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Model from: us

Languages: en,it,fr,de

Birth Date: 1999-10-12

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel

Subculture: subcultureGlamour

26 thoughts on “steph_limalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I mean, she doesn’t want to do oral and you’ve already known that, so of course you can tell she’s not enjoying it. It’s okay if no oral is a deal breaker for you, but just because she doesn’t want to give you a specific sexual favor doesn’t make it a red flag

  2. Don't tell. my immature ex (22f) would do something like this and why? let them enjoy the mystery, that's what makes the art so intriguing.

  3. Oh, I see. You both feel it's the “worst case scenario”? Or you feel like it's the “best case scenario” and he doesn't?

  4. Men and women have different spectrum so one of them might be more intelligent on a subject and other one might be more intelligent on a different subject but generalizing this all on average and claiming one side is superior to another is foolish

  5. I live in a community-property state. If a married couple gets divorced, one spouse may be eligible for maintenance (alimony) under certain circumstances. While a cohabiting couple that meets certain requirements may be required to abide by some community-property divisions for assets acquired during the relationship, spousal maintenance will never be permitted.

    I know a couple of people who won’t get married in our state because they feel they’d lose their shirts in a divorce scenario. It’s a hot stop for them.

  6. He can take care of it himself if he needs to. You aren’t responsible for 100% of his sexual satisfaction. I hope you can tell him no when you need to.

  7. The time limit is to see if he simply makes the changes that are required to save the relationship. If you tell him, he will simply do it to stall, not make permanent changes. It’s not underhanded by keeping it to yourself, you’re just needing change. The time limit is a very good idea, and you need to hold to it though

  8. He cheated on you twice and has nudes saved of another woman. I think it’s safe to say the relationship isn’t at all stable and you should leave. You’re way past the point of wondering if he’s attracted to you, the answer lies in the fact that he’s cheated twice.

  9. Bro, dating isn’t a life long commitment. If you find yourself curious of her, and your gut leads you to wanting to explore this – then you should.

    Being coworkers is not ideal but dating isn’t meant for having kids, getting married and being bound for life.

    Maybe, figure out some boundaries and be ready to communicate expectations(“here is what I’m looking for, for now”) and have fun!

    Since she’s older, she’ll understand and appreciate transparency / thoughtful communication.

  10. Yeah I’ve been with him since Thursday then split time with him yesterday and a friend. I just needed to recharge socially. I’m becoming not a fan of how he acts sometimes.

  11. Ok so if he compliments you and makes you feel good, I don't think it's a huge redflag if he has let slip what features he typically finds attractive. Also, I don't think it would be the end of the world if you did the same, especially if he is asking. Just make sure you make it known you like his looks too.

  12. I just honestly don’t even know how to bring it up right now because it would almost be out of nowhere kind of thing it feels like.

    And this is all really dumb too because it’s not like it’s some horrific trauma that I’ve gone through that’s the issue. I’ve just never been able to maintain or finish, and I’ve had two girls both make comments about is there something wrong with me or why can’t I perform.

    I know it’s all dumb stuff in my head I need to get over. I’m just really anxious and I like this girl a lot, and I’m worried about what’ll happen when/if we ever get to that point

  13. >He actually said he'd prefer to go alone because he wanted to backpack and such.

    > I asked him why on earth he didn't tell me, his excuse is that “I didn't ask.

    There are people out there who will do the most outrageous things, lie in a crazy way, and count on your mind being too boggled to wrap your head around the absurdity of it. Don't let him do that. He planned a trip with another woman, lied to you about it (not by omission), and is acting like it's all nbd in hopes that you'll accept it. Is your bf's name George Costanza?

  14. So you are providing “favors” and he makes zero attempts at reciprocating? In a year?? This is a monumental waste of your time.

  15. Wrong medic it has to be someone who does it for a living.

    If he is going live like this you have to leave him. Could you imagine him a father. Oh I stubbed my toe I can't take Jr. to the girl scouts.

    Either he tries to fix it or you dump him, imprisoned by his issues is no way to online

  16. Wait. She only told you after she left the job? That makes it worse. If she didn’t say anything for months while working there but now she’s telling you because she won’t see him anymore to continue w him. Yeah she’s leaving out a lot and down playing the situation.

  17. Yes they were married 5 years and together 6. I know my feelings aren’t justified but he invites me to events with them and I don’t feel comfortable. Don’t really know how to handle it lol

  18. It's not like going to the interview is going to cancel out the job you've already accepted. You already landed a job, but are keeping your options open- for higher pay and more flexibility ….

    Why would they not be cheering you on?!

  19. Question…. why are you letting these 2 idiots dictate your actions? they are being juvenile and controlling with you and instead of being a boss and slapping the little boys back into their places you are pandering to their temper tantrums… why?

    I know you are only 24 and maybe it's a lack of life experience that makes you think this is ok, but it's really not. They are both showing a huge lack of respect towards you and you are showing with your actions that you are ok with this. tell the first twit that you can be friends with who ever you want, he has no right to police your social life and if he has a problem with that then tough shit. tell dipstick number 2 that though you really like hanging with him as friends for now you are really looking for a serious relationship so if he is just looking for a good time then says o now because you will not ruin friendships over a fuckboy.

    time to grow up, find your lady balls and be assertive. stop letting them steamroll over you and ride shotgun all over your life.


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