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  1. You wrote that you had a post in Poly. Are you sure her husband knows about her being in a Poly. Have you met him too?

    Assumed that Poly is something that you meet each other and not just one of them? Isn't it an open relationship otherwise? And why isn't he allowed to meet others then?

  2. I mean, technically this is sex by coercion.

    If he tells you no and he's tired, believe him. There doesn't have to be anything sinister beyond being tired.

  3. More context would help people give you advice, your post is very generic, so here's my generic advice:

    but I feel that I might face less pain just leaving rather than trying to work on my issues with my partner.

    Relationships aren't easy and never will be. They are a ton of work. If you break up and get into another relationship it'll still be exactly the same, different issues and arguments, but the same amount of work.

    You need too be patient with talking about issues and having disagreements, try to compromise when possible, don't throw hurtful words when you're angry and always try to see your partner's side of the story.

    My partner is aware, and wants to work on this with me but I don’t know if it is worth it.

    However, if YOU don't believe the relationship is worth it, then you're are correct in breaking up. Maybe takes a little more time to think on that, if you need. You're partner clearly thinks it's worth it, which I'd say is at least a good sign, but if you don't think it is, then let it end.

  4. It doesn't matter if you cheat on him or not. What matters is if he ever thinks you cheated on him. Or if he ever thinks you've deeply wronged him in any other way.

    The truth is not the deciding factor here. One day your phone will die when he calls, an emergency will come up, a misunderstanding, whatever. He will fly into a rage because he has anger issues, and he will hurt you and/or your loved ones before you can clear up the misunderstanding.


    Please call a domestic violence hotline and ask them to help you make an exit plan. Leaving this relationship will be dangerous. Please listen to their service carefully and take it seriously because you are being incredibly naive.

  5. Yep, this right here is why my never-marry-again father was eventually convinced to remarry. He didn't see the point of getting married again and didn't really care about it even if he wanted love, but then turns out that the woman he loved cared because she watched her common law step mom have to jump through all sorts of hoops and pain when her dad was dying and he never technically divorced baby mama. So hospital did not recognize his ~18 year relationship as next-of-kin and things that should have been simple were suddenly hard– considering he was setting up to be the exact same situation, she did not want to have to go through that pain.

    Red tape at an already stressful time is horrible. And this doesn't just happen because of previous marriages, but also where the hospital tries calling parents, siblings, etc, anyone before you

  6. Dude- run. This has all sorts of red flags. I think the saying is: don’t put your junk into crazy.

    She lied, invaded your privacy, only fessed up when you basically called her out on it. She wasn’t going to tell you are all until you confronted her about it! These “small” lies are an insight to what a person is capable of doing. She still could have gotten a hold of you via the dating app, but she went stalker mode when she ensured she got your info. She says that she only got your number… be real- she snooped. Dude- run!

  7. Oh no. Nah, you already got put through the ringer with the alcoholism. Now qanon? Leave and never look back. You’ve given enough of yourself to this marriage

  8. but I do admit I have been clearing more social things with him prior to attending because the graduate program I’m in is majority male.

    Why? Does he think you're going to cheat on him? Either he trusts you- which he doesn't – in which case he wouldn't even consider having an opinion about your social events, or he doesn't trust you, and you should leave him, or he wants you to feel like you need her permission before doing social activities.

  9. Didn't you just post the same thing yesterday? And now you want to text him again? Yes, you are sounding insecure (at least from here.)

    He didn't take you up on any of the March 3-15 dates and all the last text that you stressed over bought you is yet another floating possible maybe but likely probably not to stress out over.

    People just like the attention of keeping folks stringing along, I assume.

    DO NOT text him back until, at the earliest, March 8th and then, I suppose if you really want to, you can text “Hey, are gonna meet up?”

  10. I'm in my 40s, and it turns out that the older you get, the harder it can be to make new friends, if you don't have a common place to start (eg, I've had success in making new friends, due to a club I attend).

    Don't be dismayed by your GF not making many new friends, in adulthood. A lot of people have the same worry.

  11. While I do agree with this commenter, I also believe that there are absolutely underlying reasons as to why you seem to repeat this cycle.

    We know that we are drawn toward the familiar even if it’s uncomfortable and less than ideal. If your caregivers (namely your mother) were emotionally cold, distant, and sporadic, it’s possible that in an effort to recreate these feelings of familiarity, you subconsciously / unknowingly seek out women who exhibit those very traits.

  12. Sounds like Lara and Jenna is in a relationship. You’re just there. If you don’t tell her how you truly feel then you’re doing yourself a disservice. If she can’t respect or understand your point of view then you should rethink this relationship. Who wants to be with their partners best friend all the time? Did Lara hang out with Jenna and her boyfriend as much as Jenna does with you two? I think your girlfriend is a doormat with her friend and in turn your relationship suffers. Tell your girlfriend she needs to set some healthy boundaries with Jenna. Jenna isn’t just pushy, she bossy, and probably manipulative. She’s had 16 years to condition Lara to be that friend that drops everything for her. They are probably in a one sided relationship but Lara doesn’t see that yet. How much does a Jenna do for Lara? Probably not nearly as much. Lara should have never invited Jenna to go on your anniversary trip and if Jenna was a real friend she wouldn’t have went. This is truly an example of when people don’t have clear boundaries in place. And because of that, your boundaries are being crossed. Both Lara and Jenna are conditioning you to accept this lopsided friendship. Speak up and set some boundaries

  13. Why do you want to see him again? It sounds like he finished and you didn’t. He wanted a one sided handjob. This guy just wanted to get off, he got off, he’s done with you. I am sorry, but take the hint and move on.

  14. You’re young. Either move to his country, stay long distance or move on. You’re life is not crushed or falling apart because you’re boyfriend moved away. You will survive. You’ll probably find a better bf who can meet your needs. Find someone in your city/town or heck even country.

  15. Correct. Sucks how this boundary that she crossed when she made up a lie about how my bf (who does NOT know JOhn personally) didnt liek him…. Needs to be modified and addressed. Part of me does not even want to get into it with her bc shes so headless and deflecting so much right now that maybe I can just never suggest we hang to get the point across since shes willing to go as far as lying/making things up about others to justify why john is the victim.

    She will prob realize how he has no friends and how other people avoid him as well over time or do not enjoy his presence. Maybe her other friends will straight up call her out at one point. I realize its not my problem but also NOT my job/duty to extend a space in my inner circle for them/him.

    I invited her to a party and he is her plus one. I wont ban him bc thats irrational and mean… but this will be a test and a sign if she does not at least try to reel him in or remain neutral during it.

  16. OK but if he is literally breaking down and sobbing because of noise on the regular, and it's been going on since childhood, his parents would know/have noticed, even if they didn't know back then WHY he was like that.

    I think he';s using the possibility of mental issues and his “inability” to get his doctor to take action (or to even talk about it with him/her, more likely) to manipulate her into doing what he wants – stay in and at home.

    No one can mask symptoms that are THAT severe for their whole life only for it to pop up SO uncontrollably at 20, unless it's something like early onset dementia or schizophrenia, both of which OP can't help with.

    And yes, I am autistic and have 3 neurospicy children with various diagnoses.

  17. I also have no clue how to bring this up to my therapist, if there's even any advice she can give me.

    Just bring it up!! Tell her exactly what you told us. She knows you better than us and is professionally trained. If you can't be honest with your therapist you are wasting your time and money.

    That said – you obviously don't want to be with him. Are you afraid of being alone? How could it be worse than the current situation where you are miserable being with him!!!

    I feel terrible knowing I feel this way when he loves me so much and has never been a bad boyfriend.

    You don't want to hurt his feelings. It's an understandable impulse, but ultimately it's unfair to both you and him. He deserves to be with someone who reciprocates his feelings, you deserve to be happy too. And you can't control his emotions, he will likely be sad! It sucks but that's life!

    Unfortunately, being an adult is all about having these difficult conversations. Having them is hard, but not having them and continuing on a negative path ends up worse always.

  18. This guy gets pleasure out of the pain and discomfort of others and was actively wishing violence upon a women, I don’t care if it was fictional. What happens when he turns this behavior on you?

    This isn’t immaturity, this is much darker.

  19. I do not have any indication that something may have happened, and she said nothing did when I asked her.

    Yeah, you do. She just rewrote your history together to justify her current feelings. I would check her phone, there is no reasonable assumption to 'privacy' in a marriage. Anyone who argues this is shady.

    I'd hand my wife my phone any time she asked.

    Maybe she cheated, maybe she didn't, maybe she's thinking about it, but either way, the evidence will almost assuredly be in the phone and knowing someone is a dirtbag is better than years of wondering what you did wrong.

  20. I have definitely noticed that people claiming they have a “high sex drive” are usually people who do not have a “long” sexual act. Maybe that is what is contributing to feeling like they want more? Too bad we cannot carry out an experiment on this to tell. Most people are not truthful when they make claims about the bedroom.


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