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  1. Do you have other addictions besides sex? I noticed similar in my ex. He also abused alcohol, just saying, sometimes its a high libido, other times it may be sex and love addiction.

  2. The equality of she runs her business, ensures the kid is clothed and fed, and runs the household while he pays part of the household finances. That’s not equality.

  3. Update: we mutual broke up, she said she stopped caring for me for a while but never said anything and faked things

  4. I read a comment on here recently where a man was saying how easy it would be to impress or “spoil” a younger girl due to more life experience and it’s so correct. Just takes a suit, $30-per-plate dinner, and some nice words to wow a young inexperienced woman. And honestly, at her age I would have bought that (hell I dated a 23 year old I met at 19 and that went to shit as well).

    OP was a literal child and the bf was in control the entire time, regardless of what OP thinks.

  5. Sounds like it’s time to be single or start looking for a new boyfriend. One of my best friends had an open marriage with his wife for years and years, and it worked fine for them. But that is definitely not a situation for everyone. I’m fact, it’s not a situation for most people. He sounds like an asshole. Cut ties. I hope everything works out for you.

  6. He says he’d rather do a solo trip and often times he plans his vacations when I am busy with work and school instead of when I have time off

  7. YTA… oh wait wrong sub. There’s no reconciliation. You didn’t give a shit to speak to her about this huge life changing decision. You applied and accepted without even speaking to her. She’s better off finding someone who wants what she wants and communicates it with her.

  8. Dude, that last line is…maybe you need to date men.

    Women should not lie to men about how much pleasure they get from PIV sex. This is why sex dries up in some relationships. If you cannot have real talk about what is satisfying to both partners, you aren’t really ever going to have a great time sexing with each other.

  9. Thanks for the feedback. Yes I said that and he rolled his eyes and said he had time for a coffee not a “full sit down meal”, which I get but also I’d hardly call a quick lunch a full sit down meal

  10. OP, please listen to everybody here.

    Something else to think about, did HE mention he liked free use initially and then you were like, “yeah maybe i’d be ok with that”?? because that’s just the nail in the coffin on him being a rapist.

    regardless, i’m going to say this plainly, you were raped.

    you were raped.

    and i am so, so, so, sorry. it is the worst thing that can happen to your sweet body, heart, and soul – especially by somebody you love.

    nobody is talking about next steps. please leave him and please find a therapist you feel absolutely safe with so you can talk through all the things you’re feeling – it sounds like guilt is a huge one of them. all of that is completely okay.

    i know what it’s like to love somebody who has traumatized you sexually. although we are all saying he is a bad man, which he is, the parts of him that were good and that you loved aren’t going anywhere, and those parts of him will live in you forever. but it’s time to put those in a lil knapsack and move on and take care of YOU.

  11. This is really tricky, and I'm very conscious that there's some big cultural differences in our background, but I'll have a go.

    You need to consider the possible outcomes here, it's fairly clear that your friend is in love with her 'ex', and values that on a similar or higher level than her commitment to the arranged marriage.

    The fallout from this seems fairly likely that your friend will leave her husband, or he will leave her, with whatever that entails for all involved. I'm not saying you shouldn't say anything, just be aware of the likely outcomes. You'll be pitting her feelings for this guy against her family, cultural and possibly religious ties, whatever happens, it will be significant.

    Telling her husband is a much more dangerous and volatile approach than just talking to your friend. If your religious or cultural beliefs require you to intervene here, is it possible for you to just talk to your friend?

  12. My wife and I have been struggling with the same thing. I don't know if your situation is for the same reasons as mine but we're on a path towards more intimacy right now so I can share with you what we're doing.

    We haven't been honest with each other about what we're feeling (about a lot of things) because we were both afraid of hurting each other's feelings. In trying to protect the other person, we've built up these emotional walls between us that manifest as physical walls.

    You have to bluntly but kindly tell him how you're feeling, specifically how it feels like he doesn't want you. And he may actually have something weighing on him that he doesn't want to burden you with, but he needs to feel safe enough to tell you as well.

    It turns out my wife was sexually assaulted as a teenager. And for whatever reason, my advances were triggering that feeling of being trapped. She was too scared to tell me because she felt like she's broken and she couldn't ever be good enough for me, especially with my libido compared to hers. She was afraid of telling me I was making her feel that way because she knows I would never assault her, and she thought I would be upset to learn that I was making her relive that.

    But what she really needs from me, is to woo her, and draw her into me where she has complete control, and to feel safe with being sexual with me. Not just sex for the sake of sex.

    Because of her honesty, I've been able to change my behavior and we're both rewarded for it. I get the intimacy I've been seeking and she gets the safety she needs, knowing I'm her protector. That I care to protect her heart and feelings.

    It's silly, but I asked her to protect my sexuality. I don't want to turn to anything else or anyone else for intimacy. We need to guard each other's hearts and each other's sexuality with care and love. She needed to see that I'm in emotional pain when she rejects me and I needed to see that I'm hurting her heart when I'm asking the wrong way.

    Don't open your relationship to other people. Open your relationship to truth and real intimacy. The painful, raw kind. We cried for 3 days straight with all the things we've hurt each other with over 15 years. And I can honestly say that I feel myself falling in love with her over again because of this experience, which has brought the physical intimacy back into the picture. We're not 100%, but we're back on the right path and I'm so grateful for the chance to fall in love with each other again.

  13. OP you're never going to get any genuine answers from this sub. Your gut isn't giving you that feeling for no reason, especially if you weren't an insecure person, previously. You're a man and you know how men are.


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