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  1. If you believe you have Bipolar, this is not the place for advice. Immediately call your physician and schedule a consultation with a psychiatrist. BPD is not something to screw around with.

  2. Thank you so much ❤️ that is so kind and I really appreciate it. He tried to say that he was torn about coming home to support me because he was feeling like we should break up but also felt bad about my mom, is that a reasonable excuse to you?

    Also- we did end up breaking up once he got back, it's been extremely difficult for me to let go but I do think as good as some things were, some of its bad

  3. According to my dentist friend, using interdental brushes and flossing is the platinum standard, but if you can only do one, do interdental brushes.

    Since I starred a few years ago, I haven't had any new cavities.

    It's great that your dentist actually listens to you!

  4. I would be buying my own room elsewhere. Pack your bags before you speak with him. Make sure he sees them. Just to let him know you’re serious. Please update.

  5. Bruh

    Put your big boy pants on and talk to her about what’s going on.

    If you can’t have an uncomfortable conversation with her, literally about your relationship, then you shouldn’t be in one with her

  6. Sex. The men like sex. If you are comfortable with it- sex stuff. Dress up. Light candles. Buy fun oils & lubes. Blow him. Strip tease. Lap dance. Whatever you are comfortable with. Sex.

  7. If he’s truly wavering in case you die and the next wife wants children, he can freeze sperm and get the v. Otherwise, he’s changed his mind and isn’t being honest with you.

  8. Well 10 out of 10 I'm making it a big deal. I won't be quite and I would say exsactly what I would do is it happens agin. “If this happens agin I will go to the cops with the evidence and pictures one of you is gross”

    The fact that mom is trying to downplay it makes me think 2 things. She's protecting someone or she can't believe it happened.

  9. Yes you're being selfish. You can have a Bachelorette party if you wanted. This is the thing about husband was able to continue his normal behaviors, and there were a few things I couldn't do. Like drink and eat sushi. I didn't whine and pout when I'm husband had drinks.

  10. That doesn't mean she should be sad. U can appreciate the procedure for what it is and the whole potential of life and all thay without feeling sad. Shes allowed to feel sad, but she doesn't have to

  11. she doesn’t know I watch porn

    What? How do you have this open active sex life and you're hiding something so basic? What is that about?

  12. You already lost her. You can leave with respect and dignity or be her toy for I don't know how long and then be abandoned in pieces. She doesn't deserve you and she is using you.

    Most of the time love is not enough,. especially if the love is one sided.

  13. Women wanting sex aren’t easy. They just want more sex than you. You can say no. You can say maybe later. You can try something different? If you’re getting bored make a suggestion

  14. Are you kidding me, you're arguing over condiments?

    That's a pretty good indicator that you two are not good for one another.

  15. Is he in prison? Why is he sneaking anything? Does he have a porn addiction? Do you have a problem with him looking at porn? This post is odd in so many ways!

  16. “I didn't tell her to abort, I just implied it, then called her names and abandoned her”. That sounds such a solid defense (/s).

    You look so hell-bent in defending OP's ex, are you projecting or just that much misogynistic?

  17. You’ve literally described what happens when there is a power imbalance from the age gap. You are being manipulated. One day you’ll open your eyes and see this for what it is.

  18. No, you don't want to go because your relationship is washing down the drain and this guy doesn't prioritize you.

    “Oh he has recently tried to change” sure, by committing to traveling with his friends, and trying to save face by bringing you along.

    I have actually no clue why you made the centerpoint of this post about “not wanting to go with somebody who has already been there” the actual meat of your issue is about your relationship problems, not your preferences on traveling.

  19. So you used humor to deal with a situation that you understand on a deep level? You didn't say something mean to anybody that was in the group chat? And then you listened and showed that you understood the other person's point of view when someone told you they didn't like your comment?

    Why do you think you're an asshole, exactly? You didn't do anything wrong. Relax and enjoy talking to your friends in the group chat.

  20. Your husband is deep in “I have this cake but I also want this pie” stupidness. He's hoping that if he figures out the right magical words he can be with you AND pursue her. He's directly telling you that he loves you… but not enough to handle his own feelings about other people. He's indirectly asking you for permission to chase after her and for you to be OK with him seeing if he can get in her pants. He's all google eyed at the idea of an older woman he finds attractive seeming to find him attractive as well… this is teen peen brain decision making, basically. But the why doesn't really matter, because he's also a married man with kids who should have better control over his peen urges.

    He's not a mature adult, he's still figuring himself out and you unfortunately made a mistake marrying him. Some people do know themselves at your ages, you clearly are more mature than he is for example. Some people are just at the mercy of their immature impulsive wants/desires and may never grow out of it.

    The fact that he isn't of his own volition going “Wow, I'm feeling something here that is a threat to my relationship, I better cool my jets and refocus on my wife” or having talks with you about how to refocus on your relationship so he can get out of this horny brain is a huge red flag. Instead he's not only talked himself into how chasing her is acceptable but he's trying to talk you into that as well.

    You deserve better. This is a very serious issue, and the fact that not only is he not respecting your feelings and pulling back from her to redirect on you, but he's got you convinced he can't control his feelings and making you feel guilty.

    If I were you this is one of those rare ultimatum times. Either he acknowledges he's behaving super badly here and actually puts serious work into disconnecting from this woman (who by the way is a predator. She's 31 and flirting with a 23 yr old, that's gross AF even if he wasn't married, the fact that he is just puts another layer on the shit pie she is) or you're leaving him so he can live! the singleton life he suddenly is leaning into because you are NOT his backup plan or second choice.

    Because that is what is happening here. Either he's going to persue her and be successful and end up leaving you for her or just openly cheating on you with her for a while and expect you to suck it up like nothing is wrong. Or he's going to pursue her and fail and come back to you all sad and mopey and you'll have to sooth him through his sad peen feels. And in EITHER of these scenarios… he WILL find another woman to get infatuated with again sometime in the future and the same bullshit will unfold and he will expect the same from you… be his safety net so he can explore another woman's vageen without risking ending up alone, or be his recovery net when she turns him down.

    Is that who you want to be? No, hell no. You want to be your husbands FIRST and only real choice. Sure, it's not uncommon to sometimes get the hots for someone outside of a monogamous relationship, but if you LOVE the person you're with and are not unhappy with the relationship, you shut that shit down immediately and redirect to your real relationship. You don't indulge and dream and chase and if only and what if.

    What he's doing to you is not only gross, but it's unfair as hell. He's expecting you to coddle him into another womans arms and be fine with whatever happens, whether that's him cheating on you or him needing you to sooth him through rejection.

    You are worth better, your kid(s) sure as hell are.

    Either he shuts this shit down NOW and gets into therapy to deal with his immaturity and lack of skill in managing his feelings, or your marriage is over. If you think he will resent you or you will feel guilty (for NOTHING, by the way), then just end the marriage right now.

    Look, if you're single you can be friends with whoever you like. But when you're in a relationship part of your job is defending your relationship from people who are threats to it, and that includes NOT being close too or pursuing friendship with people who are actively making you lean out of your relationship. He has a “right” to be friends with whomever he wants… sure… but that does NOT mean that you have to accept it when it's a friendship that is harming your relationship like this one is. He needs to choose, you and his kid or this woman. And he needs to be DAMN clear that this is HIS choice that he's making because your relationship is his priority, not because you're “making” him. Do not allow him to weasel that bullshit into your head.

    When we're in monogamous relationships, some of our single behavior “rights” no longer exist if they cause harm to our monogamous relationship.


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