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  1. Yeah I guess it’s a good test for the relationship. And you’re giving me a much needed wake-up call, no matter how I feel it doesn’t mean he’s sure. The exchange could be postponed but it fits good with my studies, and maybe I shouldn’t compromise on something so big and risk becoming resentful. No matter how it turns out I’m sure the experience will enrich my life, and maybe I should let it ”not work out” instead of being limited by others.

  2. If she was using it for friends, she would've told him about it. The fact that she didn't means she was likely curious about cheating or actually planned to cheat.

  3. Thank you I really appreciate you saying that. I am really trying my best to admit my role in this mess and take responsibility for my part. It’s just very hot because I know how bad I messed up. Deep down I know better than this.

  4. Well it doesn't sound like grooming to me. She knew him but didn't made any efforts to be with him and it seems like he's the one pursuing the relationship. If she decides to date him I don't see it as wrong, he's 20

  5. Yes it can 100% be very normal for her. As someone else stated already she could have already broken her hymen or not had one and some women dont really feel any pain, if she regularly masturbates by inserting stuff then that's more likely.

    Also women are built differently inside and the first girl you were with could have had a lower cervix than your current girl, so the current girl would have been able to take a harder quicker thrust with no to minimal pain.

  6. This. That man does not respect or value you OP. He is superficial, and his love is conditional. He doesn’t deserve you.

  7. Thank you. I have stopped texting altogether since Sunday. I figured that much. Yeah I feel like too much is going. Like i said the last thing I texted i just wanted to leave the door open for her and have no very hot feelings. Yes and I plan on doing testing with a psychologist and going things over like this.

  8. Mate, sex is basically just a massage. People view it as some sacred act but it’s no different than getting a damn back massage.

    Everyone’s had sex. You’ve had sex before the relationship too. Try not to think of it as some special thing and (in the kindest way possible) just get over it

  9. Half of a year is a short time, but if you a set about this, let't think. She is being uprooted, she takes a leap of faith for you, shouldn't you be willing to do the same?

    I don't mean your relocation. You should give her something, like partial ownership of some housing property. You need to give her something to much her commitment and make it so should things fall apart between you eventually she will not lose on this venture.

  10. So, update on my relationship, (f)36 (m) 31. He is now home and I don't know how to not self destruct. It's been nothing but hell by my own doing. My opinion, last night we made love. After, I tried to find something wrong with it and for the soul reason it was almost too good to be true. I maybe, ok….I did have a small tear. Let me find something wrong with everything and overthink everything. I've been out of my character completely and I am afraid I have destroyed what was left because I can't just shut up, calm down and accept this beautiful man seriously cares for me. Let me just go do everything I know he hates and then be scared to death when I think he is going to leave. I'm sending some mixed madness here. God has been in this and still is. We need to put more emphasis on God and the rest will follow. I don't want to lose this man so please somebody, I need some advice because I refuse to keep messing this up out of fear..

  11. One of the things my mother taught all of us at a very early age was just because you say “I’m sorry” doesn’t negate the shitty thing you did. You still did it, the person is still hurt, and there are still consequences.

  12. She would like to marry, but that's not possible at the present time and I don't plan on having kids so not sure why we would.

  13. Yep. I had baby in a different room and ended up MORE exhausted from going back and for from my bed to to settle/feed baby. We all actually got more sleep being in the same bed.

    The amount of sex expected seems, high, if you ask me. Are they doing anything to make time and space elsewhere in the day, like ensuring the cleaning, laundry, cooking, mental load (booking appointments etc) aren’t all done by one person? Does his wife get any time to decompress from parenting and feel sexy again?

    Sex can also happen in places that aren’t the bed. Baby can be sleeping there while parents get it on elsewhere.

  14. My advice is to run. No, seriously. You like to be independent, and she has an anxious attachment style. I don't think therapy, communication, or anything else will resolve your issues together.

    I have two reasons for my advice. The first is about you.

    > I can't take it any longer. I'm tired of walking on egg shells and I miss my old lonely life

    That gut feeling right there? That's telling you that you're with the wrong person. Release each other, so you can each find someone who actually completes you, makes you happy, and makes you feel like you want to be there rather than feeling trapped and miserable.

    The second is about her.

    > I can't play video games, I've had to stop going to the gym and if I do any of those things she get really emotional and starts crying saying she just misses me.

    YMMV, but for me, I'm a very hot no on anyone who tries to control their partner from doing basic, normal things that people do. You can have a partner who will either enjoy going to the gym and gaming with you OR will be happy that you have your own interests, and will also have her own.

    And maybe a third reason. I read your post history. Congratulations on your 100 lb weight loss! That is life-changing. Remember the part where she won't let you go to the gym? Don't give up the gym for anyone or anything.

    Best of luck to you.

  15. NTA, sometimes things just don’t work out. You can see what the future is with this guy, and frankly, it’s not good. You know you would be making a big mistake. Don’t continue making it. You are being realistic, not petty.

  16. it's mainly that i didn't want to fuck in *that* scenario. He was drugged from some stupid drug they take at my school, and i hate even smelling that stuff. If it was under other conditions maybe i could do it.

    Plus in my mind, i rejected him like that because i thought after that we could continue talking etc but he just ignored me completely like nothing ever happened

  17. I can't understand how some guys seems to still want a BJ when it will be completely interrupted and utterly destroy the mood for u both and also most possibly leaving the BJ-giver feeling ashamed and disgusting and sick. I guess same can go for the one recieving it too but not that it in my opinion makes more sense that they would knowingly put themselves into this position.

  18. He didn't protect her, he retaliated, a push or slap would've been enough in this case to stun an old man.

    Not going ahead and breaking their arm.

  19. Might not even be size issue and more to do with technique. Might be she's watched too much porn and expects all men to be packing 9 inches.

  20. Even weirder when your students go home and tell their parents they need a pair of thongs for swimming the next day.

  21. Only three months in and she went all postal over a hook up prior to dating? Buddy, she needs therapy, but you don’t need to sit around for the length of therapy it’s going to take her just to get well in the head. Cut your losses while your relationship is still new enough and move on.

  22. What’s the difference between your friend and a lightbulb? You can unscrew a lightbulb. Dude, it’s done. Affairs don’t just ruin the life of the cheater’s partner. You were complicit in the attempted, willful, destruction of a marriage, this is one of the consequences.

  23. Thank you so much! You were really helpful in helping me realize somethings that I’ve been overlooking and I think I may have been being a bit selfish too. I really appreciate the help ❤️

  24. Yeah, my baby was due July 10 of last year. Our conception date was Oct 16/LMP was Oct 3. Early scans are most accurate for dating and most doctors don’t change then patient’s due date dependent on later scans from my understanding.

  25. I can't tell if your partner is someone who is spontaneous (albeit to a fault) or is someone who feels the need to take on everything by themselves. Either way, there's a clearly a problem with him failing to communicate his intentions.

    Bringing you lunch during your work day, or stopping by a cafe and grabbing you a drink, or bringing you flowers, or sticking love notes in the fridge is the extent of what most people expect with surprises.

    The family dinner reservation is something that should have been discussed with you. Any major purchases, including vacations, or adopting pets, or anything involving other people should not be “surprises”.

    I think you might be able to set reasonable boundaries by suggesting that surprises should be limited in price and frequency. You'd have to figure out a way to phrase it so it doesn't sound so cold and robotic though lol. And at the very least, suggest that major life events (like the birthday dinner) need to be discussed as a TEAM. Because he is not just your partner, you are HIS partner, and partners work together.

  26. Lmao this is a hilariously long way to say “I am unable to control my impulses in the same way an untrained dog cannot. Since this self actualization is the only thing separating us from animals, I am sub-human.”

  27. “Babe, I’ve put some serious thought into out future and I would like to get married eventually. How do you feel about this?”

  28. Time to get her a vibrator. Damn, 7 times in one day and wanting more. I honestly don't believe her when she says that she has never been turned down for sex if she is trying to get more than 7 times in one day with them.


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