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  2. Nooo, how dare people want their partners to be attractive, how dare they follow basic human instincts, every fat man and female is a 10/10 than any other female who puts in time into her body and appearance.

  3. I heard it this way once: Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?

    This is one measure I use when “picking” the battle I am faced with. The next thing is to not think of it as a battle or a war. Those are terms of violence and opposition.

    I've read over all of your comments and the biggest thing that sticks out to me is how prideful you are of your memory. There's a saying, “pride goeth before a fall.” (I think it's a bible quote, but that's irrelevant.) What that means is that prideful and arrogant people usually tend to fail. Their pride and arrogance about whatever it is they are prideful of blinds them to their faults thus, they fail – and they can fail spectacularly.

    You're at this point: you're failing at relationships because you're quite prideful (not proud, prideful) of your memory.

    Not everything needs to be debated. Not everything needs to be turned into a contest. Dealing with someone like you is exhausting. People want to know they have influence on other people – especially in romantic relationships. No one likes to be told they're wrong all the time and when it inevitably happens that YOU were actually wrong it leaves a sour taste to the person who was actually correct – even if you do apologize.

    You don't have to be right all the time because you aren't right all the time. When you're in a romantic relationship there's a lot of stuff that one should really keep their mouth shut about it (I'm not talking about letting go of egregious behavior, no). Being “proven” wrong all the time leads to the person not feeling valued and feeling disrespected.

    Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?

  4. 22 years older…serial divorcee, sleeps with his paralegal. The guys a creep dates younger women because anyone his age would see through his BS.

  5. You will not do it together, he will demand that you have an abortion.

    This is a man who, at 19 years old, groomed a 12 year old into a “semi-open” relationship. Which, by the way, I am very curious about… Is it only him that gets to have sex with other partners?

    He is a pedophile and a predator.

    I also doubt that he's actually sterile and that is a planned escape from this exact situation.

    He will claim he's sterile, that you cheated on him, and he'll leave.

  6. I recommend marriage counseling before you just say fuck it all and get the divorce. From what I can tell their are other issues that aren’t being brought up.

  7. I just feel disgusting though. I’m not who I thought I was. Thank you for the kind comment though I’ll try think of it and try to avoid being too sad

  8. Thank you @jcraig, I appreciate your comment! I do think a good next step would be the doctor visit, and I will just have to ask him again. I also forgot to mention, he had these same sleep tendencies for a long time, even since childhood, and well before doing shiftwork.

    I think based on previous conversations we have had, he doesn’t see it at a problem, although I do think he recognizes that he doesn’t need 12+ hours of sleep, he still continues to do so. sometimes he gets annoyed if I don’t allow him to sleep. I do think he will be open to discuss it with me however it might lead to an argument.

  9. I’m so sorry. It sounds like the foundation of your relationship is built on dishonesty… he made the choice to sleep with somebody else while seeing you, and if that’s not okay with you, that’s perfectly valid. You mention your lack of relationship experience… lies like this are not problems that just naturally resolve themselves in relationships. To overcome broken trust, your partner will need to make behavior changes, see a therapist with you, and make an active effort. Do you think he is capable of that? If not, you should absolutely break it off and find somebody who doesn’t make you feel anxious like this.

  10. Move on.

    She wants you to show how interested in her you are without showing actual effort. Thats not a healthy relationship starter. So. Move on. Her crazy will show sooner or later and you'll realize y

  11. She has basically put me in a position where I have to choose to support my parents opinion (which is right) or support her opinion. If I don’t support her opinion, her and her father come down on me and berate me. The two of them working in tandem made it much harder to come to this conclusion much sooner. I wish I had!

  12. He’s going to take you to court for telling the truth, he doesn’t have any case plus he can’t afford to even bring it to court. Throw his ass out, he is a joke.


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