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  1. Hmm okay, since I’ve requested it I’ll take some time to think then let her know or if she ends up messaging me again

  2. I started to get more paranoid that she was cheating with one of them. I let that stay in my head for months until I gathered enough courage to talk to her. And her reaction was nothing like I expected. She broke down crying, talking about how bad of a person she was and that she never wanted to put me in a situation like this.

    So, did she actually cheat? That was never really specified, tho I feel like the answer is no, she didn't. Am I right, u/ThrowRA78610?

  3. Re-home your fiance. And tell her she needs to get an abortion. You know, since we're throwing around ultimatums. She's just warming up. Get ready for a lifetime of ultimatums. She's cold.

  4. She used to be in therapy and on medication, but stopped both a few months back. The therapy was a logistical issue, and she said she didn't like the way her meds made her feel. I've tried to be patient with her on that, but I'm upset because the same patience isn't reciprocated.

  5. Your mom is right. The age gap is weird and every little thing you said about him makes it only weirder.

    You'll understand, once you're actually grown up. Because, no, you're not mature for your age. Doesn't matter how often he tells you this.

    You're being groomed and that's actually pretty immature for your age – but it's not your fault. He is just abusing your naivety and being naive is not wrong, it's wrong to abuse a naive person.

    Just stay away from him or learn it the very hot way. I hope the hard way doesn't hurt you though

  6. It wouldn't be only as she wakes up. It would be throughout the day. Like it can be hours later, she will be going in and out of instagram replying to others on messenger or whatsapp before replying to me. Its also not that she is making plans or doing anything, she would just be just working from home sitting at her desk. I just feel i wouldnt be scrolling instagram and replying to others if i hadnt replied to her yet but i guess its just me.

  7. 100% agree, I thought my dumbass could keep this casual as that’s what I’ve been doing with other people. But it doesn’t help she’s leagues above me ☠️. And yeah she won’t have trouble replacing me if I’m not already replaced, a very hot girl who wants to sleep around is bound to attract any dude in a 10 mile radius

  8. What do you mean by “I’ve called for professional help and they’ve all told me the same”

    who were the professionals, and how many did you see? Did they really all they you the same thing? Do you see a regular therapist? Do you have friends? Do you have hobbies? How do you spend your time when you're not with your bf?

    Try to find a new outlet for your anxiety. Maybe its knitting, or journaling, or lifting weights, running, meditating, growing herbs, playing an instrument, cooking, painting, reading. Whatever. Find something thats yours.

  9. Aww.. I'm sorry. Once someone gets dry like that it's time to move on. Many people aren't honest about just not being interested. They'll go out with you just to have something to do until the person they really want gives them some attention. That's why she was very hot and cold. You'll get past this and find someone more deserving. ❤️

  10. That’s your idea of an healthy relationship? Her being with you because she’s stuck?

    Call me crazy but I like that my wife is with because she enjoys it, not because she has no choice.

  11. The cheating was recent. I’m stuck with the thoughts what if it might happen again. who’s gonna validate my decision if I decide to give her a chance? Is cheating ever okay? will it stop bothering me in future? What if its the wrong decision to give her a chance. please make things clearer for me.

  12. When he was making money everything went into investments. No planning dates on his end…literally nothing. It's the same shit I'm really fed up

  13. I think it was a lovely thing to do, and not strange at all that you contacted her work. This happens with spouses etc wanting to arrange surprises. Have no idea why she acted like this though. Sounds kinda ungrateful. She can’t complain that you never do this and when you do, complain about it ??‍♀️

  14. Maybe don't call what you think is an abuse victim a bitch?

    Yeah he needs to stand up for himself and his kids but that's not really the way to say it.

  15. NTA, do not do this if you're uncomfortable with it, it will just lead to resentment.

    I did this with my SO. We moved in together, he started a Master's and I worked, providing for both of us. I had just graduated and was therefore used to the student lifestyle, and for me the tradeoff was worth it (it was also linked to ending the long-distance aspect of our relationship). But being responsible for someone else financially is tough, especially when you don't earn a huge salary yourself. I absolutely don't regret it, it was a great decision for us as a couple. But it was also exhausting and I did not quit a job that made me miserable until I found a new job, a decision I might not have made if I was only responsible for myself.

  16. She could take out a loan or even work for a year and save money. She is taking you for a ride. Don't do this. Or if you do, have her sign a legally binding contract. That if you financially support her for 4 years, she owes you a certain sum after her masters. A certain amount of money she should pay from her salary once she gets a job with that master or a lump some. Secure that until she pays you that, the apartment is only in your name. That she is to only use her money to buy stuff for herself and can't use yours. If she turns it down, it is a pretty good sign she wouldn't do for you what she is asking of you.

  17. Very abusive. Physically abusive, verbally abusive and emotionally abusive. He won't change. He won't admit he has a problem. Get out while you can! Stay safe.

  18. I don’t know why you are getting downvoted so much. Your answer is spot on. All other responses are pretty much saying “I told you so” to OP.

    This is not OP’s fault. It’s not his wife’s fault. But it is a situation that as long as both people want to work on, there are steps & things to do… and your advice is spot on.

  19. I know everything you are saying is true I know I need to finally do this for me because I will never have a feeling of security in the relationship it’s just been very hot for me because I feel like I’m actually losing something where I feel like he isn’t because I’d he cared he would have never done these things or changed them of his own free will

  20. You told him to stay away and he did and it’s not the same? Obviously it won’t be the same. What do you want from this guy?

    It sounds like you’re toying with him. Also, you’re both cheaters, you fit together like a glove.

  21. Nope I am not considering anything like that. Infact I really like the girl i got engaged with. Just that I am confused why this girl is back now. What does she want from me.

  22. Thank you. Appreciate my argument being considered as I have been there and done that for OP.

    I always try to review post history when I am not confident to get the whole picture.

    Thank you…

  23. I assume he’s operating off the current “shoulds” one reads online or hears at the OBGYN. Between 25 and 35 pounds, blah blah blah. I gained at least forty each pregnancy (and I continued distance running through most of each one) and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight (not body!) after about a year and a half. Your husband is an asshole, and you can tell him I said so. You are young, you grew a healthy baby, you’re doing a wonderful job and you will be just fine. As long as you ignore this jerkbag and look after you and your little one with the tenderness and excitement you both deserve right now.

  24. You are more mature than I was at your age. You absolutely did the right thing, she is a creep if everything can be porn to her.

    The first few days will be very hot but you’ll move on and find someone who values all of you.

  25. That sounds like I’m against gay marriage and for clarity, I am not lol. Just for myself personally it’s not what I want.

  26. I mean, to be fair, even if it looks shit, most people are going to say to your face. “Wow, no, he's wrong. Your hair looks great like that”

  27. I have been working on managing / fixing myself to be honest, thanks for asking. I found I'm stronger than I thought. And thanks for the positivity

  28. That what both of us are doing. We are really set on having a life together. Also I knew her since high school and we both graduated 3 years ago

  29. Tell her that she needs to learn to do better before she gets into another relationship, and that the fact that she has unbelievable audacity to hint you need to apologize when her behavior your entire relationship has been selfish, disrespectful and so bizarrely self-centered that you think she should go get evaluated for a personality disorder because healthy people don't treat other people in their life the way she treats you. Then block her and move on.

  30. You are an asexual lesbian who is 28 and he is a gay teenager and you met role playing online and have never met in person and yet somehow you have this “relationship” that is causing an absurd level of drama? None of this makes any sense. You should leave this kid alone, and start looking for other local asexual lesbians to date. He should find a guy his own age in his own city to spend his time with.

  31. That’s so sad, she shouldn’t be able to get child Support. In a just world she’d be charged with rape. But alas, mens rights nonexistent unfortunately

  32. People’s masks start to fall away close to the one year mark of dating. They can’t hide who they are forever. You need to listen to what your gut is telling you. You’re bothered by what she did because it’s fucked up and psychopathic. This isn’t a simple mistake, this was calculated and done with the intent to hurt.

    For gods sake man, you’re only 18. Most people don’t stay with their first love. They don’t stay with their second most times either. This girl is unhinged and you’d be wise to break up (and tell her stepmom what happened in order to protect that dog).

  33. My dad used to give himself a tiny allergen injection every night, is that still something that's done to relieve allergies long term?

  34. AITA for wanting to end things ?

    Nope. He’s showing that he doesn’t appreciate you enough to even buy gifts. Why is he buying others expensive gifts and not you?

  35. I know its a crazy story. He still committed a crime though. The reason for leaving him is because I wouldn't be able to have kids or a future with him

  36. I don’t want to encourage her behavior. I online by myself and have 10 towels. For some ppl that’s more than enough, and it’s always been enough for just me. But she and I both shower twice a day, so those towels will get used up quickly. I’m not interested in adding extra loads of just towels to wash because she won’t honor such a small request.

  37. You don't trust your partner. He skipped your birthday for someone else. Whether he is cheating is immaterial. You don't have a good enough relationship after 7 years for him to earn more trust. There's probably a good reason behind that which you've overlooked.

  38. Thanks for giving actual advice. I met him on a dating app, and he seems nice most of the time, which makes me hesitant to totally cut him off. But he does say off-puttting things sometimes

  39. Well you already lied and Christians do that all the time. So it’s sounds to me like you have this “acting Christian” thing down pat.

  40. She’s not ready to settle down. While she lack maturity to stick with a good stable thing, she’s mature enough to pick up the conversation instead of breaking your heart.

    She wants to go and experience things and being in a relaxed would prevent her from doing so with clear conscience. Simple as that, really.

    Some age difference is plain icky. Others, like yours, might be ill-advised precisely because of what you’re facing right now.

  41. It’s not normal. Doing something for each holiday is normal. You don’t have to be materialistic to expect a Christmas gift or a Valentine card.

    It’s bizarre that he promises & doesn’t deliver on the gifts. I’m thinking he’s super lazy and doesn’t value you enough to make any kind of effort. If you insist on continuing to date him, ignore all future holidays & never, ever pay for anything for him – not even a taco.

  42. I said mansplaining because you’re telling women who survived assault they’re wrong for drinking and disagreeing with the idea of forcing a woman to leave a party for being drunk without being alone or unsafe in any way. I never said men can’t be assaulted. This issue of “you have to make a drunk person go home immediately to protect them” is obviously specifically for women because a) no one complains about young single men getting drunk with their friends b) most women could not physically remove their male partner from a party.

    “It’s more common than you think to do stupid shit whilst drunk, especially when you’re at the point of being unable to walk.

    To deny the possibilities of what people are capable of while drunk is nonsense. She could have gotten behind the vehicle of another drunk person, actually assaulted, raped, spiked, took advantage of. All the actual actions of “assault”.”

    “I’m pretty sure OP’s actions would have aligned with her state of mind and he would have spoke her out of it before laying hands on her if she was verbally and mentally capable of reasoning.”

  43. Gaslighting 101 lol.

    Man, I just read a post earlier about how older people are more mature so age gaps matter yet here's one acting like a chikd.

  44. i really appreciate this comment , nothing was said but some dumb words here and there but i’ve never felt this pain i don’t know really what to do , i have work and i feel like a fool i’m scared i’m going to lose my other half you know?

  45. He likes you, not the other girl.

    And, from what he said, the girl may be pretty, but boring.

    A girl can be pretty but if she isn't smart or have nothing in common, is not girlfriend material

  46. You’re welcome. He most likely sees the marriage situation in a different perspective than you do. And he doesn’t see that she is only doing this to help Tom or as you do, he only seeing it that she is participating in it. And by her participating in it, it is what she wants. I hope you can have a honest and productive conversation with your husband.

  47. I highly doubt that after marrying, conceiving and having a child, that this is the first time ever in their relationship that he has acted like a despicable POS. Especially based on this story, the guy is an utter dumbass. Can’t imagine he was smart enough to keep his true colors hidden all the way up to this point.

  48. I love how in your comment history your English is perfect and now suddenly you’re supposedly a 56 year old Asian lady with broken English

    Kinda just means you’re full of shit really

  49. It's possible that his feelings are hurt when you tell him that you're having these thoughts. A lot of men want to be able to make their lady happy and can unfortunately take it personally if she's not. Perhaps he feels like you're being selfish or like he's not enough to keep you happy. If this is the case, it'd be a good chance to explain to him that you're not consciously creating these thoughts, they just pop up unannounced and scare the hell out of you, which is why you confide in HIM, because you don't WANT to have this thoughts.

    Maybe you should you ask him right out, if it upsets him when you mention suicidal thoughts. And ask him if that's why he didn't show much care about it, because he's subconsciously upset.

    (Please understand I'm not making excuses for him, nor am I saying that you're selfish or wrong for having suicidal thoughts. In my own experience, people who haven't experienced it themselves, are usually very insensitive to the topic because it makes them uncomfortable.)

  50. Yeah bro maybe you’re right, I’m 20 I’ve never experienced a relationship where I thought we’d stay together forever. However I’m going to assume you have, maybe even have a partner you’ve been with for a really long time. But my point of view comes from the POV of someone in a fresh relationship.

    It also is a fact that a lot of romantic gestures are mainly for women though

  51. Honey, learn now, mom may make her choices, but as far as your love life, mom doesn't get a vote.

  52. It’s not cheating since you’re not in a relationship. She clearly stated she isn’t sure she wants to be in a relationship and she is distant. Do what you want.

  53. He actually is an amazing communicator, that's why I married him. This is the first major thing that came up over the years we've been together and that's why it just weirds me out so much and why I'm posting.

    We never had issues with jealousy, bugging each other throughout the day for no reason and being codependent, goals in life, friends and family, etc etc. Whatever topic, we've never had any major fights and always resolved the miniscule stuff calmly. Like a team, you know? When each of us struggles with something, we talk about it and help each other. We give each other plenty of space and time on our own.

    That's why this one is so weird to me. Because if there is a genuine problem he'd have with wfh, he'd tell me (or so I thought). Or if there isn't even a reason, I thought he would tell me (because he always did with whatever other thing came up over the years).

  54. That's because it's seen as taboo. At the end of the day you and your husband's bedroom kinks and fetishes are yours and yours only.

    You don't need to talk about them to anyone.

  55. I think everyone is being harsh and pretty much insinuating that I’m either entertaining something with a guy my boyfriend hates. I don’t get what I would get out of it but no. I kinda feel stuck and feel like I can’t do anything about it. Scared to have issues with my boyfriend and scared this guy may fuck with my career. I get it it people don’t understand but no need to make things up or suspect anything.

  56. Update

    Thank you so much for your advice. It all helped. We talked last Thursday. It was calm. I told her I was moving out. I've been at my place since Friday.

  57. Oh interesting. Sadly I've been over the age bracket to get these. As they expand the years I am always a year or two out of the window.

  58. I mean I get that she is moody after he fantasy of her has been crushed. But he absolutly didn't lie to her. Opinions can change. Consent can change.

    And the real problem isn't her being in a bad mood but her still trying to make him do it after he cleary expressed how uncomfortable he is with all of that

  59. men who have unprotected sex with women they don't love/like and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions when it results in baby is such a classic move.

  60. Yes I can't help thinking that even if it isn't the case, he's understandably going to be seen as the bad guy because in less than 9 months, he's conceived a baby, agreed with her to have the baby, has been planning a wedding and is now changing his mind about it.

    Yes, of course he is allowed to change his mind, but unless she is able to and chooses to abort, she is now committed to being a single mum when she would likely have made different choices had she been told about this earlier. I wouldn't be surprised if she's annoyed he didn't realise or voice this sooner. But at least he won't be forcing her to go through a divorce as well, though a breakup at this stage of a relationship isn't going to be much easier.

  61. I'm pretty sure. I know what you mean on the fantasy thing but what's been amazing with us is we always see things through. I know it sounds a bit odd but it's we'll talk about something and then just do it.

  62. Nope. You’re 22. You do not have to be with this person forever. Call it quits babe. Way too young and i know its scary thinking about being with someone forever.

  63. I have done “in sickness and health, till death do us part”, and compassion fatigue is real. So is caregiver fatigue. It's a crazy feeling that can cause you to make decisions you otherwise wouldn't, because you can get completely disconnected from your emotions. And if it gets too bad, it can take years to get back to a normal state of mind.

    So I would suggest OPs partner gets a therapist too. Being a caregiver to a partner with anxiety and phobias is no joke, and if they are going to have a real chance at making it, I think he needs to be able to vent and work on his emotions with a professional too. And as a couple they need to be able to talk about it, set boundaries that work for them both, set a timeline for checking in with each other's progress, learn how to actually see what is progress (because a lot of progress can be almost invisible) and learn how to support each other. Because OP isn't the only one going through a tough time, her partner is too, and if they are going to have any chance of making it then they both need to have proper support to learn to handle the situation. Then they will see whether it will work in the long run or not.

  64. What not change his name to an animal sound? Maybe start making a barking sound when referring to him. Don't use his name at all, keep up the barking until he questions you about it. Then hit him with the logic of why you find being summond with a bird card insulting for the same reason.

    However if I am honest, it sounds like he has no respect for you and as such I would really consider if you wish to stay with this man.

  65. Yeah he sounds like a problem. I don’t know what his deal is. Maybe he’s not finding someone as quick as he thought he would. Maybe he sincerely feels bad for how it ended. None of it is your concern though, and if you’re not in a position to forgive and forget, then you don’t need to put up with his BS.

    I’d encourage you to unfollow him and block his number. I’d also leave the photo album. Right now he’s trying to feel better about something by starting a dialogue with you. I don’t know what he needs to feel better about. It’s not important. What is important is you being able to move on.

  66. I just hope OP realises what happened isn't right and he takes the steps to distance himself and report it.

  67. I’m glad you got what you deserved. You could also apologize, but if you see him, be ready to say it quickly before he goes for you again.

  68. Did anything come of it though? Like what action resulted from this talk? Nothing. Are you willing to feel like this for the rest of your relationship? If he is not doing his part to work on this then sorry to say you are not really a priority in his life.

  69. Are you a lawyer?

    Depending on the app, it does delete. Whatsapp and IG for instance.

    And if it doesn't, he will never know.

    Second, this is a civil case, not a criminal one. Deleting the messages isn't going to make her liable.

  70. Block him and forget about it. He was probably trying to make you feel bad that you didn’t just give in to HIS kink that he has no doubt forced on many girls before. No matter what he says chocking during sex is assault unless he got expressed permission beforehand.

  71. He assaulted you. You protected yourself from someone choking you out of the blue. He had given you a total of zero ways of knowing if he was doing a kink that you didnt consent to, or if he was going to kill you.

    Others being cool with a sexual kink that can be fucking leathal does not mean everyone will be. At his big age of 32 he is either a danger to everyone he meets if he doesnt understand that, and is just randomly choking people without having a safeword or very hot limits in place. Or he uses it as an excuse to shift blame onto you so you would doubt yourself, not make a fuss and he can keep assaulting women without feeling bad about it.

    Also, even if there are other women who didnt say anything, it doesnt mean they were ok with it. If someone who is essentially a stranger is on top of you, and they suddenly grabs your throat, freeze or fawn would be just as likely responses to a potentially life treathening situation. Him not discussing this before hand means he doesnt know shit about safe kink practices either, so my guess is he doesnt even know how to do it safely, because he doesnt care about his partners, just his own pleasure. He is, knowingly or not, a danger to those he sleep with.

  72. The only reason this is believable, is I’ve been offered a Clorox wipe to cleanup after sex by someone who thought it was the same thing.

  73. “I was really excited until she kept opening my Snapchat’s and texts and not responding”

    This is where you should've moved on. This is just the nature of online dating, people are going change their minds and flake out. No big deal, you're young and there's plenty of great women out there.

  74. It doesn’t sound like she wanted to do those to threesomes etc? You may be thinking of it as something to be jealous of, and in reality it’s something she felt she had to do to keep her boyfriend or felt she couldn’t say no to. If that is the case, I would encourage her to look into counseling because she may be struggling with unresolved feelings around sex in general. Could be a reason why she infrequently wants sex.

  75. If you are having this severe of an emotional disturbance just from watching a horror movie you should really take your concerns to a professional. It's not normal

  76. I don’t get how that’s a solution at all. What would that answer? The real question is how to bring more passion into your lives, and do you both want that.

    And that doesn’t just mean sex. Y’all need to flirt. Step it up for one another. Be super caring and engaged. Do nice things for each other just cause – and not with any expectations attached. Spend quality time together just you two. Have someone watch the kids elsewhere for long afternoon.

    If you both want it you can have it.

  77. Tell him you feel like Lot’s daughter: disposable and if you are so disposable you are better off without him as a father. It would be safer for you to go your own way and surround yourself with people who will truly love and support you.

  78. It sounds like he has anger issues, and he sounds dangerous. My fiancé would NEVER yell at me like this and I’m sorry this is a normal occurrence to you. No healthy relationship would cause a guy to scream at you like this out of nowhere. I would end it and be worried about his anger getting worse if you stay.

  79. Well, it sounds like you have months of free rent before your bf returns. Take a minute to catch your breathe. Spend some time thinking about your next move. But most importantly, stop being his secretary.

  80. Don’t get married until you are 28 and you are statistically much more likely to be married 20 years. One of the biggest determining factors to divorce is the age at marriage.

    The reality is that people grow and change throughout their lives, but the big changes are in early adulthood, empty nest, retirement.

    If you can get past these big changes in your twenties than the next big life change will be an empty nest at 50yo or so, this will precipitate another round of divorces with your friends and family. The next life change comes at retirement, but if you’ve made it this far, you’ll likely stick it out to the habit.

    You can’t really avoid the second two huge life changes, but there’s no need to get married at 20 years old.

  81. That's because she knows she can get away with mistreating you and her parents but would loose her job if she verbally abused anyone there. She knows exactly what she is doing. She loves having a punching bag.

  82. If he wanted it to be different, it would already be different. He's perfectly willing to online this way. Good luck, you're going to need it.

  83. Agreed! I'm so glad you realised that you deserved more, it sounds like he took you for granted and yes he cheated on you whether it's physical or emotional it's still cheating. You did the right thing! If he trys to get you back don't engage him, block him.

  84. Quite the opposite. Reddit has a hardon for revenge fantasies, this time rage bait directed at a guy journaling. Physical assault over someone's writing/thoughts is the crime.

  85. You're too young to be dealing with someone so immature who's ten years older than you. Just the fact that he threw you out at 2am says how much he cares about you. Move on from him because the abuse will get worse.

  86. She's really not wrong is she. Having a broader experience of life and all it offers is generally a good thing and it's not bad to want to do that. She's worked out that it's what she wants, I reckon you'll end up benefitting from it too. All the best to you.

  87. No, you can’t avoid the pain of the breakup. And no, you shouldn’t string this out if you’ve already decided. It’s gonna suck, but the kinder thing to do is to do it ASAP. He deserves to start the healing process sooner rather than later. And if he knew the truth of how you feel, don’t you think he’d honestly want to start moving on? It’s not kinder to fake it.

    And sharing custody of the cat is a terrible idea. You need to make a clean break and not see each other. It’s also not fair to the cat.

  88. First of all 7 months is WAY too soon to get married.

    Second of all you were in a dark place and trying to evaluate your options in a safe, private way. You did nothing wrong.

    Snooping through your old journal and getting upset with you for private thoughts you had when the situation was TOTALLY DIFFERENT to now, is not ok.

    He needs to chill the hell out and stop snooping and controlling. And You need to put the brakes on.

  89. Simple. Stop giving him blow jobs. Tell him when he's ready to finish you off, he will get his privileges back.

  90. GHOST HER.

    That will infuriate her. She wants you to know that you were second. She wants you to feel like you lost something.

    You didn't lose anything at all.

  91. Yes it is very intense between us idk what else to say. That's how i work tbh

    This person is very intense, that's how they work…

    No person the way you work is to let someone trauma dump on you while you get sloshed and day dream about other things.

    acting like you are super intense and a deep thinking, meanwhile after 3 beers your mind goes blank…

    Maybe next time order a water, and at least pretend to remember what other people are talking about.

  92. I don’t know how common that would be, but I can’t imagine feeling that uncomfortable around my husband. At the end of the day, you need to figure out if it’s a deal breaker for you or not

  93. Absolutely fking no, I would not stay with anyone calling me those things,I'd be done in a flash.

    I am curious though, how do you know he said those things if you weren't there?

  94. Dude, she is gone. That relationship is over.

    If you need to “start something” by going to her house to get your stuff back, do it. There is no relationship left to salvage, do what you need to do.

    If she sold your iPad, file a report with the police for theft. If she still has it but refused to return it, Sue her in small claims court.

  95. But instead of just feeling that way naturally, she LIED and cheated on you to come to that conclusion.

    She cannot be trusted.

  96. Jobby job and start being your own person. You wont have to worry about being 'sent' anywhere then.

  97. It's not, not in the slightest, women can be dumb, just like men, but not this dumb and not this obviously subservient.

    None of this story jives.

  98. Heh, my dad once got mugged in Chicago, twice in one night. Of course, he had the great idea to go for a walk at night, and ended up lost in a bad area. If you actually use common sense in a big city things should be fine.

  99. I think part of my issue may have been that I was just trying to shove my feelings down. I figured if he could move on so quickly, that I should be able to just turn mine off too. But it's been months and it still stings (':

  100. How do you have a girlfriend on your insurance? You know if you get caught it’s automatic termination, right?

  101. Main question is what is she doing right now that you don't know about.

    The past is the past, but behaviors don't change without a focused effort.

  102. I can imagine that for some it would lead to that temptation and for others it would just lead to frustration. Neither are good of course.

  103. How do you tell your GF what’s going on? You sit her down and say, “I want to share with you why you might think my mom hates you, but first I have to give you some background in what happened growing up”.

    Share with her the story you just shared above.

  104. I think you might have to find a boyfriend who comfortable with scars, one day you'll find someone whose able to recognize you for who you are but for now maybe journal get used to how you feel about your emotions and heal from the scaring accept your body now because one day someone is going to care for you as much as you care for yourself

  105. Tell him, work with him to figure out the way forward. Of course, if what you want interferes with what he wants, put yourself first. But a lot of people here are suggesting that you leave him out entirely and that’s just straight up a bad idea


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