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  1. Literally the only people talking about prosecuting anyone are you weirdos going on about false allegations which are rare and not the case here.

    Imagine thinking your ex who you loved and ended on good terms with is trying to ruin your life because she shared that your actions harmed her. Do you think this little of the people in your own life I wonder.

  2. Man up and move on. She isn’t and never was your property. You guys aren’t together anymore. Let yer boy do what he wants (within the bounds of respect and consent). It sounds like you’re trying to hang onto her like a book you read sitting on a shelf. You’ve read it, now it’s someone else’s turn.

  3. His position is madness. My wife has declared, for her own reasons, that she is done is both having children and hormonal birth control. She’s fine with the no sex option. This leaves me with either condoms or a vasectomy. As I’m not yet 40, if something dreadful happened to her and the children I wouldn’t want to have the concept of more children being impossible. Therefore, condoms it is. It’s not a tricky concept.

  4. Do you have other extended family like cousins or aunties you can confide in? Do you have friends who could take you in?

    I know that you didn’t expect this when you hooked up with this guy and I am assuming terminating your pregnancy is not an option for you. If it is something you want, you can do that. You don’t have to tell your family what really happened.

    You do have options. I know you’re not automatically an independent adult at 18 and I know your culture focuses on family, but what you need to realize is that this is your life and you only get one. On-line it for you, not your parents. If you are religious, you know that God forgives. I’m not religious, but I was raised Catholic and I know so many who got divorced or had kids out of wedlock and they still practiced. If it helps, go to confession. Talk to your priest. Get your feelings out. If you’re not comfortable with that, talk to your doctor about resources in your area. It’s ok to ask for help.

  5. From the post and your comments, it could be that someone is attempting to nuke your relationship.

    For what reason? Who knows.

    I’d look at all my options and make this a “yall vs the problem” matter. Not a “you vs her” problem.

  6. I think you need to get a job (if you don’t), end your relationship with him and also get some sort of therapy for your high sensitivity so that you are able to integrate into society better(sorry lack of better word). you are well within your rights to want to be a SAHM but it’s something you need to state before starting a relationship, so that the other party can have the opportunity to decide if they want to financially support you. But for now, you simply can’t just get into a relationship and expect them to look after you, as a woman and especially as someone who isn’t married.

  7. You can leave. Since he won’t listen to you – do it by text. Then block immediately. He is continuing to emotionally abuse you. You are actually doing you both a great disservice staying in a relationship like this. Get some friends to get your stuff out of apartment/house if you guys are living together. Do not ever go back there. As soon as your movers are done moving your stuff, text him something like: “We are done. Our relationship has ended. There is absolutely nothing left to work through nor say. I wish you a happy and productive life.” Then block him from everything and do NOT answer the door nor do any type of contact. At all. Since you didn’t follow through in the past and allowed him to continue to manipulate you, he will definitely pull out all the stops. Stand your ground. Make note of every time he tries to contact you and file a Petition for Protection Order. File police reports. Attach them to the petition. You deserve to be with someone you love and in a healthy relationship. Go see a therapist if that is your thing – figure out why you keep going back when you know it’s toxic. Take care of yourself.

  8. If these are US based laws, these are state by state so, OP should read up on local residency laws, state/city/province etc.

  9. Give it time OP. It's fresh, it's super shitty, and it fucking hurts.

    In time you'll process it, you'll be angry, you'll harden up a bit from such a shitty feed done to you, and you'll pull through fine.

    Sorry for what you're going through, but dude, you're 23. You have plenty of time to move on and find someone amazing.

  10. “I have trust issues so to elevate my anxiety I will breach your trust, violate your privacy, and then interrogate you about what I’ve found so you can prove you’re trustworthy”

    Doesn’t make any sense. I can’t believe that she was comfortable enough to admit what she did and then have the audacity to immediately begin interrogating you. Her actions show a lack of respect for you. She needs therapy and to remain single until she has sought help. Help her begin the process by making her a single lady.


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