends, hell, go on tinder and find someone who could actually be good for you!

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  5. WTF, could not control himself? Next he’ll steal your stuff or something. Not a friend I would like to have. But you will have to decide.

  6. should respect your friend choices and trust you!

    Do you mind if your boyfriend shares drinks with the girls?

  7. Good call bro. When your SO pops up and says, “I’d like to fuck this other dude..”. That is literally the end.

  8. Ok in that case I think you've made up your mind anyway as the trust is gone. All the best with your son.

  9. Sounds like your wife's got some serious BPD issues and it's really takin a toll on your relationship. From what you're describin, it sounds like she's got some pretty intense anxiety and a pretty big inferiority complex when it comes to your family. That can make for a really tough situation, bro. It sounds like she's really struggling with some pretty heavy stuff and it's manifesting in some pretty destructive ways.

    One thing I'll say is that, from what you've described, it doesn't sound like your wife is really in the right place to make big decisions about your relationship right now. It sounds like she's really struggling with a lot of deep-seated issues and that's clouding her judgement. That's not to say that you can't make the decision to divorce if that's what you want, but I think you need to be really careful about how you approach this. If you're thinking about divorce, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and not just because she's pressuring you to.

    It sounds like your wife needs professional help. And it doesn't seem like she's taking it. So if the situation is so bad that it's making you miserable and it's not going to change. It's time to think about yourself and your well-being.

    Another thing is you might want to limit the number of times you interact with her for a while. Not necessarily cut her off completely but just not be around her 24/7. Give yourself some time to process things and figure out what you really want.

    Divorce is a big step, man. And it sounds like she's not in the right place to be making that kind of decision right now. So don't rush into anything. Talk to a counselor or therapist about what you're going through. They can help you navigate this tough time and give you some advice on how to handle the situation in a way that's healthy for you. And don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family too.

    I hope this advice helps, bro. And remember, it's important to take care of yourself first and foremost.

  10. ME TOO!!! Before I got into the body of it I was doing long math where I calculated the quantity of the meal I just ate, the time since I stopped eating and how far through the digestive process it could be and whether it would be a full run to the bathroom or a wince and a naked swallow!

    I've struggled with depression since my teens, at times worse than others and peeing in a container seems a lot more challenging and problematic than just shuffling to the bathroom. It could be a kink.

  11. It sounds like he’s being pretty unreasonable. Is this a pattern of behavior, or is this out of character? I think you should talk to him and figure out what’s going on, because there’s probably something underneath his reaction.

    Did you tell your dad yes without consulting bf? If so, he may be upset that you were making unilateral decisions without him about your shared living space.

    Does he have a bad relationship with your dad? Maybe it’s something to do with that?

    Is there something about his upbringing that, culturally, he feels parking (mostly) unused cars are a serious problem?

    My best advice is try to get to the bottom of why he feels that way. No matter what he says, tell him it’s understandable (even if you don’t understand it) and offer to use the money you would spend on rent to purchase a storage unit/long-term parking for your dad.

    If he feels understood and heard, and it’s something like the first two options, he may see your willingness to compromise and back off a bit. If it’s the third reason and he really just has something against cars being parked and unused, you may have to accept that about him.

  12. This is manipulation!!!

    This is what you do… Get in touch with her friends and family, doesn't matter if you know them well or not. Let them know about the end of the relationship and her threats, so express your concern for her wellbeing, I'm assuming these threats she is making are because you have already tried to end the relationship. Tell them she needs their support, honestly I'd be tempted to have some of them around when you actually officially end the relationship, or at least let them know when you will be speaking to her so they can be ready.

    People making threats as a way to manipulate others more often than not are making empty threats, however it's best to be safe then sorry and honestly even if someone is making empty threats like this, they need help.

    She is not your responsibility, her life, her mental health is not yours to fix, all you can do is try to ensure she has the support of those around her, that's the best you can do.

  13. If he truly has a track record of being honest and straight forward, why do you need to go through his phone past clicking on the notification rather than straight up asking, then doubt him on his word after you played detective and found nothing.

    Personally that behavior would raise a red flag factory in my head.

  14. I don’t necessarily have any advice but I wanted to tell you that I think you are being a really stellar human about this situation. The fact that you are taking his father’s feelings into account and trying to find a balance to do what’s best for everyone is admirable. Your fiancée on the other hand seems unhinged and it sounds like she just doesn’t want to be one of the moms with a different last name than her child (which is ridiculous because a lot of families are blended and do fine). She’s showing you who she is as person and ultimately you have to decide if what she’s showing you is something you want to spend the rest of your life dealing with.

  15. Ew wtf is wrong with him? He's very arrogant to just assume none of his actions were wrong and you wouldn't be mad.

    It's like he only told you, just so you wouldn't question him tagging a girl and talking to her. He's sneaky.

    Honestly can you even salvage the relationship at this point? If you stay with him that's just telling him it's ok to do that and you're a doormat.

  16. Well you sure as shit shouldn’t charge the person who paid $24 for parking for their share of the gas!

  17. In other words, your intuition is what is indicating an issue. Now some people have a good intuition and some people don’t. That’s a call you need to make yourself. But if this conversation is the only red flag that he his fetishizing your race and you can’t think of any tangible evidence of him doing so, then I would caution against breaking up based on this one conversation.

  18. If it were a “drunk mistake” (not that that would make it okay) then they would have apologized to OP in the days following. Instead the boyfriend has been calling her dramatic and accusing her of ruining the trip and the friends haven’t reached out at all. How on earth could OP have had an “adult conversation” with people who refused to stop mocking her, despite her repeated requests?

    Did we read the same post?

  19. I don’t think it’s so much about the age as it is about the individual. Is SHE mature? Does SHE have a lot of life experience or is her experience pretty limited? Only you can judge if she’s emotionally intelligent for you or not. I don’t think 8 years is a big deal, I think once you start getting into the double digits is when it’s weird.

  20. No pets means no visitors either. It’s his housing situation you’re putting in jeopardy. Act a little more mature about it

  21. Sounds like he didn’t want you to know about his ex who was at the time 18 years old. Probably because he knew you’d think it was weird. Because it is. This is just layers and layers of grossness. He lied to your face.

  22. Even if you heal tomorrow, you know that cheating is completely excusable and on the table for her.

    Dating isn't a past-time. Unless you think it is, then sure, ignore your intuition and stay with this psycho.

    Unless you want a partner whos going to cheat when you get sick, lose a pet, or lose a family member or basically and life changing event, you probably need to just follow what your gut is telling you and bounce.

    Biggest lessons to learn from adult dating is that you shouldn't waste your time on someone you aren't compatible with- whether you have a good time together or not, and that you can like or even love someone you need to walk away from.

    She has clearly said that sex is more important than your relationship. To your face, and unflinchingly.

    It is better to be single than to be with someone who makes you feel alone. You will learn these lessons now, or she will teach it to you until you do. Either way, it will stick sooner or later.

  23. When I read the title I thought you have a fetish for wearing a leather jacket while you fuck her, so you would feel like a stud or something lol

  24. You’re not his mother. Quit trying to wake him up, he’s an adult and it’s his responsibility to figure out how to get up on time.

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    Me and my ex broke up two months ago. I definitely dodged a bullet there. Now I found out that she and this guy she was once in a threesome with before meeting me are now planning on hooking up again in a hotel somewhere. This guy has been married for 10+ years and has already cheated on his wife before with my ex. Now they are planning on doing it again. I don't know him or his wife personally but I know who they are on social media. Am I under any moral obligation to let his wife know? My ex told me all this as a brag after we broke up. She showed me snippets of their chat and nudes exchange trying to burn me. She just never told me that this guy had a wife. But I stalked him on social media and found out in his bio and his pictures that he has had a wife since 2009.


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