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23 thoughts on “sexy_sirilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. There is zero chance he will be as happy with this amazingly thoughtful gift if he waits until Christmas. Break down and give it to him!

  2. Wait until you’re completely over your ex. My rule of thumb is this: If you can talk to him without getting hurt over what you had with him then you’re golden. Otherwise, I’d wait. That’s just my suggestion tho, and that how Ik I’m truly over whatever I had with my ex.

  3. Good for you! You did not bend to her BS. I will tell you exactly what happened with your girlfriend. She met someone that she was interested in, at a minimum started an emotional relationship (cheating) and then wanted your permission to have a physical relationship with that person. Now that person is either not good enough or it is already over so she wants her emotional support bf back. Yeah hell no. Stand your ground!

  4. It sounds more like OP makes every inconvenience or situation that doesn’t involve him about race. Why would someone’s first thought be “I wasn’t invited to this because I’m not white”?

    There’s nothing wrong with OP being annoyed that the boyfriend keeps bringing the trip up but he could’ve told him he finds it annoying rather than jumping to “you white people love excluding people and I wasn’t invited because I’m not white”. That’s an incredibly unhinged way of thinking.

  5. Depression is an explanation, not an excuse. Everyone's rightfully coming down on OP but no one's bringing up that, when your mental health causes you to neglect relationships, it's fundamentally your responsibility to get your shit sorted and your partners responsibility to support you. Not the other way around. The wife has been doing herself and her whole family a disservice by not seeking treatment or even explaining how she's feeling to OP (from what we know in the post)

  6. Why date for 4 months when you could discern such Deal Breakers within a few dates?

    Learn a considerable amount about someone before engaging in a serious relationship. Why does this need to be explained to someone of your… Intellect?

  7. Yes, you need to leave this guy, he's bad news. Sure, he's stopped drinking for now, but if he's not happy about it, he will go back to drinking. Also, he's inclined to cheat on you the minute you have a disagreement / argument. You'll never be able to trust him.

    You twice mentioned that you get so upset with him that you break things. You didn't mention if this is normal for you or not, but if it isn't, then he's bringing out the worst in you. If that's the case you're probably not happy about that either.

    So yes, break up and don't look back.

  8. Dude it also says he waited a full minute before admitting he came in her. Someone remorseful would freak out and apologize right away.

  9. That's really good to hear! It's clear this is a trauma response for him, which is what it is, but there are ways for the two of you to grow through it and into a healthier place for you two as a couple.

  10. Two points in this reply make me wonder.

    You say – All my savings went into this wedding – and

    our home is solely in his name –

    You had a 5 years long relationship. How that was decided and structured? Was his home before you got together? Or, he suggested this arrangement? Did he use his money to pay the house while you paid for living expenses? According to your answer one could even contemplate a long and patient plan on his part to trap you to where you stand now. If this is the case I would stretch my finances a little more, even borrowing it from friends and family, and get professionals involved (financial and legal). Good luck to you and your children.

  11. Being in a relationship means communicating well. This means being up front about boundaries and communicating needs in a healthy fashion. (Which again, boyfriend did not) She doesn't necessarily need to say she's a virgin but she should provide some insight on what is needed for her to be comfortable, and if she can't do that the relationship should end.

  12. Don't block, let her send her crazy shit in text. I had loads of texts from my ex, never blocked him, thankfully was able to show the judge who he really is.

  13. But you can see that physical affection has a more profound impact. You don’t want just verbal affection.

  14. That's not how it works my dude.

    But to answer your original question, I doubt there's any way you can convince them unless your parents are multimillionaires with tens of thousands in disposable income.

  15. If you don’t want to live! there and she only wants to on-line there, it sounds like a critical incompatibility.

  16. Your asking the wrong question. You should be asking how doni cut all contact with him before he's released. Go get emergency custody of your child. He is playing a stupid game you don't need to be involved in his ex can do it.


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