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  1. 3 months is nothing. And given her behaviour? NOPE

    Do yourself a favour and get some counseling for yourself. Learn about red flags.

  2. Why are you here? You're asking for advice about your relationship with someone who could destroy your entire life with a single sentence and then you tell people “it's too very hot to break up with her”.

    If that's the case, then don't ask for advice since you clearly don't want it.

  3. I know you probably won’t even acknowledge this but you are a racist. I stopped reading after you blamed not being invited on the rest of the group being white. This is textbook racism, regardless of the color of their skin.

  4. Your ex is not important, your wife is. Your ex is an ex for a reason. Try to do what your wife wants if you want to keep this marriage till you die.

    Although, just because you cut contact with your ex wife, does not mean you are cutting contact with your children. Any activities or issues with your grown kids, you can already talk to them immediately, there is no need to get through your ex wife.

    Only talk to your ex for very very important things like emergencies or medical issues. Other than that, I would say there is no need to talk to her at all.

  5. Yes, exactly. That's what made it more upsetting. I have since spoken to him and accepted his apology. He has also transferred the additional costs he incurred to the joint account so I'll leave it at that for now.

  6. How’s his relationship with your family? Do they get along? Maybe he has issues with either your dad or your sister or any of your relatives to the point that it’s uncomfortable for him to see or be in the same room as them.

  7. This is so controlling. Nooooo. Don’t go into business with someone who doesn’t trust you not to sleep with the boss and definitely don’t date them!!!!

  8. Welcome to Reddit, where the normalization and acceptance of porn is often put before the well being and safety of children lol

  9. I disagree. So do your friends. You are not looking for advice, you are looking for people to agree with you. You had no right to tell off your DIL She set an appropriate boundary. Your son agreed with it. Instead of accepting that YOU lectured HER on control and alienation? See what I’m getting at?

  10. raising a child in a toxic environment will 100 percent mess them up. Be the responsible one here, move on and find someone that values your relationship.

    You can not “fix” someone and to make yourself their Keeper instead of their partner doe both of you a disservice

  11. I have been to therapy and I have ways I was taught to deal with my self hateful thoughts and I do its just this is taking a toll on me cause I don't know what to do.


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